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Use in a Dutch Oven to keep your food from scorching on the burning hot bottom of the oven. Use with Dutch ovens, to protect table tops and other surfaces from hot pans at home or when camping.
According to an Army field manual ?In these modern times, demonstrations, civil unrest, public disorder, and riots happen for a number of reasons.
Some of these reasons are economic hardships, social injustices, ethnic differences (leading to oppression), objections to world organizations or certain governments, political grievances, and terrorist acts. The manual (FM 3-19.15) further states that ?gatherings in protest are recognized rights of any person or group, regardless of where US forces may be operating. In addition, not a day goes by that a new financial or consumer scam comes in to the public eye, further eroding our trust in a system that was at one time steeped in honor and trust.
In addition to the challenge of a corrupt system of governance, we have massive unemployment and underemployment in all age groups.
Added to all of this dismal and gloomy news is the reality that sustained droughts have destroyed crops and is resulting in the premature slaughter of farm animals due to projected shortages in feed.
In my opinion we are close to the tipping point and close to a perfect storm of civil unrest.
That tipping point is being triggered by the looming food crisis and the November election debacle.
The answer will be protests, crime and domestic terrorism and not necessarily in that order. The likelihood of civil unrest in the near future has been underscored by recent actions by FEMA and the rest of the Department of Homeland Security to requisition large stores of emergency food supplies and riot gear.
Although people in the cities will bear the brunt of the unrest, rural communities and remote locations will not be immune as the mobs migrate outward in search of food, supplies and just about anything else they can get their hands on.
Amnesty for 11 million will increase debt by $6.3 trillion And that doesn't count costs of 22 million additional legal immigrants in just 10 years! This is a utility measure and has a built in funnel for pouring bulk liquids into smaller, more manageable bottles. This measuring spoon would be a useful tool, and in fact recall having seen and used one somewhere in my past. Then I thought I’d probably never be able to find it, like my other measuring spoons.
Then I thought, but this one is bigger (measures about 12.5 inches in length) so it would be easier to keep track of.

Then I thought how often I’d have to stop and wash it because it would be dirty from the previous ingredient. I’ve seen similar tools in restaurants for scraping the cooktop, so perhaps I could find one. It does get difficult to turn the crank when as the liquid thickens and is not very easy to clean either. I’m sure a lot of this can still be found in various stores that sell used or vintage items or antiques. With the resurgence of true homekeeping perhaps someone will once again start to manufacture these things. To all but the most ignorant, government and elected officials have sold out to corporations with deep pockets and hidden agendas.
And finally, we have an election year where neither mainstream candidate has the guts to speak the truth.
According to some experts, including Eve Meyer, executive director of San Francisco Suicide Prevention, economic despair is common reason for suicide. But what if suicide is not the answer either due to religious reasons or simply due to the overwhelming need for vengeance and revenge against a system that has failed to deliver as promised? Take stock of your first aid kit to insure that you have sufficient medical supplies, remedies and prescription drugs. Inventory the security features in your home to determine weaknesses that need to be strengthened.
Form a community of like minded people that will drill together and that will band together for protection and safety during times of chaos.
I couldn’t resist checking it out and thought some of these items never should have been discontinued.
It is made of stainless steel and wood, and was manufactured by the Edward Katzinger Company. Of course nowadays, most soaps are liquids and aren’t soaps at all, but detergents, which are petroleum based products. It was also manufactured by the Matthai-Ingram Company, and looks like it would be a wonderful tool to have. I got it after I had so much trouble making the meringue for my Christmas lemon meringue pie. Look around and you will see that we are already seeing unprecedented robberies, shootings and suicides ? all of which are signals that all is not well in the homeland.

Whether at sea or whether on land, there is no rule book prescribing what will happen next. This includes adequate food, water and sanitation supplies for at least a two week period and preferably a month or even longer. See the article A Dozen Home Security and Crime Prevention Tips for the Prepper for tips on securing the homestead. If you own a firearm, apply for a concealed weapons permit, stock up on ammo and practice shooting at the range.
In a massive and chaotic riot situation, ATMs and banks are likely to be closed or inoperable. When the stores are closed ? or the supermarket and hardware store shelves are empty ? you may need to call on others for the supplies you need but did not anticipate. If by some chance you are pulled into a police net, the first thing you should do is call a lawyer. I use as few of these a possible, and boy would a soap saver be handy.This one was manufactured by the Matthai-Ingram Company.
I’m assuming it was poured into the strainer, rather than having the strainer built in(?) Made of tin, it was manufactured by F.
That’s because the Southern Appalachians rely heavily on tourism as part of their economy. It only stands to reason that civil unrest including riots, looting and domestic terrorism will be next. Invest in pepper sprays, bully clubs, and heavy-duty tactical flashlight that can be used to temporarily blind an assailant. For more information, you can also download the booklet Your Rights When Encountering Law Enforcement.
Unfortunately I think it had too much milk in it (hand skimmed with a spoon), so it didn’t do well.
For example, the gallon crocks Dan brought me back from Ohio a few years ago, sold for $12.50 a piece.

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