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You may choose to secure these poles together with a tripod lashing, although it is not necessary. Once the tripod is in place, continue to place straight poles around the circumference of the shelter. A wikiup shelter is at least a five- to six-hour project, even taking up an entire day, and requires regular resupply of leaves. Once a sufficient amount of insulation and rain protection is installed, it’s time to think about the sleeping options for this shelter.
The pole you place on the edge of the bed with help keep the leaves in places as you add to your bed, and also keep them away from the fire at night.
The last step is to gather firewood and bust out that bow drill kit, or ferro rod if you were prepared, and smoke the creepy crawlies out of the shelter before laying down for the night. I have spent a lot of time over the years staying in wikiups and they are extremely comfortable, even on the coldest winter nights.

Clint Jivoin is an instructor at the Willow Haven Outdoor survival school alongside Creek Stewart. There has never been a more important time to join the NRA and now Daily Caller readers can enjoy special pricing and benefits. This makes it ideal for a scenario where you may have been separated from your survival gear. I like to use poles with a “Y” shape on one end so that they can be locked together and spread apart at the bottoms to make the basic tripod for the survival shelter. Place the poles as close to one another as you feel necessary, but don’t worry about closing all the gaps. The more insulation added, the more dead air space that can be trapped and ultimately the warmer the inside of the shelter will become. I recommend adding as much debris as you can, then laying down on top of them repeatedly to condense everything into a thick mattress.

In addition to teaching others about survival skills, he’s an accomplished knife designer and musician. However, in a longer term survival scenario in colder weather, the wikiup is king for an important reason: it allows the use of a fire inside the shelter. You first place a pole to one side of the wikiup (making sure to give yourself enough room to lay comfortably), and then you fill the cavity with the driest debris you can find.

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