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As far as design and functionality goes James Davies the President and CEO of Gear Pods did an amazing job. The cooking kit comes with the cup, fuel, aluminum wind guard, stove (inside the wind screen), and lid. The Gear Pods alcohol stove is made of anodized aluminum and fits neatly inside the stove making it a dual fuel stove. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. In order to show you just how small this pod is I had to grab a bottle of water and a can of soda. Removing the caps from both ends reveals the CookMug, Waterproof and Tearproof instructions, and the stove found in the nylon bag. Following the included instructions, I wrapped the windshield around the stove and CookMug and placed one of the fuel tabs into the base of the stove. The retractable legs kept the stove upright and the windshield allowed the fire to burn nice and hot. There are two blades in the kit that could cover most of what you need in any survival situation. The pod includes 6 Water Purifier Tablets that are effective against viruses, bacteria, guardia and cryptosporidium.
Weatherproof paper and pencil (with cap) are also included as well as this Fresnel  magnifying lens, which is great for creating fire if needed.
The only frustrating thing I found about the pod is trying to stuff everything back inside the container in the same fashion it was removed. With the stove and smaller items in the base, I wanted to show you how everything went into the cup without the included bag.
The pencil (with cap) is the longest item in the pod, make sure it is lined up with the CookMug lid opening when closed.
To test the size of this kit in my bag, I found the GearPods Survival Pro with the small container added still fits great into my Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Lightspeed.
This SOL Scout kit was close when it came to what was included but didn’t feature a mirror, cable and a few other items. GearPods sells all of the items found in their kits separate when its time to refill your pod. When I started looking into portable stoves, I of course ran into the Jet Boil systems, MSR and Snow Peak options. Please consider joining our Crew Leader Membership and our growing community of supporters.
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Looks like a well thought out kit that has that one step further than any other mainstream version out there by including the equipment to cook with also. From the looks of the stove, you could easily add your own popcan type stove and alcohol, as mentioned in the article, to change up the cook system.
The kit fits into a ballistic nylon sleeve with an outer pouch that will hold a number of items. 25 ft 70lb bs braided nylon cord for shelter construction, securing equipment, snaring small game, bank line for fishing.
The cup allows you to hold it while it is hot and with the lid you can safely drink hot liquids with out worry of spilling. This kit covers some of the needed items to take care of the small wounds and minor discomforts one may encounter in the wilderness.
Just in case those conspiracy theory whack jobs turnout to be right one day.You can find the Survival Pods in the EDC (every day carry) section of Huckberry here. Unfortunately, that also means it’s often the most overlooked group of items that one should carry if they find themselves venturing into the great outdoors.

Something this small will be very easy to throw in a bag, glove compartment, saddle bag, or just about anywhere on your person, bike, motorcycle or in your truck. I dropped it a couple times just to make sure the caps or “terminators” wouldn’t break or come loose. In the past I’ve used the Snow Peak, MSR and Jet Boil systems and they all work great. Hot enough that I was boiling water without the lid on the CookMug in a matter of 3 minutes.
The silica band around the mug keeps your hands from getting burned when it’s time to enjoy your warm liquid. You are burning fuel directly on the base so it will discolor the stove and will need to be cleaned.
This will allow better wind protection while still providing oxygen for the fire to breathe.
Nice to see the emergency whistle, 8-feet of stainless steel wire, 25-feet of 70lb nylon cord, button compass, fire striker and heavy-duty thread. After spending about an hour looking over every survival type kit they have, this is the closest I came to what is included in the Survival Pod, minus the stove and mug. Jordan is  a journalist and photographer that has traveled the world  following his passion.
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Also, there is a stove made by Esbit and others, primarily seen in Surplus stores, designed for the various solid fuel tabs. I looked around Gear Pods' site for a while before reading the review and I was itching to see more photos of what the kits look like when they're not packaged all nice up in the tubes. Usually, pre-packaged kits are packed full of fail and contain almost nothing useful, but this one covers many necessities that are normally skipped. I have friends in the aviation industry that are astonished by the amount of components that are in this kit.
Each come in a nylon bag with draw cord closures.  This keeps each individual kit itemized and organized so you know exactly what kit you are grabbing. I brought along some spiced apple cider and fired up the stove with one of the two supplied Esbit fuel tablets. As mentioned earlier it has a shelter kit which is a necessary component to a survival kit. It has a straw hole in the top that will aid with those that have injuries that can not otherwise drink. This kit will cover everything from burns, minor cuts and abrasions, Stings, contact dermatitis, headaches, fevers, diarrhea, splinters, thorns, and even blisters. GearPods also offers a Burner to allow the use of denatured alcohol (with the Burner) or solid fuel tabs (without the Burner). The edges of the shield are a tad sharp so be cautious when rolling it back up for storage. This empty small container screwed onto the lid of my Survival Pro gave me extra space to store more items. There are several survival type kits ranging from $20-$200 but none of them had what the pod has with a stove.
I could not find anything available at REI, Sports Authority or Bass Pro Shops (when I looked online) that compared to the GearPods system. When not on assignment, he’s often riding his mountain bike or out running and preparing for an adventure race. The hard case tube for it could also serve for water storage besides keeping everything from being smashed up in your bag.From the looks of the stove, you could easily add your own popcan type stove and alcohol, as mentioned in the article, to change up the cook system. It can be stowed in a vehicle or aircraft and you will never know it is there till you need it. In side the kit its self it covers fire, water and water disinfection, trapping and fishing, and signaling for rescue and equipment and clothing repair.

This is one of the best basic first aid kits I have seen that can easily be added to or used on its own. One of my other favorite companies, Topeak, already offers a bicycle bottle cage that will work perfectly to hold a GearPod! Before I go on, it should be obvious that this stove system isn’t made to cook big meals. If you decide to not keep a used tab, please be smart about what you do with that unused fuel. I was able to safely drink the water after giving it about 30 seconds to cool off just a little bit.
I would bet depending on how much stuff you carry in your Survival Pro pod, you could get the Burner to fit. I can see myself throwing this Survival Pro pod into my pack when camping or hiking, and it will definitely come with me when I start bike packing next Spring. Most notable to me is the inclusion of something besides matches as a fire-starting implement.
They are held together by large connectors with terminators at each end to keep the components inside and make the kit waterproof. When I took this kit and used it on a 24 hour test I found it to have all the necessities available. This is a survival kit and the stove should be used for emergency water cleaning, heating up soup, tea or anything else you can fit into the CookMug. Keep that in mind depending on how long you will be away and how many times you will need to use the stove.
Using the included sterile, self-standing water bag, you can use these to start the sterilization process for clean drinking.
We’d also like to thank Jordan for allowing us to republish his review of the GearPods Survival Kit. The only people who think matches (even waterproof ones) are a reliable way to start a fire are those who have never tried to use one in inclement weather when everything is soaked, and I'm pleased to see the inclusion of alternate means of starting a fire.
The first aid kit is fully stalked with ointments, band aids, insect repellant, poison oak and ivy relief and cleansing wipes, blister care, sunscreen, and a host of other items. I personally have used a lot of the items in this kit to take care of minor issues in the field.
The shelter kit was complete with a silicone impregnated tarp, plenty of cord, and a space blanket. While I was filming the review and test of the original gear pods I had cut my thumb on the folding razor that comes in the survival kit.
Regardless of how you spend your time outdoors, being prepared is something you need to be concerned with. The majority of my time spent outdoors is either traversing some trail in a 4A—4, hiking into the mountains or spending countless hours on my bike in the hills. The upper portion of the boot is made from premium Horween Chromexcel Horsehide leather and the sole is of Goodyear Welt construction with a leather and Vibram lug outsole.
Lately I’ve been looking closely into bike packing which is spending several days riding and camping with only what I can carry on my bike. In the event that there was no fuel left for the stove you can build a small fire under it and cook and heat water that way. You could rely on it, but I would probably pack something more substantial if I were cooking large meals.
Each Bad Loser weighs in at a relatively light 1200 grams and has a shell made from multiaxial fiberglass, 3D organic fibers, special aramid fibers and carbon reinforcement.

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