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For any Emergency, Natural Disaster or Camping Trip – The Zombie Apocalypse Survival in a Sardine Can is the perfect item! You will find 25 survival items in a genuine airtight, waterproof, crush proof sardine can!
A small Emergency Survival kit put in an easy to reach place known to all family members can prove invaluable in a major emergency. Tip: Place a wood tea candle set outside to add soft accent lighting to your patio or deck!
When space matters this perfectly light weight zombie survival kit is Great for Hikers, Hunters, Survivalists, etc.

Keep one wherever you go – in your car, RV, or motorcycle, fishing vest, backpack, bike – everywhere! Hand pack in the United States, each genuine sardine can is topped with quality ingredients. Get the Pistol Pete’s Pallet Coat Rack for your entry way, kitchen, bed room, mud room, basement, garage or any space that needs a woodland, rustic feel. It’s The PERFECT item to have in case of a Natural Disaster, Emergency or THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! The Pistol Pete’s Pallet Coat Rack holds several items and easily secures to any wall.

Get the Pistol Pete’s Rustic Pallet Picture Frames for your cabin, home, office, kitchen, living room, stairway or for any space you want to decorate with a rustic, woodland theme. Each picture frame is outfitted with wire hanging hardware for a strong hold and easy installation.

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