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The Wrangler JK-8 Independence is a new Mopar kit that provides a 50-inch pickup truck bed with 44 inches of width between the wheel wells.
In all, Mopar tells us the kit includes a bed floor, all the necessary body panels, the fiberglass cap and a new bulkhead.
Click on the gallery below to check out the official Jeep Wrangler pickup truck that you've all been waiting for.
Taking cues from the popular Jeep Scrambler CJ-8 from the 1980's, Mopar has designed a kit for do-it-yourselfers that converts a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited into a pickup truck.
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Guide to the latest ADAS offerings, including Blind Spot Monitoring, Turn Assist, Backup Collision Warning and more.
UST Stormproof Floating Lighter (Orange) - Butane Lighter (butane not included) is wind proof, storm proof, waterproof and floats. UST Stormproof Floating Lighter (Orange) – Butane Lighter (butane not included) is wind proof, storm proof, waterproof and floats. Your kid’s innocence makes them particularly susceptible in becoming victims of disasters of all sorts.

They're the kind of teasing that many die-hard Wrangler lovers just can't handle, so the folks at Mopar are giving owners of the four-door Unlimited a chance to make their own Jeep pickup. The folks at Mopar aren't ready to talk price just yet, but they promised two variants of the kit. To build your own JK-8 Independence, you'll need to remove all the interior parts behind the front seats. Thirty-seven inch BF Goodrich Mud Terrain KM2 tires and a 4.5-inch long-arm suspension kit make sure this makeshift truck doesn't get stuck even in the most inhospitable terrain. Linking the axles to the frame is a 4.5-inch long-arm suspension kit and 37-inch BF Goodrich Mud Terrain KM2 tires make the connection to the ground.
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This butane lighter is a smart fire starter (butane no longer included) and is storm proof and wind proof. Ultimately, they’ll depend on you for guidance and support to better equip them in surviving any catastrophe. One is a weld-free bolt-on setup that mechanically inclined Jeep owners can put together "over a weekend." The second is a show-ready kit that can be fitted at the dealership or a specialty body shop. The new body panels will cover the second row entrance, and a short fiberglass cap provides enough covered space for your gear.

Special off-road capable bumpers round out the modifications, and all of the above modifications are available straight from the Mopar catalog. The team created body panels to cover the second-row entrance and removed all of the interior parts behind the front seats-transforming the vehicle into a two-seater with just enough room for gear inside, and a pickup style bed to be used for outside cargo. A fresh coat of yellow paint and Mopar's off-road bumpers for the front and rear were utilized along with a new fuel door and slush mats. ABS plastic Water resistant outer case is affect resistant and slim design fits easily in pocket.
The parts for both kits will reportedly cost about the same, but labor costs for the show truck version will cost extra. Knowing what to teach your kids in advance is the key to succeeding in arming your children with the necessary survival skills. The kit will reportedly be available in every color that you can currently get the Wrangler Unlimited.

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