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This project is a fun new trend we’ve been seeing lately, the Bridesmaid Survival Kit. As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback a€“ We Love Seeing Your Creativity!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you want to be sure you have the resources you need in case of emergency on the highway, here’s our list of the top five best emergency car kits.
While AAA is a great service, their dispatched local tow truck partners are fairly well known for taking their sweet time in getting to you, wherever you might be stranded.
For the same price as the AAA kit, First Secure throws in a tow strap and a tire patch kit. To go further with the survival angle, this kit is geared toward ensuring your safety for the first 24 hours following a major catastrophe. Here's another video of a review for Kelly Kettle - he actually times how long it takes to get a rolling boil which doesn't take very long at all and he only had to use a few sticks and twigs he found in the yard to get the fire going.
Begin by dropping a few chocolate chips (or whatever chocolate you have) into the bottom of the sugar cone. Place around the fire on the hot coal for about 3-5 minutes (Don’t place directly into the fire and try to sit it upright if possible).
Rotate your cone half-way through the cooking to make sure the ingredients are all melted evenly.When unwrapping the cone, the items such as the marshmallows and the chocolate may have retained their shape.
My new Boreal Shirt from Lester River Bushcraft is the best thing since Al Gore invented the Internet. This sweater is made from 100% wool US military blankets, and the design, build, and features are top shelf. It is cut large so you have room to layer underneath, and long to cover that large mass of buttocks flesh, retaining additional heat.
The huge front pocket offers shelter for your hands, and multiple internal storage pouches.
Naturally flame retardant and spark resistant, antibacterial, and resistant to dirt and oils. It’s a loose, comfortable fit so you can really move around, chop wood, reach overhead, whatever. If I ever wear a neck gaiter, it’s usually to help with a scratchy wool sweater like the Boreal Shirt in the video. Of course there is no hood or hand warmer pouch (easy fix with wool hat and gloves) but still, its $220 LESS than the LSB sweater reviewed!! At any rate, good review, cool concept, and neat idea using wool blankets but the LSB sweater is WAY overpriced in light of a plethora of good quality military surplus sweaters which IMO are arguably better designed anyways (ribbed and reinforced). One of the things I have found with wool is a lot of times what I (and many other people) react to is the chemicals used to clean it (or if it was poorly clean the straw and debris in it. Hay you got to feel a merino wool base layer item to understand what comfortable with wool is all about take at look at Minus33. Hiked the AT with a Moreno wool long sleeved shirt in direct contact with my skin most days.
The North American Rescue’s Flat Emergency Trauma Dressings make a nice addition to your EDC kit. Today officially marks my 3 year anniversary of making, shooting and writing DIY tutorials. Make and give your bridesmaids a sweet gift box full of inexpensive items that will help them personally survive your long and wonderful wedding day. Keep all your girls informed of the days activities and your timeline by including this important information inside the box… also include helpful phone numbers for them to have, just in case. Everyday we share new and unique wedding inspiration that is carefully curated for the DIY bride. Here are our guidelines: 1-2 images in their original format may be used with a direct link provided that full and clear credit is given to Something Turquoise along with the credited photographer and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. An affiliate link means that we may receive a commission on sales of some of the products that are linked in our posts; it costs you nothing and we are rewarded for the introduction. The last two years in a row, I drove from New England to the Pacific Northwest and can attest that there are still plenty of miles on both I-80 and I-90 where there is no cell phone reception and the nearest gas station is 40 miles away.

Even if you aren’t in danger or in the middle of nowhere, having an emergency kit in your car is a good idea. Fewer people carry cables these days, but if you are proactive and get a kit to keep in your car, you can be the hero for someone else. This one trades the tire patch kit for a can of tire sealant, which isn’t a permanent solution, but should get you to safety. Not only do you get everything you need to help you out of minor automotive trouble, this kit provides materials for stranded motorists in adverse conditions. It includes food and water, as well as first aid, a few tools, and some relative creature comforts that will keep you healthy until you can get back to some sense of normalcy. He plays guitar, wrangles chinchillas, and spends many hours a day listening to music and building the internet one site at a time. Pin13 Share +1 Tweet Share Stumble Yum EmailShares 13‘Tis the season for camping and fires.
Many companies use lowquality backpacks that have barely enough room for the products in thepack. Lately, I have rediscovered an interest in natural fiber clothing for outdoor activities and bushcraft.
It’s one of my top favorite items of kit, next to my ESEE 3 knife, the Sport Berkey filter bottle, and my Maxpedition Falcon 2 backpack. There’s even a zippered pocket for your valuables and two lashing rings to clip keys or tools.
Yet you can cinch down all the openings to keep the heat in — or open them all up for ventilation, as needed. It also contains three internal slip pockets, a large zippered pocket, and two D-rings for clipping keys or tools. This is both functional and esthetic; it keeps the hood from falling over your eyes, and it avoids the pointy-hooded medieval wizard look.
Make an informed decision about equipping your survival kit by considering the advantages and disadvantages.
Water beads up on wool, especially if it’s treated with lanolin, or better yet if the lanolin was never removed in processing.
A 30° F aluminum plate will feel much cooler to the touch than a wooden plate at the same temperature, because it is a much better conductor. It’s easy to dry wool by the campfire, but if you try this with synthetics, sparks will melt little holes in the fabric.
This characteristic has a subjective component, but it is anything but trivial; wool is better at regulating body temperature. You can spend upwards of $200 on a high-tech synthetic fleece jacket, but you can also go to warehouse clubs and buy them on sale for $10. I have a Marmot Zeus Jacket, and I love it, but it already has campfire spark holes in the synthetic material of the sleeves.
I have a Navy Watch Cap from Amazon, but I’m going to try an Ibex Meru merino wool hat.
Genuine US Military Issue blankets are still the best value, even though they cost 500% more than they did 10 years ago.
I use a totally scratch-free poly fleece, but I’d like to try a soft Merino wool like this one from Minus33. I have processed wool and gotten other people to spin it for me and I do not react to it then. Handled my 80lb load without sores, my stench, never itched, had great breathability, was warm when I needed it and cool enough when I wanted it.
Roadside assistance response is notoriously slow, which means you can spend hours waiting for them to come fix something relatively simple. Any way you look at it, for a relatively small amount of money, you can give yourself peace of mind with a roadside kit in your car. This 76-piece kit is geared more toward the automotive, including a 250 psi air compressor, heavy duty booster cables, a few tools, and even generic auto accident forms, should you need them. If the puncture is small enough, you can permanently patch your tire without the need of an auto shop.
This includes things like waterproof matches, toilet paper, mylar blanket and sleeping bag, hand warmers, and even food.

The idea of this kit is to protect you from the elements, with somewhat less of a focus on on-the-go automotive repair.
Of course, campfires go great all year round but there’s just something wonderful about gathering around a fire at the end of a long summer day and relaxing that takes the cake. We have custom made this pack to allow an individual to storelarge amounts of personal items.
To be clear, wool will not keep you warm when it’s sopping wet (maybe warm-er than cotton), but it does absorb water up to 30% of its weight before feeling wet. Ice from sweat evaporating off the skin, then condensing and freezing when it contacts frigid air. Certainly, wool is heavier than, say, polyester fleece with the same warming power, but this weight penalty is balanced by greater breathability and temperature comfort range.
Also, down doesn’t keep you warm when it compresses, so if you lean back in a chair, it smashes the down and you lose all insulating ability.
Or, for example, if you get a flat and go to install your spare only to find that it is flat, too. If you use it the third time and you’re sick of it, they have helpfully included a AAA membership brochure. The flashlight piece in this option is a headlamp, which means both hands are free for whatever small repair you need to make. On the whole, though, the elements are a bit cheaper than the first two, so choose this one if you’re not traveling long distances and just want to have a little something on hand for very rare events.
There’s still a Swiss-army style multitool, but you might want to supplement this kit with either another multitool or a tool kit. This is good, though, as it allows for layering and plenty of mobility even though there’s no stretch to the fabric. The process is exothermic, which means that the wool garment actually generates a small amount of heat as it absorbs water.
But when I wear wool, I don’t chill as easily when I go outside, and when I come back in, I tend not to overheat as quickly. Then, when it cools again, you’ll have to go through it all again to put the stupid thing back on and avoid a chill. Likewise, if you put on a heavy duster for rain protection, it will compress the down at the shoulders and you lose heat that way. It turned out to be a loose wire, but my tools were buried along with all of my other belongings in the back, so I had to wait for roadside assistance.
The multitool ultimately has more functions, but may be harder to use in some areas of the car. While the items may not be the highest quality, you’ll likely only need them once or twice.
Ithas chest straps, padded shoulder straps, a reflector stripe, aheadphone hole, and many other features. I actually bought a medium, which is just barely too snug with two layers under it, but I expect to wear it with just one layer, or maybe two thin ones most of the time. The wool base layer allowed the sweat to evaporate from my skin and passed the water vapor to the outer layer. If you still cannot wear those, you must have a higher degree of skin sensitivity to wool than most! Overall, this kit should give you what you need, provided you’re not out in the cold for too long. As it passed through the outer wool shirt and contacted the frigid air, it condensed and froze on the outside of the shirt, forming little beads of ice. My second layer was a mid-weight polyester fleece jacket with marginal breathability, so imagine how well my clothing would have performed with all wool.

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