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Please bear in mind that these kits are packed with some of the best quality survival equipment on the market today and as such will not be a £20 survival tin. An ESEE AH1 Arrowhead - this not only makes a great small knife it is invaluable for hunting. Crusader Cooking unit - Ideal for use with the Crudsader mug but virtually any pot will fit on top. Think of the fanny pack, the messenger bag, or any other small backpack that can carry your daily needs. A simple space blanket or Bivy Sack will protect you from the wind and cold and could very well save your life when it is frigid outside. If you are putting your own kit together then first figure your needs, and how big of a kit you can include in your bag. In an Altoids tin you can put several Band-Aids, a couple of antiseptic wipes, a few pills such as Tylenol, and still have a little room to spare.
Headlamps are also a good choice and come in very handy when you need your hands free to work on something in the dark. I like to carry both a surival knife and a multitool because some jobs need a bigger blade and others just need the tools. There has never been, nor could there ever be, a more suitable zombie apocalypse survival vehicle. Whether you are looking to take your Steampunk swagger to a whole new level, or survive the all-but-certain zombie apocalypse, there is, and can only be, one vehicle up to such a challenge.

It certainly would look good in your driveway, but do I detecta slight twinge of sarcasm in your font when you indicate that the neighbours would like that?
Awesome vehicle, but who needs weapons, the zombies won’t die without a decent head-shot anyway, and why open a port to aim, and take any chance of infection?
You get premium quality kit that all packs down into the fantastic range of Maxpedition Versipacks or 5.11 Push Packs.
They represent the top of the line product that is simply not available anywhere else on the market.
It all packs into a Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack, which are fantastic quality and virtually bomb proof. These packs are just an inconspicuous day pack like everyone carries around in the city…the main difference for survivalists is ours have survival gear in them.
There are several soft sided first aid kits available for purchase, or you can put your own kit together.
Sure you can hold a flashlight in your teeth, but you will be much quicker and more efficient with a headlamp. The dimes, quarters, and half-dollars made in the USA before 1965  are 90% silver and should be very valuable if paper money loses its value. Just ask yourself, do you want to be battling zombies in your busted cavalier or are you going to be be saving lives with steampunk style? This represents the pinnalce of Go Bags and, of course, there will always be additional items you can add such as some first aid kit or some emergency food.

In case you don’t know, a day bag (or pack) is a lightweight small pack that is taken with you wherever you go.
Because it takes up the least room, the space blanket is a better fit for the butt pack, if that is your pack of choice.
Besides, you look silly with a flashlight in your mouth with drool dripping from your chin! Every EDC Bag that I have ever seen is constantly evolving though…they change and adopt to the needs of the owner. This kit provides, in our opinion, the best all round kit to survive for an indefinate period of time.
Regent boot is a protective motorcycle boot designed to be daily wearable whether you’re riding or not. The upper is a water-repellent full grain cowhide leather and waxed suede with a gear shift pad on both feet (for those of you who ride vintage bikes with right side shifters).

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