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A Family Friendly Knife Oriented Community Founded For Knifemakers, Collectors, & Enthusiasts. Step 2: Fire Is ImportantWhen I made survival kits in the Army I had 5 different ways to make fire.
Step 3: Organize The KitYou'll want to place large items and items you wont need ready access to at the bottom of your kit. Step 4: Communication Can Save A LifeNot many people know that "out-of-service" cell phones can still dial 911. Step 6: Make It Easy To SeeIf you are forgoing the reflective triangles you should at least get the $2 roll of reflective tape. In the wake of James Kim's death and what happened to his family I decided that I would make emergency kits for both of the vehicles in my family. If one had one of those compact Brita filter pitchers (~$11), they could produce easily enough fresh water from yuck water.
Obviously have some water at hand as well in case you get stranded no where near any is a tip.
Great instructable tho!Sugars and salt would be great, but in survival, protein and water is what you need to live.

A suggestion about batteries: get battery-operated devices that all use the same size, store them without batteries, and just keep a big package of batteries in the kit . Altoids tin survival skinner and lockpick kit that stows in the lid for sale as a start of a survival kit. I am showing pics of my assembled EE kit, it is not for sale and is not what you are purchasing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PICS below are of my personal survival kit, Its what you can build if you put some thought into it. Its called a firestraw, its cotton mixed with vaseline sealed in a drinking straw using lighter and pliers.
I like the idea of the lock pick set, but not sure I would ever take the time to master the use of it. The kits for sale in stores were filled with poor quality items that I couldn't trust in a serious situation, so I made my own.
Every 6 months, just take out the old package and put in a fresh one -- use the old ones in the house or other non-critical location. Besides the diamond file, handcuff key, scissors, LP kit, littleskinner, Firestarter, firestraw, two flashlight, snare wire,p51 opener, liquid filled compass, and fire straw.
Seems to me that something with more sugar would be good as it provides more energy and is easier.

Most modern cell phones and cell networks can triangulate your position, this is very handy in an emergency.
Can't stress enough the need for lots of firewood when stranded and the jumper cables and car battery make great firestarter sparks. They have a small capacity, suffer from self-discharge and therefore have a very short shelf-life. In the UK, own-brand alkaline batteries from supermarkets and DIY stores offer the best value at ~50% of the price of the premium brands. Object s like a steel vehicle body or the entrenching tool or multi tool will weaken the magnetic field in the compass needle, making it less and less accurate over time, until it no longer points anywhere near North.
I often had situations where I couldn't jump start another car because the battery had been completely drained trying to use the starter to move the car out of the road.

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