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Enterprising surpk us and sporting goods stores would fill theses with materials and sell them to Big Scouts and sporting, boating,hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Fast-moving streams and rivers are the safest and easiest source, but what do you do when there’s no obvious source of water around? One option is to peel strips of bark off a birch or cedar tree, which makes great tinder, and shred the papery parts inside. Learn how to make waterproof fire starter bundles, or your own little fire-starting gadget, at Instructables.
You could also carry baggies of dryer lint, which tends to be very flammable, or cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly. It’s practically free to make, and runs on denatured alcohol, which can be found in large tins at hardware stores.

Carry a small tarp or, at the very least, a compact and inexpensive mylar emergency blanket, as well as some paracord, which is strong and durable cord that can hold a lot of weight. Dress properly for the weather and be sure to always pack these items, even if you don’t plan to stay out overnight. Avoid wearing cotton, which absorbs moisture and causes evaporation next to the skin, which has a cooling effect. Always carry an emergency blanket, which reflects your body heat back onto you rather than allowing it to dissipate into the air. If you get wet, feel overly tired or start to shiver while outdoors, go back to your vehicle or camp right away. Add a few small, basic fishing supplies to your emergency kit, or learn how to make your own fishing spear out of bamboo.

You’ll dramatically increase your chances of survival in an emergency if you know a few basic ways to alert rescuers to your location. Few items are as important in this situation as a signal mirror, which is small, lightweight and cheap.

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