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For families who spend a lot of time in the outdoors, having a child wander off and get lost is pretty unlikely.
This is perhaps the hardest and most important wilderness survival skill to develop, especially if you’re a kid.
Talk to your child about how easy it will be to have a meltdown when they realize they’re lost.
Water is the most important survival item you can have, it’s also a hard one for little kids, which is why I always stock my kid’s packs with plenty of water and tell them to ration it if they become lost. The problem is, unless you find yourself lost next to a water source you shouldn’t exactly wander off looking for water and get even more lost. Next to having enough water, finding a shelter to protect you from the elements (either cold or hot weather) should be top priority.
If you hear a plane or helicopter get into an opening and run around and yell like a crazy person.
I would image that the #1 concern for a lost child is the prospect of being eaten by a wild animal.
I have a large garbage bag in my kids backpacks because it provides extra warmth and can prevent the core from getting wet which can cause hypothermia. Even if you are not an experienced outdoorsman, you can take basic steps that will help you stay alive until help arrives.
Island Survival Summary In this activity, students will participate in a simulation of life on a deserted island. It is important that you teach some basic survival facts, such as the role of water, shelter, warmth, and food in increasing a persona€™s chances for survival.
But for young kids you really can only pack what they know how and are developmentally able to use.

Attach a whistle to your kids backpack, as soon as they realize they have become separated from the group tell them to start blowing that whistle like crazy. Your body can still function with little or no food for weeks, but it can only last a few days without water. However, if it has been a day or two and you’re still lost and out of water, it’s going to be worth it to wander off and try to find some.
Take a look, pick out the animals that live in your area and go over basic information with your kids. Maybe also if they have to venture out in search of water, that they know how to mark their trail to show where they left and which way they went.
The greatest need is for a source of warmth and the second greatest need is for signaling devices. Overview - Group Survival Scenario Exercise A classic group communication and decision making exercise, with many variations.
Consensus can be hard to reach, however, set the aim for all participants to at least partially agree to each ranking on their final list. Water Finding fresh, drinkable water should be a top priority upon discovering that you are stranded. They will be challenged to use their critical thinking skills and knowledge of oceans and islands to a€?survivea€? and ultimately return to safety.
While unlikely, I think your child would be a little more at ease if they knew what to do when they encountered a wild animal.
The point is not to make them even more freaked out, just to give them some confidence in their skills should they spend a night in the woods alone. The outdoors is infused into everything we do; which explains why I'm better at mud pies than home decorating.

Encourage groups to complete the task without the use of tactics such as voting, trading in or averaging. Building a fire not only keeps you warm, but it will help to signal any rescue planes that are flying overhead. As they get older you can add more and more items (like fire starting supplies) and teach them how to use them. Without matches, something is needed to produce sparks, and even without fluid, a cigarette lighter can do that.
So I’ve been thinking about what skills would be appropriate to start learning for the average 6-11 year old, before they are of age for hardcore Boy Scout techniques.
Plan.) is a great place to start, and is a helpful tool for kids when it comes time to remembering what they should do.
If your child is old enough to make one, it might be fun to practice out on the trail, or in your backyard. Lighting The Fire: If you have glasses, binoculars, or a camera, use the lens to concentrate the rays on the tinder to ignite it.
Elizabeth Smith, Demand Media When you find yourself stranded on a deserted island, whether as a result of a shipwreck or getting separated from a group, survival is a crucial consideration.

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