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Susan writes the blog Cardamom Kitchen to share her culinary experiences as an Indian-American rooted in the Midwest.
Many comfort foods -- mac and cheese, stuffed mushrooms, chicken fingers, meatloaf -- call for bread crumbs. Fresh bread, which is cushy, does not process well, so use bread that is stale or that has been intentionally left out to dry. If you want to flavor the bread crumbs, add both sets of bread crumbs back into the bowl of the food processor.
Place the baked bread pieces in the bowl of a food processor and pulse until ground into fine crumbs.
For extra-crunchy bread crumbs, return the bread crumbs to the oven on the baking sheet and bake briefly until lightly browned. To provide feedback or ask a question about our company, a store or a product, please visit our Customer Service page. For more information about posting comments to our blog, please see our Comment Posting Guidelines. With all the latest zombie movies coming out people are thinking up ways to survive this horror. Transportation would be constructed from anything you could find in the carnage of your immediate area but likely limited to non-gasoline, human-powered machines. As you emerge from your home or shelter you find nothing but chaos and calamity, you’ve got to think quick. Corn starch, salt, lard and hard liquor can also last several years and supply a great variety of uses. Being a part of the end of times is going to prove to be a challenging and exciting journey.
Our warehouse in Kansas City, MO is experiencing high levels of delay in fulfilling orders at this time. The KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knife has always been made in the USA and still is to this day.
The knife was developed and made during WWII, and was then introduced to the US Forces around 1942. It was a firm favourite with the military, however, it was no longer issued to the military after the end of WWII. In this review I want to cover why this knife is always ranked up with all the top knives and what makes it so good. The handle has the distinctive rings machined onto it before its coated in a waterproof resin lacquer that hardens to give the handle its solid feel.
The blade is a full grind 7″ straight edge that will hold its edge for a very long time before needing any attention which makes this knife so perfect for any wilderness survival situation.
The actual blade shape of the KA-BAR  is extremely well finished – a good sharp point, with a nice curve, or belly, that means you can slice, skin and dress just about any kill with ease.

The KA-BAR is definitely not new technology, but it’s one hell of a well made tool using traditional hand crafted methods and, of course, 1095 cro-van steel. My KA-BARhas served me well for many years and is always with me as part of my survival pack whenever I am out in the wilderness. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Luckily she's also sharing her experiences with Whole Story readers by demystifing essential cooking skills with step-by-step instructions and her own handsome photos. If the bread has a thick crust, separate the crust from the soft center and set the crust aside. People have written several zombie survival guides and recently Hyundai built a Zombie Survival Machine but of course you have to eat too so read on to learn how to store food ready for a zombie apocalypse.
We don’t even want to think about the need for emergency medical treatment or cavities that could no longer be pulled by a professional with the use of anesthesia.
Like trying to survive an uninhabited island in the middle of nowhere, the list of priorities quickly changes and you need to first concern yourself with an adequate food and water supply. It’s not just the days ahead but the years ahead that are going to require supreme survival skills. If that sounds a little too extreme, worrying that others will be laughing at your disaster plan paranoia, keep in mind that this is something you can do in the privacy of your own home. It has a shelf-life of more than a century and provides plenty of carbohydrates, which you’ll need for additional energy in a Resident Evil kind of world. It will keep for five to ten years and it’s an undeniable source of all protein, carbs and fat.
A skillet with some cooking lard will also make that fried spam taste far better than it does straight from the can.
Have plenty on hand and get to planting that new crop of vegetation as soon as the last freeze is over.
They keep moisture out, as well as any four-legged creatures also in search of survival foods.
But was definitely still used in combat in the Korean, Vietnam, and the Gulf War, and remains a favourite amongst hunters and survivalists today. The leather handle rings are compressed down through the tang, then fixed in position using the pommel end cap.
Making this knife function beautifully as a full on survival knife that’s built to stand up to any amount of abuse you can throw at it.! Acting fast in the beginning could mean all the difference in the resources you have going forward.
We recommend finding a nearby hiding place that will allow for temporarily concealing your loot. Catastrophe has a way of making everyone crazy and there’s every chance that any kind of delayed response in getting to food, water or medicine is going to mean interacting with many other people trying to survive.

There’s only so much you’ll be able to carry away from a market before the multitudes assemble. Ideally, it’s best that nobody else knows you have a ridiculous supply of food on hand in case of a zombie apocalypse.
Genetically modified foods will spoil much quicker and since you’re able to plan ahead, it makes sense to buy the best.
There’s something to be said for being able to satisfy your sweet tooth in stressful times while providing your body with a superior energy source. It’s a pretty nasty meat for sure, but the shelf life is undeniable and it gives your body what it needs. You’ll especially need it in the beginning of the apocalypse, when you’re running to and fro in an attempt to hunt and gather like your cavemen ancestors, whose lifestyle you are now somewhat emulating while trying to create a semblance of civilization as you once knew it. But along with the readily consumable food, consider items that will help to propagate survival and allow your food chain to become self sustaining. Rain water is generally safe to drink when falling through uncontaminated air and into a clean container but boiling it ensures you are ridding it of all contaminants.
Fire is essential for survival and you don’t want to be rubbing two sticks together in a couple years because you didn’t store away enough matches.
Add dried ice to the bottom of your buckets before sealing them to keep oxygen out and give all your apocalyptic treasures the longest possible shelf life.
This covered saucepan by Le Cuistot features an elegant design; heavy duty handles and an oven-proof enameled cast iron knob for convenient and safe handling. Even in a best case scenario, you’re likely to only get enough food to last a few weeks and the apocalypse may last forever. The shelf life will be four times as higher in many cases and that could mean years added to your food supply.
The enameled cast iron construction distributes heat evenly around the pot; eliminating hot spots. Keep in mind that brown rice won’t keep nearly as long as white rice, as it has a higher oil content. At a time when food is scarce no longer being able to overeat, getting 200 hundred calories from two tablespoons of peanut butter is priceless.
Nuts, dried fruits, olives, and other chunky ingredients can be hard to grind into very fine pieces, so it’s best to use breads like cinnamon-raisin and 12-grain for stuffing or croutons, not bread crumbs. It should be cleaned with warm soapy water or Le Cuistot porcelain and enamel cookware cleaner; cleaning in the dishwasher is not recommended.

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