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The Push Button Oil Tank Sight Gauge is a traditional, economical model of heating oil tank gauge, primarily installed on domestic tanks. City police are investigating more than a dozen serious cases of so-called sexting leading to bullying or exploitation. Reports of the digital sharing of sexually-explicit photos backfiring on their senders or those pictured are increasing, say police, who are warning parents to be on the lookout for the signs of sexting.
In some cases, those in the photos are driven to the same kind of deep despair that’s cost the lives of several youths in Canada in several high profiles incidents in the past year, said Sgt. No one’s been charged for harassing or bullying those captured in compromising images, said police, said Insp. The photos are usually taken by the victims, who transmit them to a boyfriend or girlfriend while assuming they won’t be shared any further, said Noni Classen of the Canadian Centre for Child Exploitation (CCCE).

At worst, some of the images can come into the possession of adult criminals who use them for extortion or luring purposes, she said. With the growing use of mobile computers and a range of apps, the CCCE has seen a 10% increase in the number of cases over the past three years.
That technology and the teen libido means an uphill battle against sexting exploitation, said Classen.
But educators, health care agencies, police and counsellors are joining to offer resources for victims to turn to, including the website The issue has become part of the provincial curriculum, said Richard Svoboda of the Calgary Catholic school board. Youth, he said, are often far more proficient with such technology than their parents, adding to the challenge of monitoring the activity.

He said parents should also learn the signs of sexting victims, such as anger, loss of interest in activities or of attending school. It works via a simple push to read button, which when pressed, the oil tank level indicator provides the user with an immediate visual indication of the tank’s contents. This oil tank level gauge is constructed of a quality, corrosion resistant zinc plated brass and is suitable for use on both steel and plastic bottom outlet fuel tanks. A user friendly benefit of this fuel tank gauge is that it remains isolated when the button is released.

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