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On the other side (with the visor flipped down) I keep a chemical light, a Kershaw Blackout, Bic lighter, Advil, and a Victorinox Classic. I'm very happy with this product so far and it seems like it holds the gear very secure (my main concern) while still being very convenient to access. In this case it's about looking bad ass, but for me I do alot of off-roading and camping, having something like this would be nice for gear storage.
Wait till I get a second job, mortgage my house - then, this is a definately be a Christmas item. I tought a visor was only a transparent plane in front of your facecharliecharlie58: I love the idea sootch. Of course, I do have a GHB in my car but it is really nice to have some equipment instantly accessable without having to search through the bag.

In the magazine pouches I keep a multitool (Victorinox Swisstool) and a Surefire 6PX flashlight. With the visor in the normal position all you can see is the side with the pen and notepad. Its basically a sun visor organizer for your car but it has MOLLE webbing on it so you can attach gear. This also freed up some space in my glove box which was starting to look like a junk drawer. Combining plush comfort with an efficient design, Smittybilt takes the idea of premium seat covers to a whole new level.
However, since I already keep a GHB in my vehicle with all the necessary gear in it, the seat covers didn't make much sense for me.

Also, I now keep my vehicle registration and insurance papers on this side too instead of in my glovebox. The visor panel I bought seemed more practical (and a lot more discreet) and is just a way to keep a few items handy while driving.
I've been using it for a while now.darkarchon777: how many magazines do you recommend for a pistol as a primary weapon?

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