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The plug and play design of our energy storage system easily extends your renewable energy utilization to an all day long experience; battery, inverter and charger are included in the system.
Our ESS provides you stable backup electricity in days of unstable power supply, buffers the peak power to improve your electric bill and powers your houses and small business institutes.
Most of the marine yacht boats have diesel powered engines, but the latest concept of boat shown by Mercury Marine at the Miami International Boat Show somehow different. The hybrid boats will have lithium-ion batteries onboard the vessel to powers the boata€™s two 100hp electric engines. The hybrid boats with be equipped with full SmartCraft controls such as joystick docking, the Mercury’s Hybrid Concept Vessel glided out of its slip like it was drifting in the wind, making virtually no sound, no smoke and no smell.

Yet, the driver of the boat simply used the Zeus joystick control to pivot in the channel and head out the harbour gap under electric power, even through stiff winds. You would never know that it was a Hybrid boat from the appearance or the performance and the penalties in weight or increased cost are projected to be well within the envelope of what buyers are comfortable with. An inverter, connected between the solar panels and your switchboard, converts the DC current into AC current, which powers your home, storage battery or is fed into the electricity grid. They are showcasing the concept possibility of hybrid engine technology for yachts or boats. These lithium-ion batteries can be recharged by either using on shore electricity or using an array of solar panels fitted on the deck and hardtop of the boats.

The vessel is equipped with both Cummins QSC 550 550hp diesel engines and Zeus pod drives and high-efficiency electric engines. Being capable to run on just electric, just diesel, or a combination of diesel and electric power, the captain can choose the best mode for the conditions. But no info if the hybrid mode boats will be equipped with the Mercury Marine’s eco-screen or not.

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