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If you plan to build a battery backed power system, you need to decide about the voltage you want to use. The distance from the battery bank to the controller is mostly less than 3ft but to avoid voltage drop I recommend 8 AWG wires. Having the hot water run out is a frustrating thing, and there never seems to be enough when you’re taking a shower.
A solar water heater is basically a device that will provide your home with water that has been heated with solar power for free. The most basic and simple design types of solar water heaters are basically black containers that contain water. Simple solar water heaters are usually placed on a rooftop or some sort of platform where it can receive sunrays during most of the day.
Even though the simple solar water heaters are very easy to set up and use, they aren’t very efficient because they can’t store and move very much water.
The most complex, expensive and efficient solar water heaters, evacuated tube systems are able to produce the most hot water in the least amount of space using solar power. Another popular option for solar water heating, thermosiphon heating basically creates a way to trap sunlight in a pipe like a greenhouse. After hearing about how solar energy water heating systems can effectively heat a home’s water for free, many people wonder if they should install a system in their home. If you need more help deciding if a solar water heater is right for you and your family, talk to a professional and get a consultation. Solar water heaters are a cost effective way to heat your home’s water without using any gas or electricity from the utility company.
The new Gree Solar Hybrid Inverter technology allows you to harness the natural and free energy from the sun to help you run your Gree Hi-wall Air Conditioning unit.
While Inverter Air Conditioners are more powerful and use less energy than a fixed speed air conditioner, Gree’s new Solar Hybrid Inverter takes this to a new level of efficiency.
Using Gree’s patented Power Supply Control Module (PSCM) the Hansol Solar Hybrid unit can use Solar DC generated power or mains AC generated power, or a combination of both as required.
The Gree Solar Hybrid like all DC Inverter air conditioners runs on DC power converted from mains power. TweetThe newest wave in circulating water through a pond is the solar powered pond pump, and in many ways it’s a lot like a traditional pond pump, but powered with solar energy rather than electricity. The potential drawbacks of solar pond pumps are they are subject to weather conditions; if it’s cloudy, the pump will not run at full force (although adding a battery back-up can alleviate this issue).
The submersible pond pump with the external solar panel is the most popular model because the solar panel tends to be larger and can generate enough power to pump medium and large size ponds.  The submersible pond pump with the floating solar panel tends to have smaller solar panels, so the volume of the pond has to be smaller as well.
If you have a pond with more than a thousand gallons of water, you may want to consider an external solar pond pump.  External pumps are generally more efficient than submersible pumps and capable of handling a much larger water flow.
With magnetic drives, the motor (still filled with oil) turns a magnet, which in turn spins an oppositely-poled magnet on the other side of a solid wall.
The third type of drive system is the modern floating rotor design, or hy-drive, which is basically like a magnetic drive, except that the motor powers an electromagnet which doesn’t move, but simply activates different sections of the electromagnet in succession to cause the magnet on the other side of the wall to move. See our list of garden and pond resources for additional useful information about outdoor products & services.
When buying online, calculate shipping costs (which can vary widely) as part of the price of the solar pump.
If a solar panel is submerged in water, the clarity of the water and mineral deposits that accumulate on the panel over time will negatively affect the power output. Replace water wigglers in birdbaths (which tend to get funky and rusty) with a mini solar fountain pump. On windy days, check the water level in small bowls or fountains since the wind will displace water as it shoots out of the fountain. If your birdbath is porous, the suction cups on submersible solar pumps don’t always stick.
To figure out what sort of pump could fit the bill, you need to decide on: vertical lift, rate of flow, and pressure. All trademarks, logos and brand names on this website are the sole property of their respective companies and are not owned by
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Space based solar power has been a futuristic fantasy since the 1970s but the advent of 21st century 3D printing may bring it a step closer to reality.
TUI has won two rounds of funding for its SpiderFab 3D robotic printer from the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program. 3D printing and robotic construction of components on-orbit would allow a smaller, less expensive launch rocket that will “improve performance per cost by orders of magnitude,” Hoyt believes.
Once in space, TUI’s Trusselator, the first step in the SpiderFab architecture, would use 3D printing techniques and robotic assembly “to fabricate long, high-performance truss structures.” These would be the supports for system components. TUI also developed a lab version of the device that would fabricate the truss structure in that analysis.
Terrestrial solar arrays have achieved grid parity, Davis said, but without storage they cannot provide the base load power utilities need.
The Solar High Group is working “to put together a consortium of government and industry,” Davis said. With the reductions in volume and mass promised by 3D printing, those launch costs could be significantly reduced, though Hoyt could not comment specifically on SBSP and Davis’s group has not yet considered the impact of the TUI technologies. But the maximum radio frequency intensity of the transmission “is only one-fourth that of sunlight,” according to former NASA wireless power transmission engineer Richard Dickinson. Boeing and GE are developing the capability to 3D print aircraft components, he said, and smaller-scale applications are beginning to enter manufacturers’ supply chains. This entry was posted in News and tagged 3d printing, Efficiency, Electricity, energy, Energy Security, Environment, Fuels, future technologies, Solar Power, space-based solar power, Sustainability, Tech, Utilities by solar.
Pedestrian traffic lights work in conjunction with normal traffic lights in providing pedestrian safety at crossing points.
The Zamtas Pedestrian traffic lights follow standard symbol designs as per Australian and EU standards. The NG Series Pedestrian LED traffic lights can be provided in a variety of arrangements and sizes, subject to legislative requirements and the clients’ needs. The main consideration for your is that at higher voltages the current is less so that you can use smaller (cheaper) copper wires between your solar panel, inverter, and battery bank.
The obvious rule is: the shorter the cable the less size it needs to have and the higher the voltage the less size the cables need to be. The connection to the inverter should have the same size. Most of the big inverter manufacturers offer 12 and 24 volt models. If you have a voltage difference between panel and battery bank of more than 10V you should buy a Maximum Power Point (MPPT) charge controller. You cannot mix them on a single charge controller and for the 72 you should use a MPPT controller because of the higher voltage. Reheating all that water once it’s gone requires that you use either electricity or gas, affecting your monthly utility bill. The sun has a lot of energy that can be transferred to the water in your home as heat if you have the right equipment.
The black colour of the container will absorb the heat from the sun and transfer it as heat to the water. Usually a tube or pipe runs from the container and runs down into where the water comes out.
You’re still not going to have a lot of hot water for your shower with a simple solar water heater, so if you’re planning on using a solar heater for your home, consider a more advanced option.
Gravity and convection force the water into the home, allowing the water in a home to be heated without needing to use any electricity at all. Perhaps these questions will help you know whether or not solar water heaters are right for you and your home. If you are renting, you may have trouble convincing your landlord to spend the money to install a solar water heating system even though it will add to a home’s value.
If you plan to be there for at least 5 years, you should consider installing solar water heaters for your home. You can easily meet your domestic water heating needs with a hot water system that uses thermal energy instead of your normal gas to heat your domestic hot water.
You could save up to 97% on your mains power usage* with the Gree Solar Hybrid System, plus it’s easy to install and use so you can get started on saving money and lowering your energy usage with no hassle.
The world’s first true Solar Hybrid air conditioner allows you to convert the suns energy through Photovoltaic panels into DC power that is feed directly into the DC side of the Gree Inverter.

Gree’s new Solar Hybrid can accept DC power directly from the Solar Panels without the need of an expensive inverter or controller. The potential benefits are (1) the ability to “go green” in your pond while saving you money on your electric bill and (2) the convenience of not having to run unattractive wires from your pump to an electrical source. Also, solar pond pumps tend to have a slightly higher initial cost than traditional pond pumps, but that cost is offset by the savings in electricity over the first few months.
These larger solar pond pumps work with most biological filters and many are pre-equipped with leaf strainers and priming pots for ease of maintenance. That second magnet then turns the propeller which moves the water.  This eliminates the chance of getting water in your oil and into the pond, unless the wall between the magnets breaks, which is improbable, but not entirely impossible. A $100,000 award allowed proving of the technical feasibility and value proposition of the technologies and won TUI a $500,000 award to continue development. First, the 3D printer would build a carbon fiber truss structure that would act as a frame for the system.
But a just-completed design analysis for a 300 kilowatt orbital solar array verified that SpiderFab can provide the projected tenfold decrease in stowed volume and 50 percent to 80 percent reduced mass.
And the transmitter would be immediately shut down if there was any interruption at the earth station. This is the exception I made in the beginning: With a MPPT controller you can mix 12V panels with 24V battery bank and vice versa. However, there is a different option to heat your water that is basically free after you’ve paid for the initial installation cost. A solar water heater can be a simple device or a complicated machine depending on the kind you purchase. These pipes are completely empty except for a very small amount of a very special chemical substance. The amount of water that can be heated at once depends on the size of the thermosiphon system. If you’ve been tired of seeing your utility bill go higher and higher each month due to things like heating water, consider installing solar water heaters in your home to harness the power of the sun with a solar water heating system.
The solar panels (sold separately) will be wired directly into the outdoor unit by your installer, this means no addition invertor is required. The combination of the Solar Hybrid technology coupled with Gree’s G10 inverter means you and your family can enjoy the benefits of better temperature control, lower noise levels and now increased energy efficiency. The PSCM will use as much solar energy as is available and this solar energy directly replaces the equivalent amount of AC power from the mains provider.
The solar DC power directly replaces the mains power being supplied by your energy provider. It would then lay a membrane on the structure of either thin film PV or of reflecting materials, if concentrating solar power was being deployed. They looked at technology feasibility, environmental impact, land use, manpower needs, energy payback, and estimated costs and confirmed the concept was “technically feasible with no new science” but found it would be too expensive.
Solar water heaters can be a simple addition to nearly any home that can save money on your next utility bill and provide long term savings in the future.
Since the colour black absorbs the most light and therefore heat, even a bucket painted black can be a solar water heater. When the sun hits theses pipes and heats them up, the chemical inside also heats and then rises up through the tube. The outer layer of the pipe is made of glass, and the inner layer is the pipe that is heated with the water inside. The system will automatically pull from the solar panels or the grid depending on the current sunshine levels, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted heating or cooling as the system changes seamlessly with no input required from the user. Eventually, it’s transferred all of its heat and then sinks down to the bottom of the pipe, waiting to be reheated by the sun to start the cycle all over again.
The sun’s light goes through the outer layer and becomes trapped inside the pipe, allowing it to be fully absorbed by the inner pipe and the water. Some units even have special mirrors which focus the sunlight on the pipes so they absorb the sunlight as much as possible.

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