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Strong ties to local environmental organizations, committed to making South Florida a clean energy community. The most advanced materials and equipment available on the market with individual panel level energy production monitoring - standard on all our installations. Solar Power for your HomeAs a home owner you know very well that the price of electricity has only ever gone one way – up!
Service & MaintenanceSolar power is a large investment and to ensure that you get the very best returns regular maintenance is required.
Commercial Solar PowerWith businesses overheads continually rising it pays to lock in savings anywhere you can.
Quality Products: We only use quality products that have been proven over time and in independent real world testing to perform extremely well.
Professional Installation: Our team members have years of experience in solar power and electrical work and are fully qualified in both Queensland and New South Wales to deliver a neat, professional installation every time. Competitive Pricing: Through partnerships with our supplier network we can deliver a quality product, professionally installed at a very competitive price, in fact we challenge you to find a better price for a solar power system using the quality components that we offer!
After Sales Service: We understand that a solar power system that is not operational is a liability rather than an asset - in the unlikely event that your solar power system should develop a fault we will work to have it generating power for you again as soon as possible. Dianne & Stephen from Currumbin\"We chose Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions for our solar power system because they are a local business with local installers. Grid Connect The most common solar power system in Australia, Grid Connect joins the installed solar panels to an inverter which is then connected to your home’s power supply.
Any power being generated over your consumption is then transferred back to the grid and sold to the market at somewhere between 6c and 12c per kW. Despite the electricity rebate, this rate is less than energy companies charge for that same amount of power so it is best that tasks with high power consumption such as pool pumps, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers are run during the day directly off solar power rather than selling that power back to the grid and then paying a premium to perform those tasks at night.
Hybrid SystemHybrid systems combine the Grid Connect Solar Power System with batteries that store excess power to be used at night when the solar panels are not generating power.

Depending on the size of your system, your sun exposure and the amount of power you are consuming, it is possible to eliminate, or at least drastically reduce the amount of power drawn from the grid with a Hybrid Solar Power System – especially those who have solar power on the sun-drenched Gold Coast or throughout SE Queensland and Northern NSW.
For example if someone has our most popular 5kw Solar Power Package, on average they will generate 21.6kw each day. Off Grid Systems require that the solar power system is appropriately sized so that solar panels consistently generate more power than the expected electricity usage. Generally, the installation of batteries that will last up to five days is recommended to cater for  particularly bad weather – such that the Gold Coast and SE Queensland often experiences during the summer storm season. Off Grid Solar Power Systems are more expensive than Hybrid or Grid Connect Solar Power Systems but they provide freedom from the grid and power companies as well as the ability to turn off generators. Please drop us a line and we'll be in touch ASAP to discuss how you can save money while helping the planet.
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The 72kWh Off-Grid Solar Power System for High Power Use contains solar panels, solar inverters, control charger and deep cycle batteries bank for energy storage. Lumenaus offers this Solar + Battery Hybrid System based on professional experience and research done for optimal production and use of solar power. My friend who referred me to this company spoke highly of Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions and she was right! Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions have been installing solar power systems on the Gold Coast and the surrounding areas since 2008. We also provide system maintenance checks and solar panel-cleaning, solar power system upgrades and additions, as well as repairs and replacements on solar panels and inverters.
If you are in Tallebudgera and are after a solar power system, Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions can help you today!
Only pay back the amount to the loan that you are saving on your power bill - so you never feel the expense on your monthly budget.

Relying on our strong background in engineering and construction, we believe in delivering only the highest quality installations, utilizing the best materials available on the market. We take your requirements very seriously; we will never recommend something that isn't in your best interests. Solar power is a major investment - don't let this investment turn into a liability because of cheap and nasty components! Your energy and electricity requirements are then fed directly from power generated by the solar panels. Given the sun-drenched Gold Coast and Northern NS, this is a likely scenario, depending on the size of your solar power package. Excess power is then stored in a large battery bank for use at night or times of high demand. For a custom system that suits your household or business perfectly we recommend you to contact us directly and get a free assessment.
We like their service, especially the installer, he was polite Jean from Mudgeeraba\"I chose Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions because the gentleman came out and explained everything to my son and I. This estimate should be used for information purposes only and is not an offer of finance on particular terms. The installers were very polite and efficient.\"Trevor & Judy of Elanora\"We were impressed by the excellent service, communication, courtesy, promptness & explanation of the system & products. Fees and charges are not included in the repayment estimate but may be payable in addition to the repayment amount.

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