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This lithium-ion Model MS-150 solar generator is the result of a series of evolutionary design changes that came about after the disaster in Japan in March of 2011. Eventually, everyone is going to enjoy the free power provided by the Sun for any home appliances we’ve got in our home in the near future. However, in this transition time, for those who’ve got interested with solar gadget and technology are left with no choice but to purchase them expensively. Such big investment might not suitable for small household as it will create a heavy debt for the family. This is GOAL Zero YETI, the new type of generator that could generate power from Solar panel modules that are separated from its main body.
This generator will generate energy from the Sun through its two 30-watt monocrytalline solar panels that you could install them outdoor while leaving the generator to be used indoor. The official site at Goal Zero is not mentioning about how long it could last per full charge, but a customer who’ve got his hand dirty with this YETI was stating that the generator ran his full size stainless steel refrigerator for 15 hour straight. Afterward, we have found more information at Hammacher saying that the GOAL ZERO YETI is capable of power up a fridge for 4 days straight, a television for 35 hours, laptop for 30 hours straight. There are three AC standard US outlets (110V AC 60Hz pure-sine wave) available to use directly without going through any converter, unless you’ve got a plug using standard from other region.
To let you know the estimated power left in the battery, there is an integrated LCD panel to show you battery meter, as well as the wattage of input and output.
Luckily, if you think the recharging time is too slow (when using the included solar panels), you can chain up to 8 solar panels at once to speed up the recharging time to no more than a few hours of wait.
This Portable solar generator is really interesting and could be the best gadget of 2012 in eco-living.
If you are interested to invest in this solar power generator, you can read more details at GOAL ZERO website. If you are going for a camping or outdoor activity, this portable solar generator is definitely the best power tool that will not break the fun! Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
You can use a portable solar generator to harness the power of the sun and efficiently power your appliances during a blackout or in the great outdoors.
Take a walk around a local neighborhood or a RV campground and you will more than likely see a portable solar generator or two operating some of the electrical needs for people. Environmentally friendly and extremely quiet, a portable solar generator can work with traditional power sources and other fuel driven power generators. The technology that has been developed so far remains relatively expensive making the initial investment in a solar generator hard to justify.
The first thing you must consider when looking for one of these is to decide on your power needs.
When you need a power source that can last a long time and even power your home the PowerSource 1800 by Solutions From Science is the perfect choice. The Humless Sentinel Solar Kit provides everything you need to have power when the grid goes down.
Active Energy Systems has put together an 800 watt portable solar generator that you can take where you need in a hurry.
Deciding to go with a portable solar generator for emergency power requires sizing the unit for your power needs and budget. A quality portable solar generator can power your 50 inch TV for 8 hours, a radio for more than 150 hours, a full size refrigerator for over 4 hours and all this power comes in an easily transportable case that weighs less than 70 pounds. Connecting a Portable Generator to Your Home Safely and Effectively A Portable Natural Gas Generator Offers Convenience And Ready Power Choosing A Portable Generator - What Features Should You Look For? My Solar Synergy is clearing stock now and all products are sold at unbelievable stock clearance price. After we clear out all existing stock, we only accept bulk order with MOQ of 20 pcs and do not provide retail sales with order less than MOQ.

The MP Series off-grid portable solar power generator (Solar Power System) uses advanced photovoltaic technology.
Widely used in container, Vehicle, ships, islands, remote rural areas, satellite ground receiving stations, weather stations, forest fire observation stations, remote outposts or any other location that do not have access to the utility power grid. MP-Series solar power generator is portable and so it is suitable for application such as camping, fishing trip, mobile market ( Pasar Malam, Pasar Pagi etc) and etc.
MP-Series solar power generator could be serve as a emergency backup power as well, if there is utility power blackout, MP-Series solar power system could help you to overcome emergency situation easily.
Solar Panel (Optional): The MP series portable solar power generator could be used with or without solar panel. For MP-1500,1000 and 500, 5 parameters may be monitored through the LED display on the system: Output Voltage, Load Efficiency, Output Current, Total Current Generated, Operation Duration. DC Voltage Under-Limit and Over-Limit Protection, Over-Current Protection, Polarity Transposition Protection, Overload and Short-Circuit Protection and Automatic Thermal Shutdown. The lifetime of the main system is 15 years, lifetime of solar panel is 25 years and above, battery lifetime is highly dependent on user habit, normally is 3 to 5 years. My Solar Synergy is based in Malaysia (West Malaysia), we could deliver our product wordwide by third party courier, you could also pick up your product or have your own forwarder to deliver the product for you. The solar panel technology is developing at a rapid-pace and the price is also flowing down significantly. For a casual home, it might cost over $20,000+ to fully transform the roof into solar panel roofing and getting a big battery that could be used for home appliances and electronic at night time, or when the sun is blocked by bad weather condition. One of the solution is to get a smaller type of portable solar panel that they can use it for a handful of appliances without forking a lot of money. Unlike the ordinary power generator that uses gas or propane, this portable solar power generator will not make any noisy sounds or emit noxious fumes that is bad for health.
Beside receiving energy from the included dual solar panels, you can also plug it into the AC outlet and let it recharge for a lesser time.
Meanwhile, the Boulder 30 Solar panel is also priced at the same price as Hammacher at $239.95. Unlike noisy gas or propane generators that produce noxious fumes, this advanced model is silent and provides zero-emission back up power without relying on volatile fuels.
Highway departments and asphalt companies have been taking advantage of this technology for years, and recently consumers have been able to bring this technology home. Whether it is used for emergency power, recreational uses or at a distant work site these generators provide a whole new way to look at portable power. Some are related to the ease of use and others have to do with the environmental concerns, which include fuel, noise and fumes. However, the long term cost may offset the initial investment if the generator is used enough. The ability to generate and store power is based on the size of the solar panels and the battery capacity. This is a truly plug and play system that requires less than 5 minutes to set up and can provide a serious lighting solution.
Very similar in shape and design to an ice chest, the rugged case, telescoping handle and built in wheels make it easy to get it to where you need power. The advantages of using solar power can outweigh the disadvantages depending on how you intend to use the generator. When it comes time to consider emergency power solutions, take a look at the newest line of portable solar generators and you may find the perfect solution for all of your off grid power needs. Include overvoltage, under voltage protection, DC input protection, reverse polarity protection, overload, short circuit protection, AC output protection and overheating protection. Dual control (current, voltage control) to ensure the solar panels charge the battery quickly. Stable and accurate DC and AC (220V) output voltage, pure sine wave AC output with THD < 2% extend the life of the load.

Universal Serial Bus (USB) 5V port available for direct charging of digital products such as mobile phone and digital camera. The battery casing is not expandable; however, in case user needs to increase battery capacity, there is external port to connect to extra battery. If users do not need to use solar charging function, the power system could be charged by AC power. The system CANNOT be applied on Air Conditioners, Power Drillers, Water Pump and Microwaves etc. Its idle power is only around 6W, the system could achieve efficiency as high as 96% and above, such high efficiency could not achieved by many similar systems available in current market. User just needs to mount the solar panels outdoor and connect it to the system using solar cable.
In case of rainy days, with some sunlight, it can still generate some power, but will be lower than sunny days, at around 30%. The best of all, this type of solar power generator is portable (you can bring it anywhere with your car), unlike the ordinary solar system which has to stay loyal with the roof. To go even more detail, they call it YETI 1250 (Extreme) edition that could provides 1200-watts of battery power continuously until all of the energy depleted. You can obviously make use of it to light up your home, power up essential appliances and even continue your work (if you are a home based business owner). Based on the data provided by the merchant, the solar panels are capable of recharging the YETI in 20-24 hours. When fully charged, the 1250-watt battery powers a refrigerator for up to four days, a television for 35 hours, or a laptop for up to 30 hours. These panels are most often made from silicone that absorbs heat from sunlight and then transfers that energy to a battery. However, as you add additional panels and increase the battery size the cost increases exponentially. It comes with a high efficiency 90 watt, quick charge solar panel, a charge controller and 50 fee of solar panel cable. The kit comes with everything needed including, 20 foot solar panel extension cord, 10 watt floodlight, 12v DC extension cord, a rechargeable flashlight, a battery charger for AAA and AA batteries and 2 micro LED flashlights. This unit can be recharged by plugging it into a traditional power outlet or by using the included solar panel. For Solar Panel, users could use normal solar panel, semi-flexible solar panel, foldable solar panel or thin film solar panel. Two 30-watt monocrystalline solar panels charge the generator to full capacity in 20 hours of direct sunlight and they connect to the unit via 8′-long cords, allowing the generator to be used indoors while the solar panels collect sunlight outdoors.
The maintenance requirements are fewer and the usable life of a portable solar generator offsets the higher initial cost. MP-Series portable solar power generator could be serve as a main power or emergency backup power for many kinds of applications. The system could be used even without solar panel (use AC Charging), in that case it would be even simpler installation as no need to connect the solar panel to the system. This stored energy is direct current (DC) and so an inverter must be used in order to convert it to alternating current (AC) which is the type power that most homes and appliances use. The system charges on 8 hours of direct sunlight and will store the power for up to 10 days with minimal power loss. Extend your power needs without disturbing the neighbors with this noiseless generator that is great for weddings, the beach, tailgating or when Mother Nature takes her vengeance.
Users of the PowerSource 1800 have found it to be the best in the market because of the company background and experience in the field.

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