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Perhaps one my favorite things about our tiny house (other than falling asleep to the sound of rain on a steel roof) is that it is entirely off grid. Christopher and I are both environmentalists of sorts, having spent chunks of our lives studying, researching, and telling stories about humans’ interactions with our natural resources and waste.
Park County, Colorado gets an average of 246 sunny days each year, so solar power was an obvious choice for our electric needs. Portability: The unit is self-contained and on wheels, designed to be easily moved from one location to the next. Because of the long, cold winters in the Colorado mountains, we opted for a propane heater in our tiny house. As you can see, the 1500 watt Classic SolMan system provides more than enough electricity for all of these needs (should we be running them all at once), and the 300 amp hours of battery—since it’s recommended that we only drain the batteries about halfway but no less than 60%, that leaves us with 150-200 usable amp hours—will keep us going overnight. The SolMan is not well suited for any electric needs that involve heating things—including toaster ovens, hot plates, electric tea pots, electric-powered heaters or water heaters. In conclusion, I’d like to stop for just a moment to express my utter amazement that we, as human beings, can harness the energy of the sun.
Hi Weston, yes this has been on our mind and we have taken many precautions to keep the unit safe.
The concept of living in a tiny house on a small a acreage still allows you to build separate buildings that are Eco friendly and yet liveable spaces yearround. There is a solar heated shower bag that could create a hot shower without an electricity through your warm months. I have been keeping tabs on your build and I’m really impressed with what you have done and are doing.
For the past 12 years I’ve called a 32 foot 5th wheel home and really don’t understand why most people wire their tiny homes for just 120 volts AC.
Sorry I hate to be that guy, but the least you could do is mention your sponsorship in the piece… especially when it is getting re-blogged around the Tiny House community.
Also, I think it’s important to be clear that the blog post above is not an advertisement. Also, we checked out your blog and are looking forward to following your own tiny house build!
Thanks for this kind help and information about these tiny house.Its seems quite interesting also in their surrounding areas. At Anglian we offer top quality solar panels in the photovoltaic range, but what’s the difference between photovoltaic and solar thermal you ask?
Well, Solar Thermal panels are put onto your roof and attached to your hot water tank, which heats the water using the powerful UV rays from the sun. Now, apart from the advantage of having cheaper electricity, depending on how many photovoltaic panels you have installed will determine how much energy you make, and if you have a few you could potentially have free electricity or even better earn money by generating more than you use, all thanks to the governments feed-in-tariff.
The feed-in-tariff pays you for every kW of electricity you supply back to the grid, which over the course of a year could work out to be a tidy little sum. At Anglian we strive to raise the standards of all of our products and although we are not offering a product that is hugely different to others out there, we offer a superb service from start to finish.
We even have our own iPhone app, that uses the sensors in your iPhone to find the orientation  and pitch of your roof, as well as your current location to determine how efficient your solar panels will be when installed on your roof.
This is just to give you an idea of a typical electric heater setup in a split air conditioning and heating system. So if you are out in the field trouble shooting electric heat, the first thing I would check is if I was getting 24 volts to the sequencer, by putting my test leads on common and white low voltage line going into the sequencer, which should read around 24 volts if its energized. Next thing I would check if the sequencer checks out would be my limit switches, which are right at the heater elements itself. The final thing to check is if your limit switches check out is to check the continuity though the 1, 2 or 3 heater elements.
12v DC power supply units and cables are becoming more in demand in today’s consumer electronics market.
Depending on the robustness of your 12v DC power supply, there will be different levels of care needed to keep it operational. Apart from the robustness of the power unit itself, the brand is also a consideration when it comes to care. Some of the components of power supplies are considered dangerous to the environment if left to degrade.
Lightspeed Equipment’s LED UV Screen Printing Exposure Units use 70%-90% LESS energy than a comparably sized traditional exposure unit. If you live in a remote location or find that the cost of connection to the grid is too expensive then installing a stand alone off grid power system could be the solution.
DC power generated from the solar panels or wind turbines passes through charge control regulator to ensure a consistent power supply to battery bank. Power stored in deep cycle battery bank DC power from battery converted by the inverter to AC power and fed into the switchboard. Power is generated by the solar panels and stored in a deep cycle battery bank via a regulator.

Power generated by the solar panels is stored in the battery bank and fed on demand into the house via an inverter. The correct sizing and design of an off-grid system is extremely important and there is no such thing as a one size fits all. Solar is one of the most sustainable methods of generating electricity and the electricity produced by solar panels generates zero carbon emissions.
Yellow Energy - for all your solar power system requirements including solar power Sunshine Coast, Solar Electricity, Solar Panels, Solar Energy, Home Solar, Residential Solar, Commercial Solar, Inverters, Off Grid solar systems, Solar Grid Connect, Solar Battery Backup, Pool and Hot Water Tariffs, Solar Technology, Rebates, Government solar Incentives, Renewable Energy provider Sunshine Coast. Part of this tiny house experiment has always been about learning to lessen our own impact.
This means that we can move it along with our house, should we ever choose a new spot on the land, or to move it to a new location.
While I don’t actually understand what any of that means (which is exactly why we chose not to design the solar installation ourselves), what we do understand is that the unit is made from top-of-the-line materials. We’re eventually planning to build a small, simple shed that we can roll the unit into when we are gone for long periods of time. Seeing the SolMan work up close still feels a bit like watching a scene from Star Trek or Spaceship Earth. Definitely going to use this option along with a Honda gas inverter for those times when you require that circular saw or other power tools. I think that once my family has seen the potential of downsizing and living large, we will begin our own Tiny House project. I like how you are demonstrating change by giving us substance and reason and hope for a better future without being a prisoner to this society which is going the wrong way? But I wonder why you are just running 120 AC in your home for your lighting and power needs.
With what’s out there for low voltage lighting and LED lighting there is no reason to use 120 volt AC for lighting if you are living off grid or on grid for that matter. Yes, SolMan is indeed a sponsor (as indicated by their logo on the sidebar of the blog) and while we can’t say exactly how much we paid for the unit, I can tell you that it was still a stretch for us. A liquid is pumped through separate pipes from your hot water tank into the solar panel, where it heats up.
Photovoltaic panels supply your house with electricity by farming the suns energy and converting it into electricity.
Not only could you earn money, but you will definitely lower your carbon footprint giving younger generations a platform to step up to and pursue further.
You have nothing to worry about as Anglian will sort out the planning and installation, offering you advice along the way and making you feel happy and comfortable throughout the installation. If you want to download this app it is called Anglian Solar and worth downloading just to give you a rough idea on how worthwhile a solar installation can be!
Electric heaters typically cost more to run than heat pumps, but are necessary when temperatures get so cold outside that the heat pump may not be able to keep up with the temperature. Next test I would check is if I was getting the high voltage coming into the unit, if so, I would put my test leads between m1 and m2, and should read 0 volts, as well as between M3 and M4.
Most limit switches should normally be closed, sometimes these go bad and will constantly close and open, and you will here the sequencer, dc relay (not pictured), or contactor (not pictured) constantly open and close.
Should an element wire be broken, you will either have to restring or just replace the entire heater. Some will used computerized circuit boards, 2 pole contactors, DC relays or any combination of the 2. I have found that you typically get a 20-30 degree difference from return to supply, depending on what size heater you have and whether or not your temperature probe is picking up the heating elements radiant heat. 12v DC regulated power supply units provide power to a number of mainstream units such as laptops, monitors, televisions and CCTV cameras. For example, a 12v DC battery power supply unit is usually less durable than an industrial power supply unit like one that would be found on a CCTV system. It is okay to wrap up cables with elastic bands; however, be aware that putting sharp pressure or creating “kinks” in wiring can cause snapping to internal cabling. It is therefore recommended that 12v DC power supply units are recycled or disposed of via a safe intermediary. In fact many people committed to living a sustainable self reliant existence are changing to off grid power, as a means of controlling their own power generation and halting the rising cost of electricity.
Servicing the following areas Pelican Waters, Golden Beach, Moffat Beach, Kings Beach, Dicky Beach, Currimundi, Warana, Wurtulla, Bokarina, Kawana, Buddina, Bright Water, Minyama, Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Buderim, Mountain Creek, Glenfields, Kuluin, Bli Bli, Mudjimba, Marcoola, Coolum, Sunshine Beach, Noosa, Noosa Heads, Palmwoods, Woombye, Nambour, Maleny, Montville, Mapleton, Flaxton, Hinterland, Cooroy, Brisbane Northern Suburbs, Caboolture, Gympie. It can withstand temperatures of -70 F (important for us up in the mountains) and is weather resistant, so that we don’t have to worry about leaving it outside during Colorado thunderstorms or blizzards. For the time being we are hauling our own water and heating it on the stove (if we do decide to install a water heater, propane-fueled models are available). If we do install a water heater it will likely be propane-fueled, and we’re fine to grill our toast and heat our tea on the stovetop.
Huge gratitude to the folks at Sol-Solutions, and other solar companies far and wide, for doing this work to develop easy solutions for zero-emissions, renewable power.

While I don’t think it will fit our needs and I think it is a bit out of our budget even, it is a great resource for a ton of other things. If you are off grid you are wasting power going from 12 volt DC to 120 volt AC most of your lighting needs.
And if you are on grid and have the power go out you will still have your 12 volt lighting if you have a battery backup in your lighting system like most RVs do. We’ll be paying it off for the rest of the year and, Yes, we would have paid full price for it and fully think that the unit is worth its price tag, if you don’t have the expertise to build a similar system on your own, or the desire to figure it out! Even if we had built our own permanent installation instead of going with the portable SolMan, we prob would have gone with a system mounted on the ground rather than on our roof. One couple’s attempt to build a Tiny House with no building experience raises questions about sustainability, good design, and the changing American Dream. This heated liquid is then pumped back into your hot water tank thus heating the water in your tank to be used in every day use.
This electricity generated can then be used in your house and if you supply more than you use, it will be put back into the National grid. I will be explaining the basic wiring of an electric heater only today, so that those who need a little more hvac training on the subject can do so here.
Other units may have a computer board that has NO and NC terminals, others may have a more advanced type of board in them, but for the purpose of today’s training we are going to use this diagram. Depending on what kind and what stage sequencer you have, the second set of contacts on the sequencer may open 30-60 seconds after the first set opens. If I am reading 120-240 volts (approx.) between either M1 and M2, or M3 and M4 (after waiting a couple of minutes), then I know that I have a bad sequencer (very common).
The principle is the same, there is going to be something stopping that circuit from being complete. DC power charges batteries well, as it is more suited to charging the energy cells contained in battery powered devices. The 12v DC power schematic makes for fairly complex reading and these units do require delicate care. Sometimes, it is more advisable to spend a little bit extra to save a repeat purchase in the long run. It is also a waste of copper and other valuable metals to just throw away power supplies in the regular trash. The off grid systems provide regular 240v electricity, so all your household, office and equipment can operate. The unit’s portability also means that we can use it for other purposes—like powering our video equipment on a remote shoot.
To power our house, which is wired to AC, we simply rolled the SolMan over to the outlet and…plugged it in.
A large deck wrapped around a tiny house is still a living space during the 3 seasons and the warm sunny days of winter.
This is all info that we learned on the fly while researching our options and feel that it’s useful to share with others. We’ve been assured that the batteries and all of the parts can stand below-freezing temperatures, so we think that we should be fine. Note to read my disclaimer, and unless you have at least 2 years in hvac school along with 2-3 years of hvac apprenticeship training you should not attempt or rely on this diagram at home, this is for informational purposes only, this is also not at all intended for field use! The NC terminal means that there is always going to be power going through that relay to the sequencer.
Secure the power and just pull the entire heater out if you are replacing a faulty part or verifying that an element has broken.
We live on a planet with limited resources, and recycling power supply cables and chargers helps conserve resources. Off grid systems may be eligible for Federal Government Solar Credits which will assist in subsidizing the cost of the scheme.
And—most importantly—that we can change the positioning of the unit to track the sun throughout the day to get maximum light exposure.
The main reason I chose not to, was because I wasn’t sure if down the road I might want or need to plug into the grid. Most councils or regional environmental groups will be able to advise you on recycling in your area for items such as 12v DC power supply units. Seriously, it was as easy as that, which after a year of building a house and realizing that nothing is as simple as it seems, was quite refreshing.
The Solman makes it real easy toj ust plug in the house and go, so I have no complaints at the moment.

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