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Typical residential backup - This project, installed by Fire Mountain Solar, represents a standard residential battery-backup system. AC or dc coupled - Schneider Electric manufactures utility-interactive battery-based inverters, string inverters and dc charge controllers. AC coupled - This high-capacity system provides backup power to multiple buildings on a large Texas ranch. AC coupled - Deka Unigy II AGM batteries provide 14,202 Ah of total energy storage at 48 Vdc nominal.
Integration options - Magnum Energy’s MSPAE series inverters are not designed to export power to the grid, but can be used in utility-interactive ac-coupled battery-backup systems.
Storms, wildfires, and overloaded or faulty electrical grid transmission and distribution networks result in power outages that impact tens of millions of US residences each year. Large-scale grid failures inevitably lead to surges in demand for PV systems with battery-backup capabilities. The owner of a grid-tied PV system with battery backup gets the best of both worlds: a reduced electric bill and the ability to live comfortably and safely without the grid when necessary. In dc-coupled systems, the output of the charge controller is connected to the system’s main low-voltage (typically 48 Vdc nominal) dc bus via overcurrent protection and disconnect equipment. Microtek, India’s leading inverter manufacturer is now all set to launch its innovative new solar inverter.
Microtek has officially announced that the company is going to launch solar inverter in 850 and 1400 VA ranges; the product specification is now available on their official website. The solar panel wattage should be 75 to 120 % of the AH rating of battery connected to it, which means you should install 70 to 120 watts solar panel for charging a 100 ah battery. UPS SLB 850 is a single battery inverter system and the other model ‘UPS SLB 1400’ is double battery inverter system. These Hybrid solar inverters come with dual charge technology, which uses both grid and solar power for charging the battery. Reportedly ‘Microtek’ has a plan to launch 600 VA solar inverter model (UPS SLB 600) after the launch of 850 and 1400 VA inverters, but not yet officially confirmed by microtek, though the model name can be found on their solar inverter catalogue. No details about solar panel purchase are provided in microtek website and product catalogue.
Now i would like to know is there any other Microtek model has Solar charging option (future) and what will be the price in Tamil nadu. My requirements is 3 fans + 3 tubes + 1 Pc + 1 32″ LCD TV + 1 Mixer for minimum of 3 hours. Your selection is good, price quote looks reasonable and competitive, could you please share the city and dealer name ? In future, can I add solar panel with this SEBz model or else i have to purchase another inverter ??? You could add solar pv panels to your existing inverter with some tweaks, we are preparing a special post on this, keep reading our blog. I also want to know abt the kind of batteries to be used whether AGM(gel) based or tubular batteries, i mean in terms of cost and life span. Microtek also has released one hybrid charge controller, but i am not sure whether it is available at all microtek dealer outlets.
Solarcon is recomended for customizing the battery voltage settings and enjoy the maximum benefits from solar energy. The systems have been designed using brand products Jinko Solar 260W panels, German manufacturered QCell or Sunpower solar panels (USA).
We offer Zeversolar inverters, SMA Sunnyboy (German made) and Enphase Micro Inverters (USA). We endeavour to supply sufficient information with our systems so the client can get a comprehensive overview of all the components, their function, interaction and the potential challenges of an offgrid solution.
All our documentation is compliant with AS5033 and Clean Energy Council Requirements – see sample commissioning and testing check list below. Most Buyers often caught up with dilemma in choosing right tubular battery when more models available with almost same outlook and features.
Exide Inva master, the latest sensation in Tubular battery market now makes it more difficult to choose the best Tubular battery that fits your requirement.
Exide IT500 150 ah Tall tubular or Exide ‘Inva master IM10000’ 150 AH Tall tubular, which one to choose?
In this table, we compare the new arrival Exide Inva master ‘IM10000’ 150 ah tall tubular with the best seller Exide Inva Tubular IT500 150 ah tall tubular battery.
Exide Inva master specs shows no big differences and both models are capable of accepting high charge current.
Price point of Exide Inva master is certainly making some waves in the tubular battery market.
Inva Master is new arrival with lots of expectation, its long term reliability is yet to be proved, let’s wait and see.
I feel sorry, that your dealer has cheated you by selling his products with unreasonable pricing.

After going through this site and ur suggestion,today i purchased Exide IT500 150 AH battery for 14,000 Rs.
This is really good website who are looking to gain knowledge on inverter batteries and which one to go. Help me in getting best price of Inverter battery (Exide Inva Master IM 10000 150AH) in Salem , Tamilnadu. Market Price of Inva Master 10000 Tall tubular 150 ah battery is around Rs.12000 to 13000 only.
Every product sold by exide dealers will be registered automatically in Exide Core billing system. Help me in getting best price of Inverter battery (Exide Inva Master IM 10000 150AH) in Madurai, Tamilnadu. Please Help me to choose right battery between exide inva master 150ah tall tubular and inva red 500 + 150 ah. Would you please advise me whether Invamaster IM10000 with Exide 850 would be a good choice, normal home usage. Last week i purchased Microtek SEBz 1100 pure sine wave inverter – 5400 and Exide IT tall tubular 500 battery for 16000. I am from chennai , I have purchased ( around 6 months back) exide inva master TT IM 10000 with micro teck UPSEB 1250 VA, as per the info provided by the dealer it should serve for 5 fans+ 5tubes atleast 8hrs, till now i didn’t get the chance to verify my battery is working or not , recently due to heavy rains power cut for long time. Off-grid, on-grid, battery backup, and smart-grids are these buzz-words that popup quite often when you read about energy. To shed some light on this topic I will explain what it is and how you can benefit from it.
For most citizens living on the grid and not using renewable energy electricity simply comes out of the wall-socket and for the past century nobody was worrying about how it got there and what the costs were.
Besides massive disasters there is the more frequent problem of black-outs in many areas around the world. Living off-grid is hard to accomplish because our modern life is based on excessive use of energy in many forms: oil, gas and electricity. There is a new product that has been developed to combine a UPS with solar energy: a solar powered UPS. This approach also makes solar power available for many people who do not qualify for big rooftop solar installations: if your energy bill is less than $50 a month you are not profitable for solar installers and they will turn you down. Furthermore the solar UPS does not require any permits because you are not feeding energy back to the power grid. If you have a south-facing wall then free standing solar panels are an alternative to roof mount.
All parts you need can be found in may stores and the price tag on a complete system is less than a thousand dollar. I have a system installed at my house for 2 years and I never have to fear loosing my food in the fridge again. If you would love to decrease your carbon footprint and be more prepared for a power outage, sign up for this blog, Twitter feed or facebook page and stay informed to not miss the launch of this product. It is a very interesting subject and I am passionate, I would like to receive more information about it.
Hurricane Sandy, the nation’s most recent large-scale storm, resulted in utility outages that affected 8.5 million customers across 21 states at its peak, according to the US Department of Energy. However, many solar design and installation firms have determined that battery-based systems are too expensive to sell effectively or too complex to design, install and service. Installers of backup systems can access a market with fewer competitors, better margins and higher equipment and installation values than installers who offer grid-direct systems only. Each of these primary system configurations has benefits and drawbacks to consider, and each influences equipment selection as well. When the utility grid is functional, the system’s utility-interactive battery-based inverter converts the dc energy generated by the PV array to alternating current, synchronizes the ac waveform with the utility grid and exports any surplus energy to the utility.
In ac-coupled systems, a grid-direct string inverter effectively replaces the PV charge controller that is used in dc-coupled systems, and typically the source-circuit combiner box as well. Though the exact date of launch is not yet finalized, the expectation has been growing pretty much.
The outlook of new solar inverter simply resembles the microtek classic inverter model ‘UPS SEB’, which is a massive hit among microtek inverter models. It charges the battery with solar power as primary source and grid power as secondary source. Sukam has a solar inverter model called ‘brainy’ (Cost around 30k)and it is available as bundled package with solar panels and battery, but microtek has not disclosed any information about product pricing and whether the product is available as a bundled package with battery and solar panels or just a inverter alone. We will suggest best configuration with price guideline based on your load requirement and power shedding hours. We believe that this setup offers an efficient, versatile and expandable solution which can grow with an increasing power demand.
Our solar panels are very high quality and the installation will comply with AS5033 and ASNZS 3000 standard and Clean Energy Council requirements.

This technology was developed and brought into market by the worlds largest inverter manufacturer SMA. Only quality electrical component are used to ensure ongoing reliability and optimum performance. Don’t worry, here we come with simple and clear comparison table to help you choose the right model that fits your requirement.
But remember that this report is based on specs released by the company, not a real life experiment. I’m totally confused because some say that Sf sonic is better than Exide batteries and cheaper too.
But to confirm InvaGo has got same features of IT500 and more over it comes with inbuilt trolley.But yes it has to prove yet interms of efficiency and performance.
My family was out of power for 4 days in the winter of 2011 after a storm destroyed the power lines of the electricity provider. The DIY solar UPS setup in a box: Inverter, charge controller, solar UPS controller, batteries. Everyone wants to be connected, warm, and on-line 24 hours a day for every day of the week.
During the day it provides free energy from the sun and at night it uses energy from the utility grid.
My savings are not big (about $10 a month) but it is a contribution to make the transition to distributed energy production and a way become more independent.
In this article, we introduce electricians and integrators who are new to battery-based grid-tied PV installations to basic system topologies and the power-conditioning equipment used to build these systems. In dc-coupled systems, PV array source circuits are typically configured at relatively low dc voltages of less than 150 Vdc maximum. During power outages, the battery-based inverter disconnects from the utility grid and energizes select household electrical circuits using energy stored in the batteries or provided by the PV array. In these systems, the PV array is configured at relatively high voltages of up to 600 Vdc, and the string inverter converts the array output to 240 Vac. Or there is an option to use sealed VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) batteries which do not require topping up with distilled water we use BAE German or Sonenshine batteries for our sealed VRLA systems. I am also looking for buying an Inverter system with this config: Sukam Brainy Eco 1100 + Exide IT 500 or IM 10000. This is a small electrical apparatus that provides emergency power when the main power source fails – but a regular UPS does only consume power and never generates it.
The backup batteries are only used during a blackout or if you take it on a trip to an off-grid cabin.
Offering battery-backup options to residential customers is profitable for integrators who invest the time, resources and training to come up to speed with, and stay current on, battery-based system equipment selection, design and installation. While the learning curve may seem steep, experienced installers will need very few additional skills or tools to design and install battery-backup PV systems, particularly if they employ a preconfigured and prewired powerconditioning system.
Individual source circuits are routed to a combiner box that provides overcurrent protection for each string and combines the individual dc inputs, allowing a single pair of larger transmission conductors to be run from the combiner box to the system’s dc charge controller. To prevent battery overcharging, the charge controller regulates the dc current that the PV array generates during daylight hours. In accoupled systems, the string inverter’s ac output is connected to the battery-based system’s ac bus. It was filled with distilled water but failed to get required back up it was giving before the problem. Please suggest if combination is good and also confirm for the price of inverter and battery.
If possible, please share some reliable dealer(within a good price) info near my place too. I am planning to buy luminous zelio 1100 va inverter and either exide IT 500 150 AH or IM 10000 150 AH for 3 fans, 4 cfl, 1 led tv, 1 laptop, 1 WiFi and 1charger point. The falling costs of PV modules, and ongoing advancements in battery-based inverter and BOS technologies, can make PV with battery backup an attractive offering for integrators who serve the residential market.
When the utility grid is functional, ac electricity provided by the string inverter supplies energy to household loads, and excess energy is exported to the utility grid. With a groundmount system, the conductor cost may be significant due to the transmission distance and the dc-coupled array’s relatively low-voltage and high-current characteristics. In the event of a grid failure, the battery-based inverter disconnects from the utility grid and energizes select household electrical circuits using energy stored in the batteries or provided by the PV array via the string inverter.

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