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For everyone who loves the outdoors but would still like to enjoy all the comforts of home on their adventures, we bring you Sportsmobile’s Ultimate Adventure Vehicle. The Ultimate Adventure Vehicle project was designed to create a well-rounded vehicle capable of meeting a wide variety of transportation needs, from running everyday errands to serving as a rolling base camp for multi-week outdoor adventures. Uniquely suited to a wide variety of outdoor activities from mountain biking to sea kayaking, the Ultimate Adventure Vehicle is equally at home dry-camping on a remote mesa in Canyonlands National Park or pulling into the valet stand at a funky resort in the Florida Keys. Two Ultimate Adventure Vehicles spent three days with Bill Burke and his 4-Wheeling America Company testing the vehicle's capabilities on some extreme 4x4 trails in Moab. The Adventure Vehicles accomplished all the challenges with only a few minor scrapes going thru some narrow canyons. Mobile trading works similar to this where you can trade forex or binary options trading online using your mobile device. Although they’re certainly not common, Claire’s problem is not the first time we’ve heard about bed bugs hitting the road. Vacuuming and then treating every fabric surface is the best way to get rid of bed bugs in cars. Because cars can be very effectively sealed (by closing all the doors) and very effectively aired (by opening all the windows) and are a small, confined space, fogging with one of our bed bug killing products is incredibly effective at eliminating them. That should be enough to effectively treat your car for a bed bug infestation – but there’s one more important tip. It takes just one unhatched egg to start an infestation anew; but a follow up spray treatment for bed bugs will greatly reduce your odds of that happening. One last detail: If you spot bed bugs in your car, it’s very tempting to use a public vacuum cleaner from a car wash or gas station to clean your car and get rid of bed bugs.
For that reason, the right thing to do is use your own vacuum – no matter how tempting the one at the gas station is!
Heavy-duty trucks spend more time on the road than passenger vehicles, so improving their efficiency can have a major effect on emissions--and their owners' bottom lines.

That's why Walmart is getting into the truck-design business with the WAVE--Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience--concept. With its aerodynamic cab, the WAVE certainly doesn't look like any other large truck currently on U.S. The WAVE features a range-extended electric powertrain, consisting of a Capstone micro-turbine and an electric motor. Walmart WAVE concept truck.Enlarge PhotoTo reduce weight, the entire truck is made of carbon fiber--including the trailer trailer is made from carbon fiber. Walmart says this is the first example of a carbon-fiber trailer ever produced, and that its 53-foot side panels are the first single pieces of carbon fiber that large that have ever been manufactured. Walmart says the carbon-fiber trailer is around 4,000 pounds lighter than a conventional one, allowing a truck to carry more freight without the need for increased power or fuel consumption. The retail giant did not reveal any plans to produce the WAVE, and in fact it would be highly unlikely to get into the truck business. Those numbers may not sound impressive, but they're significant improvements for vehicles that typically get 5 or 6 mpg. They'll also be necessary in the near future: President Barack Obama has directed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to draft a new set of fuel-economy rules for medium and heavy-duty trucks. These standards will take effect in 2019 and run through 2025, picking up where the current standards--which date to 2011--leave off. Updated: A previous version of this article stated that the entire truck was made from carbon fiber. This rugged four-wheel drive van includes all the amenities you’d expect to find in a much larger motorhome, and yet achieves unprecedented levels of around-town maneuverability, open-road fuel-economy, serious off-road capability, and back-country camping practicality no other vehicle can match.
Based on a full-size Ford E350 one-ton cargo van, the vehicle features interior and exterior modifications and an innovative new four wheel-drive system.
Bill is world renowned for training and instructing off-road driving and vehicle recovery techniques, and as an experienced guide and industry consultant.

We put those big beasts through the gauntlet, and I was very impressed with the performance, comfort and drivability of the Sportsmobile 4WD, especially since we were on the very difficult routes! As we’ve mentioned before, bed bugs aren’t fussy about where they set up shop – and as they’re able to go without feeding for up to a year, if they’re living in your car then they’ll be around for a while. Get a vacuum cleaner and scour every seat edge, trim panels and molding curve from top to bottom. Just remember to empty the bag or container straight into the outside trash – as bed bugs can survive getting vacuumed up and quite happily crawl out of your vacuum cleaner at a later time. Our 100% organic bed bug killing product immobilizes bed bugs on contact; and destroys them and their eggs within minutes. Just remember that bed bugs can survive being vacuumed up; and if you use a public vacuum cleaner, you actually risk infesting the next person who uses it!
With the confinement of children in a car, their attention spans seem to decrease significantly. We created the blog to share information with our customers about Honda news, useful tips and tricks for drivers, but most importantly we aim to produce a blog that's interesting for you to read. The steering wheel is flanked by LCD screens--in place of conventional gauges--and there is a sleeping compartment directly behind the driver's pod.
It features a convex nose, which not only reduces aerodynamic drag but has the added of benefit of increasing cargo space in the trailer.

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