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Warning: Serious spoilers for last Sunday's Game of Thrones episode, "The Rains of Castamere," follow. I remember back after Season 1 had just ended, a guy who then worked at IGN in the sales department said to me "Oh, I can't wait for some payback." He was referring to the scene in the Season 1 finale where Robb and Catelyn swore to make the Lannisters pay for beheading Ned.

From Walder forgetting his granddaughter's name, to his cheesy sleaziness, to Blackfish quickly turning away once the Frey girls smiled their ugly smiles at him, there were comic beats inserted to set the viewer at ease. And so I could see how, from that, someone might assume that all the depressing damage that could to be done to the Starks was done and that now, in accordance with most recognizable story blueprints, it was revenge time.
At one point, when Edmure saw that he actually got the one pretty Frey girl of the bunch, Walder shot Robb a look as if to say "See, I was going to give you the hot one." Certainly not the aside you'd expect from a man plotting the murder of you, your wife and your entire army in one night. When you read a book however, especially those as sprawling as the Song of Ice and Fire novels, it's easier to accept that you probably didn't predict the right outcome.
And yes, I did read the "Red Wedding" scene in the books a few years back and knew it was coming. When Robb and Cat died in A Storm of Swords, I was blown away, but I never once thought to myself "Okay, now what?" They were never my, or anyone else's, favorites in the books. And while the books have only gained more fans through the years, meaning most of us might not have actually read that chapter -- which Martin himself even skipped over while writing and saved for last -- back in 2000, it's still a jarring, game-changing moment no matter when it's experienced.
Unlike the shocking death of Ned Stark back in Season 1, there was just something more devastating about the way the Red Wedding went down on the HBO series than in the book. Meaning that those who experienced the scene for the first time, having not read the book, got almost a double dose of damage.
And yes, there were book fans back then, like TV fans now, who swore that they were done with the series - irate over Martin's expertly crafted audience contempt.

But here are the reasons why the Red Wedding scene was so much worse to experience for the first time on TV.
Weiss went and took a scene that was already filled with shocking misery and woe and added an extra dose of agony. It's well known that Robb's marriage to Talisa was altered a bunch from the books - where it happened off screen, and to a western noble named Jeyne Westerling - but Talisa was, like Robb, made a full character on the HBO series. So her death, which was the first, brutal strike the Freys made once the attack started, was extra. Yes, Robb not only got to die horribly, but he got to see his wife and unborn child die horribly first. Of course, if there was a moment when viewers could have picked up on the fact that something atrocious was about to happen, it was when Talisa told Robb that she was pregnant and that if it was a boy she wanted to name him Eddard.
On the show, there were actually little moments of levity thrown in, making the swerve at the end feel even more left-field.

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