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THERE has been a huge surge in the number of second-hand cars being imported as new car purchases continued to drop during 2013.
New figures from the Central Statistics Office show a 6.4pc drop in new cars sold during 2013, whereas purchases of imported used cars soared by 29pc. Drivers bought 71,348 new cars in 2013, which was almost 5,000 fewer than the previous year, despite the introduction of a new car number plate system, 131 and 132, designed to stop the fall-off in purchases in the second half of the year.Motorists bought 49,762 imported used cars during 2013, up from 38,469 the previous year. A recent survey by the Irish Independent showed that drivers can save up to a‚¬4,500 by buying used cars in Britain, particularly on high-end models, and the new CSO data shows luxury makes such as Audi and BMW were among the most popular.The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) said that although car sales were poor last year, they would have been even worse had it not been for the new half-yearly number plates which are here to stay. They pointed to figures showing that the tail-off in sales during the second half of the year was much less pronounced than in previous years.This was particularly notable in July, when the new 132 number plate became available, encouraging nearly three times as many drivers to buy a car as in July 2012. This shortage of Irish used cars meant that drivers could benefit from very good trade-in value, she said.The CSO figures show that only one in four new cars purchased last year was petrol, with most drivers opting for diesel models. The bestselling new cars last year were Volkswagens, followed by Toyota, Ford and Hyundai.Meanwhile, a leading car dealer has disputed the level of savings on cars imported from the UK, outlined in the Irish Independent last week. Eddie Cunningham Everybody knows that if not for Personal Contract Plans (PCPs) far fewer people would be driving around in their plush new cars. Can computers learn from experience just as you and I do every time we get behind the wheel? 87 EBITDA is an acronym for Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. 88 My New Zealand source informs me the metaphor in these lines refers to a sort of web-like, square-patterned clothes-line, held upright by a single pole in the middle.

89 Clinique – a popular brand of cosmetics introduced in 1968, sold in 130 countries, owned by Estee Lauder Companies Inc. How our narrator convinces his business-minded wife to loan him some money so he can settle the island . 80 The lunar boot was actually an overshoe that the Apollo lunar explorer slipped on over the pressure boot of the spacesuit. 81 Astronaut Michael Collins (born 1930) commanded the module pilot, Columbia, for Apollo 11, the 1969 American space mission which landed the ?rst humans on the moon. 82 Robert Edwin Peary (1856–1920) was the ?rst person to reach the geographic north pole, a claim now treated with some skepticism.
83 A palace in Beijing, China, known as the Summer Palace, and which literally means, ‘Garden of Health and Harmony’. 76 With this, as well as numerous stanzas up ahead referring to books and publishing, readers can see why it’s hard to believe Zireaux did not envision Res Publica as a published book.
77 With the majority of cars in New Zealand purchased second-hand from Japan, many car dealers have been accused of tampering with the odometers, or ‘clocking’ as it’s more commonly known.
For these Sargeson passages, I spent significant time in his old Takapuna bach, not as part of the Sargeson writer-in-residence fellowship.
Rather, a lovely librarian from the Takapuna branch was kind enough to unlock the ramshackle place and wait for me patiently during my lengthy investigations.
And sure, the artist, surrendering to the work, lives elsewhere, so to speak — in a provincial New Zealand youth, in the rich salons of fin-de-siecle Paris, or on a rocky little island of his dreams.

It gets home the point that in most cases crashes happen close to home, on roads we know well.
The contraption spins in New Zealand’s windy environment, and is thus known amongst locals as a ‘windy-dryer’. The outer layer of the lunar boot was made from metal-woven fabric, except for the ribbed silicone rubber sole. He circled the moon for 28 hours as Buzz Aldrin (born 1930) and Neil Armstrong (born 1930) descended to the moon, walked on its surface, and then returned to the Columbia. Perhaps his greatest legacy is the designing of the ‘Peary System’, a method by which support teams deposited supply caches along the route in the arctic.
The boot’s inner layers were made from Te?on-coated glass-?ber cloth followed by 25 alternating layers of Kapton ?lm and glass-?ber cloth to form an ef?cient, lightweight thermal insulation.
The book, this editor discovered, indeed resides in Sargeson’s bach, as do books by the authors mentioned in the subsequent stanza.

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