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Vin Diesel's Charger was driven by Paul Walker at the nearly end of the film the got the same license plates as the Skyline. RDS wrote There Are A Reverse Lamp In The Left & ForLamp In The Right , It It's A Real GT-R ! It's actually a kit car, made of the Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R chassis, imported by Kaizo Industries, and given a Nissan RB26DETT engine swap.
Kaizo Industries dismantled R34s in Japan, imported the parts to the US pretending they were kit cars (to get around safety and emissions standards) and then reassembled them in the US. Quote HSI investigators allege, as part of the scheme, the Skylines were imported in two shipments—the car body in one container and the vehicle drive-train in another. The car was stolen from its owners shop right after the movie came out and has never been recovered. Despite Kaizo’s public claims, the bodies themselves had not been modified to comply with Department of Transportation regulations, according to investigators. After arriving at Kaizo’s warehouse, several of the car bodies were allegedly then mated back with their original drive-trains and sold to the public.
So the vehicles could be registered in the United States, the defendants allegedly put bogus 17-digit Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) on the cars in place of the actual Nissan VIN plate.

In order to get them, drivers must register their vehicles with the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division.
To avoid California’s stricter registration and emission requirements, many of the cars were registered out of the state and sold to California residents with Florida and Arizona plates, according to the authorities.
After registering your vehicle, you can receive standard New Mexico license plates for your vehicle.
You can also get personalized New Mexico license plates that have a customized designs or numbers.
Personalized New Mexico License Plates You can get personalized New Mexico license plates, which are also called vanity or prestige license plates.
For personalized New Mexico license plates, you can choose the phase or word you want on your New Mexico license plate. Typically, the fees for these plates are $17 each year for a one-year registration or $32 each year for a two-year registration. The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division will allow you to put whatever you want on your New Mexico license plate as long as it is not obscene or vulgar.
You can use whatever numbers and letters, as well as different punctuation such as a plug sign, apostrophe, or even a blank space.

You can have up to seven characters on a personalized New Mexico license plate (six for personalized motorcycle plates).
Specialty New Mexico license Plates There are many different specialty plates you can get in New Mexico. Horseless Carriage: Plates for cars, trucks, or motorcycles that are at least 35 years old.
Collegiate License plates: Plates for alumni of the University of New Mexico or New Mexico State.
Military License plates: Recognizes veterans, Purple Heart or Bronze star recipients, and Pearl Harbor.

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