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As with any Savage or Stevens firearm not incorporating an Accutrigger®, the trigger mechanism is not adjustable. The pump shotgun is a mainstay of law enforcement arsenals for the simple fact that it is effective in close quarters and at distance.
Stevens is a brand name used by Savage for a line of shotguns it imports from by Sun City Machinery Co. The 320 Pump model with ghost-ring sights and a polymer pistol-grip stock should be of most interest to home defender types.
The top of the receiver is mounted with the rear sight, a ghost-ring setup that adjusts for windage and elevation. The magazine tube comes with a plug installed, limiting the magazine capacity to three rounds.
The forend on the Stevens is extended, and that is helpful for small-statured users who may have short arm lengths.
For further evaluation at the range, I used four brands of ammunition, including two buckshot loads and two slug loads.
Loading the Stevens was easy, as all shells—even a few reloads of birdshot I tried—fed into the magazine tube with ease. Shooting slugs is the interesting part as it gives a good impression of recoil and natural accuracy. Budget constraints are always a concern and with the Stevens there is no need for compromise. New from Savage, under the Stevens brand name, is the Stevens 350 budget home defense pump action shotgun. The only improvement I’d suggest is a flashlight mount, but you can rig one of those up using plumbing parts easily. Being a lefty I have owned Ithaca 37’s my whole life this gun looks and feels as close as it gets to the ithaca, short the engraving on the sides and the finish being flat black vs blued. The big selling point for my GF was the bottom eject, as she’s a lefty and most shotguns toss every other shell into her face. I haven’t fired a shotgun in close to 6 years, and I picked this thing up and nailed 44 of 50 skeets.
An Ithaca was precision made and timed using factory jigs etc., the Chinese just put a bunch of junk together that looked similar. Now, if Stevens is selling them, hopefully these have been improved quite a bit…although reading a few of the comments with people having issues, I have to wonder. I can find used Ithaca M37’s at gun shows for like $150 and up…why bother with one of these? Why not support the new Ithaca Gun Company in Ohio and keep your business in North America? Does anyone know if any of the extended magazines for either 870’s or Mossberg 500’s will work with this gun? I’m not even sure you can add an extended magazine due to the release for the barrel being on the end of the magazine. Please note that some calibers may show multiple times due to differences in the attributes of each sku such as handed, twist, stock, etc.

Shotguns can be loaded for whatever scenario an officer encounters: less-lethal ammo to chase a bear out of a resident’s yard, buckshot for a close encounter with multiple threats, or slugs at distant targets. The magazine locking nut can be unscrewed with your fingers to remove the barrel for maintenance. The forend allows the user to grasp the forend at the rear-most portion without the chance of pinching their hand between the end of the forend and the front of the receiver as the action is pumped. First, unscrew and remove the magazine locking nut, then pull the barrel forward and out of the receiver and off the magazine tube, then remove the slide arm forward and off the magazine tube, and pull the bolt assembly out of the front of the receiver. Cycling the action was very smooth, surprisingly smooth in fact for such a low-price point.
Rio and Federal buckshot had their turn in the 320, and the Federal ammo proved to be precise. The Stevens was pleasant to shoot 1-ounce slugs, and it absolutely preferred the old-school Remington Rifled Slugs. Sure, people will complain that there is no tacti-cool ammo rack on the tail or the fore-end, and it doesn’t come with rails, but do you really need those for home defense? Judging by the price I would assume that these are a rebranded Chinese knockoff of the Ithaca.
That’s where if you hold the trigger in as you pump it fires as soon as it goes into battery. I ended up taking the barrel off to remove the double feed, but it created a problem with the loading pin and I had to send it back to the manufacturer. The bolt that holds the stock on is metric, if you need a different length you get one from a fastener place.
The swivel on the end of the gun is very close to the release for the barrel making it difficult to attach the sling.
It would require a different extended mag tube and a new barrel probably from Ithaca if the mag tube is the same thread into the receiver (unless pinned I am not sure about that). The actual ring is protected on either side by steel wings in case the weapon is dropped on its top side.
A front sling stud is located at the end of the locking nut and the rear sling attachment is a slot in the stock. To access the innards, use a nylon punch to tap out the triggerguard pin located above the trigger.
At 25 yards, the Federal ammo on average gave a pattern that was slightly over 7 inches across. The way I found out was I was looking for parts to trick my gun out and I found alot of sites talking about the Stevens shotgun was the norinco. I wasn’t expecting Hough quality for the price of the gun but i hope the rest of the gun is better.
The place was mobbed (Deer hunting opening day is upon us here), I didn’t feel like waiting around to test it so I left to try again another time. The fit and finish was done very well with the Stevens looking very nondescript and business-like. Also since it is so new I cant find any specific grips or know if any other shotgun could fit on it.

Ive tried a couple things to try and get it out, but I really dont want to mess with it to much without some help. Now I wouldnt recommend this, as I am sure you all would agree, but I had to use a k-bar to pry up the extractor. I’ll keep everyone posted on what happens, as when I was looking to purchase this firearm, there were very few reviews posted.
Browning’s BPS pump shotgun is supposed to be of very good quality, and highly thought of, however I have no experience with this gun. The trigger assembly is housed in a polymer triggerguard with the safety located in the forward part of the triggerguard.
I hope to take it back to the range soon to give a better review, maybe I post a video link or something. I started out only intending to make sure it worked, but I was pleased to find out I couldn’t miss a standard 25 yd.
Its different from any shotgun ive ever handled before because the shells eject out of the bottom. The k-bar being the only thing strong enough to move it up enough for the shell to slide down. A gent I know who is the Ithaca guru said they couldn’t be fixed even using Ithaca parts. The best you could do to it currently is to get a better mag tube spring (Wolff) and mag follower (Choate). Press the safety button from left to right to engage the safety; press it back to show a red ring that indicates the weapon is ready to fire.
My GF has tender shoulders and she fired 60+ rounds in short order with no pain or stiffness.
Attach some shell holders to the stock or receiver (two flat sides Le & Rt, recommend velcro on receiver and velcro backed shellholder) and practice some quick reloads. The only other control on this simple pump gun is the slide lock, located on the left side of the triggerguard, just behind the trigger. I never attempted to adjust the Ghost Rings sights as this shotgun will be loaded exclusively with some form of Buck-Shot or another. I suppose I could fiddle around with a honing stone and snipping a few coils off springs and such to achieve a better trigger pull but I’m not gonna. The trigger assembly and receiver look very similar to a Winchester Model 1200 or 1300, so those acquainted with those Winchester models will find this Stevens familiar. It’s just about 100% Ithaca 37 with one major exception, that being the dual slide bars.
Dual slide bars being attached to the bolt slide piece via dual opposing spring loaded plungers.

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