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Exotic Wrecked Cars For Sale Salvage Pictures, Exotic Wrecked Cars For Sale Salvage Images. Basically, his right foot was impeded by the left one depressing the clutch pedal, causing insufficient braking power and leading to an impact. The response of other members of Slingshotforums was fast and firm, and many pointed out that some things in the story just don’t seem to add up. This is because the pedal boxes are smaller, because of the very construction of the vehicles. Now, the full details and causes of the first Slingshot crash will most likely be discovered later.

The guy who crashed this Slingshot was taking it home after being delivered to a dealer some 120 miles (193 km) away. The front left wheel of the Slingshot hit the rear right wheel of a stopped car and was displaced, with wrecked suspension elements and a suspected bent frame. The purpose of this piece is not to investigate the crash, so we’ll only stress some of the things these guys said.
Especially in the case of rally cars, where pressing both the brake and the acceleration pedals at once is a common technique, wearing wide shoes is a major no-no.
What matters more at the moment is that these vehicles can be just as dangerous as any others out there.

The trike does not look exactly totaled as we sort of expected, but the story it came along with is interesting, if a bit weird and full of what ifs.
If you take a look at the gear F1 or rally drivers wear, you’ll notice that these guys are using special, narrow shoes which follow the foot anatomy closely.

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