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What are the odds of two American-built vehicles to be involved in the same accident half the world away? Except for Ford hatchbacks and saloons, American vehicles are a rare sight in Norway due to the fact that the Scandinavian country isn't part of the European Union and import taxes are sky high. Well, reports hint that the C5 Corvette driver was traveling at really high speeds on the E6 highway just outside capital city Oslo. After losing control at high speed, the Vette hit the protective barrier on the left, which acted as a trampoline sending the car all the way into a ditch on the right side of the road.
Due to the massive speed carried over when crashing, the Corvette somehow jumped out of the ditch and onto the first lane, where it hit an oncoming Audi A6 in the side. Finally, the force of the impact sent the A6 into a Ram pickup truck, which eventually landed on its side.

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More so when you take into account that the fifth-generation Chevrolet Corvette and Ram pickup truck aren't sold in Europe and import numbers are very low. So what really happened, how did the Vette and Ram get in that horrible shape only fit for the junkyard? Although causes of the accident are still unknown, we won't bash the Corvette driver for not knowing how to properly handle the car.
Most fortunately, Lady Luck has smiled on everyone involved in this road carnage, with no serious injuries reported.

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