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A small Emergency Survival kit put in an easy to reach place known to all family members can prove invaluable in a major emergency. We have a wide selection of Health and Safety Signs in stock, ensuring Full Compliance with the HSE and other Risk Assessment related safety issues. We have a wide selection of First Aid Products in stock, ensuring Full Compliance with the HSE and other Risk Assessment related safety issues.
We have a wide selection of Evacuation Equipment in stock, ensuring Full Compliance with the HSE and other Risk Assessment related safety issues. These New First Aid Kits replaces the BHTA-HSE kits 10, 20 and 50, that are currently universally used in the UK, and are based on the HSE guidelines. Manufactured to meet the specific requirements of the National Blood Service, and also suitable for Hospital Blood Transfusion Departments in case of leakage from a blood bag. As chlorine reacts adversely with the anticoagulant used in donor blood, we have designed a chlorine-free product to absorb such spills.
Contents: 1 shaker of Insert Granules, 1 tub of 100 Haz-tabs, 1 Haz-Tab Diluter, 10 scoops and scrapers, 10 paper towels, 20 synthetic gloves, 2 aprons, 10 dispo-bags and an instruction card.

The described kit may be suitable for some businesses, however, the adequacy of the contents for hazards of each work environment should always be evaluated by competent personnel. The Fibrlok fiber splice preparation kit provides all the tools necessary for the assembly of 3M Fibrlok Mechanical Splices. The fujikara fiber slicer kit contains a Fibrlock assembly tool, Micro-strip precision stripper, Miller fiber stripper, Ideal coaxial cable stripper, Electrician's telecommunications snips, 20x cleaved fiber magnifier, empty isopropyl alcohol bottle, lint free cloth (100 each), Pelican Protector Case and manual. If you can't find the exact tool kit to fit your needs then by all means build your own at Custom Tool Kits. 6 pack of 3M Fibrlok Mechanical fiber optic splices for rapid field deployment of mechanical splice repairs of either Singlemode or Multimode fibers. This tabletop tool is designed to quickly and repeatably assemble 3M Fibrlok Mechanical fiber optic splices in the field.
This innovative Installer’s Tool Kit includes all the professional specialty tools needed to retrofit wire, run new wiring and install cable in any structure. The use of a non-chlorine based product on donor blood is acceptable as it has already beed screened for virus contamination.

For a variety of operations, employers may find that additional first aid supplies and kits are needed. This lightweight and tough case is easy to carry and comes complete with everything needed for running and concealing wires.
The 40-plus tools in this Installer’s Tool Kit come organized in a heavy duty ballistic nylon case for quick and easy retrieval.
However as a final safety precaution the kit contains Haz-Tab tablets and a diluter in order to make up a 10,000ppm chlorine solution to disinfect the area of the spill after it has been absorbed and removed.

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