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Michael Soenen is the chairman and CEO of EmergencyLink, a free medical ID network which makes it easy for anyone to be prepared for an emergency. While apps can’t replace your doctor or local police, there are many that can make a major difference in an emergency. Safety NET: This app is great for an elderly parent or a disabled loved one, as it monitors for things like falls or collisions.
Preparedness is one important element of safety, and there are some great apps that help you take control in emergency situations. Silent Bodyguard: This app serves as a silent panic button that calls the police without setting off any alarms. Poison Center Help: The free Poison Center Help app allows users dealing with someone who has ingested poison or been exposed to a dangerous substance to quickly connect to the poison control center to find out what side effects to expect, and how to address them.

KidsDoc: Your pediatrician may be on speed dial, but this app could save you a few middle-of-the-night phone calls. SaferBus: This free app monitors performance of public transit and allows you to report unsafe driving, improper conditions, rowdiness, and other issues on public transportation systems. But how can mobile apps impact the more crucial aspects of a person's life, like safety and well being? It can’t replace a certification, but it does offer best-practice reminders on how to properly administer this life-saving technique. KidsDoc allows you to input symptoms to find out what common ailment might be bugging your child. Dialing 911 is a great first step, but here are some other handy tools for sharing emergency information. With this app, you can access training videos and best practices for keeping your neighborhood safe.

This app allows users to report what they see while auto-tracking their position for easy reporting. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
So if you have an elderly parent, you can set an alert that will ping you if that person happens to fall. It can be particularly useful to have a mobile app to walk you through the steps during a crisis when it's easy to seize up. In other words, this app will let you know whenever a loved one is in a bad situation so that you can respond.

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