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Sultan of Istanbul Provide’s you Mercedes Vito rent in Istanbul with two diffrent option’s.
If you want see the Sultan of Istanbul quality and expreriences dont wait until you rent you first car here. The entrance to the Bastei leads over the village Lohmen, which is linked with Dresden by the B172. Where mother nature created her masterpiece, this is an area that embraces a unique and evocative landscape. The Bastei is the most famous rock formation in Saxony and, therefore, one of the highlights of the Saxon Switzerland. Tip: Come and visit the restaurant on the Bastei which has a history of more than 200-years. You can easily check out all of the area's highlights on a long day-trip by renting a mountainbike and enjoy the ride along the lovely Elberadweg.
Elongated mesas, striking volcanic cones and wildly romantic gorges of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains make for a hiking paradise. This 3 star hotel in the historic Old Town district of Dresden is just 320 yards away from the Dresden Mitte Train Station.
Featuring beautiful views of the Elbe River and the Bastei Cliffs, this modern hotel include free use of its indoor pool and elegant spa area.
This 4-star hotel in Rathen is located at the foot of the Bastei Rock, in the popular Saxon Switzerland region.
Set in an historic, 16th-century building, these apartment rentals are located 50 metres from the Elbe River bike path.

Though the couple claim Tyga gifted Jenner a $320,000 Ferrari for her birthday last year, official documents have revealed that the car was actually leased under Jenner’s own name. He was very important prince from Saudi Arabia royal family but because of our laws we dont share any name or act of our clients without their permission. Take an amazing journey through elongated mesas, striking volcanic cones and wildly romantic gorges. Believe it or not, there is no entrance fee to get a glance on to the most beautiful landscapes of Germany and it is freely accessible all year round. Especially on clear days, numerous attractions such as the Lilienstein or the Königstein fortress can be seen. It is a wonderland of fluted pinnacles and offers panoramic views of the surrounding forests, cliffs and mountains.
Nature has chiselled this porous rock into bizarre columns, battered cliffs, tabletop mountains and deep valleys. The rooms are brightly decorated and the internal restaurant offers German and international cuisine as well as a daily buffet for breakfast. But if you will visit only for business meeting or vist friends you can choose our standart Mercedes Vito.
There is another chance you will have  special discount’s from famous shop center’s and places. They are all has leather seats and brand new Mercedes Benz Vito’s will be with smart driver’s that can know which way to go while on traffic to get you directly right location on time.
A further parking area is on top of the Brandstra?e - from here bus shuttles will bring you straight to the Bastei.

The famous sandstone bridge (Mardertelle or Basteibrücke) leads straight to the fortress Neurathen which was already built in 1851. Hungry and thirsty hikers can choose from a wide range of local specialities, the menue offers a variety from snacks to gourmet dishes. But make sure that you get there either before 10am or after 4pm- it´s the most popular spot in the national park! No wonder that this area is one of Germany's premier rock climbing meccas offering over 15,000 routes. Take a fascinating journey back in time because this wonderful piece on earth will lead you through the biological and geological past of our continent. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama, the air and the uplifting feeling of being on top of the world.
The rock arch at the end of the bridge used to be the entrance gate to the fortress Neurathen.
With more than 700 km² of space the national park Saxony is one of Europe's last large, untainted wildernesses.
The fortress was created in the middle of the 14th century by Bohemian knights and definitaly worth a visit.

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