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After a major disaster, it could be two weeks before roads are cleared enough for emergency vehicles to reach you or for you to evacuate your area. Individuals with special diets and allergies will need particular attention, as will babies, toddlers, and the elderly. Open food boxes and other re-sealable containers carefully so that you can close them tightly after each use.
Wrap perishable foods, such as cookies and crackers, in plastic bags and keep them in sealed containers.
Empty open packages of sugar, dried fruits, and nuts into screw-top jars or air-tight canisters for protection from pests. Use foods before they go bad, and replace them with fresh supplies, dated with ink or marker.
To prepare the safest and most reliable emergency supply of water, it’s recommended that you purchase commercially bottled water.
WFP has distributed food to thousands of people affected by the humanitarian crisis in Kyrgyzstan and over the weekend flew in a first consignment of high energy biscuits to help ease the situation over the border in Uzbekistan.

The International Committee of the Red Cross also distributed WFP food on Friday, distributing nearly 40 tons of nutrient-enriched flour -- enough to feed 100,000 people for a day -- and 11 tons of vegetable oil to hospitals and displaced people in camps around Osh. A special airlift on Sunday brought a 40 metric ton load of high energy biscuits - enough to provide 75,000 people with a daily ration - from the WFP warehouse in Dubai to Andizhan in Uzbekistan. According to UN figures, some 400,000 people in Kyrgyzstan have fled their homes, around 100,000 of whom crossed the border into neighbouring Uzbekistan in search of refuge. Transporting aid from the capital, Bishkek, remains difficult, as roads are not safe and commercial trucking companies are reluctant to risk their vehicles. WFP has been working in Kyrgyzstan since 2008, helping the most vulnerable families survive the harsh winter months. Familiar foods are important — they lift morale and give a feeling of security in times of stress. A normally active person needs to drink at least two quarts (half gallon) of water each day.
Our editable Family Disaster Plan Template (English and Spanish) and instructions (English and Spanish) can help you create, save and update your family plan.

Thousands remain stranded in camps along the border after fighting broke out across the south of the ex-Soviet state.
These biscuits, which are light and ready to eat, are ideal for the early days of an emergency.
WFP is leading the coordination of  the logistics and IT support for the whole humanitarian community.
Be sure to check expiration dates and follow the practice of first-in, first-out when you’re restocking your supplies.
Try to include foods that your family will enjoy and that are also high in calories and nutrition. People in hot environments, children, nursing mothers, and ill people will require even more.

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