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Capturing rainwater from your roof is a great way to supply water for a range of purposes including washing clothes, flushing toilets and watering your garden. Customers considering the purchase of a rainwater tank should be aware that Australian Standards and guidelines apply to the design, material, manufacture and installation of rainwater tanks. To be eligible for a rebate under the Living Victoria Water Rebate Program, all Rainwater tanks must be designed, manufactured and certified to the relevant Australian Standards to be eligible for a rebate under this program.
The size of tank you need depends on a number of factors including the roof area, water usage and physical constraints of your property. Overflows or discharge pipes from roof mounted evaporative air conditioners or hot water systems should not be allowed to discharge onto the roof catchment area. Making sure water quality is good depends on correct design and installation, followed by sensible maintenance of your rainwater tank and catchment area.
When installed, your tank should be covered and every access point, except the inlet and overflow, should be sealed. JoJo Tanks South Africa offer a wide range of plastic water tanks and chemical tanks to suit every household, business or agricultural need, including silo tanks and silo tank stands.  See JoJo Tanks VERTICAL TANKS, HORIZONTAL TANKS (transporter tanks), STEEL TANK STANDS and OTHER JOJO PRODUCTS. We are authorised JoJo Tanks dealers in South Africa and dispatch orders directly from JoJo Tank depots to save on transport costs. SPECIAL ON MULTIPLE ORDERS OF 10000 LITRE JOJO WATER TANKS…CONTACT US FOR A FREE QUOTE! Rainwater tanks are an excellent option to reduce your annual household water costs and make your own contribution to reducing for impact on the environment. You have the opportunity to make a significant great difference to the local water supply simply by installing a tank. If only half of the 700,000 houses in Perth had a rainwater tank then potentially 56 billion litres would be saved. So if you want to make a difference and to have your own source of water, consider installing a rainwater tank around your home. The Waterplex Group are specialists in producing innovative solutions for storing & harvesting water without taking up all of your valuable space around the home.
In a world torn by international conflict over energy interests and ravaged by natural disasters caused by man-made climate change, our society as a whole has chosen sides.
Rainwater harvesting is an ancient practice that is becoming more important than ever before.
In addition, the western United States is experiencing one of the worst droughts ever recorded.
For those that do start harvesting rain water, it is easy to spot the environmental and economic benefits. Once you have collected the rain, you can start putting to good use the water that would have otherwise gone to waste.
Once you have determined what kind of rain harvest system is right for your water needs, start moving forward to make it a reality. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Whether you’re installing a water storage tank for the first time or you’re looking to upgrade your existing water storage tank, this 227 litre Framed Water Polytank offers a total water storage solution.

All of our water storage tanks come ready to go and are designed with easy installation in mind. The best thing about Rainwater collection is that the availability of drinking water is more secure. Making use of a rain barrel and positioning it underneath the downspout of a drain is one simple way to do this. A good technique is to use several rain barrels to ensure that you can collect water from different areas of your house. Our Plastic Storage Tanks come in a variety of colours and are available without the chassis, so that you are able to mount it on your own trailer etc. The Plastic Storage Tanks come complete with a tamper-proof lid and sight gauge and can be fitted with a full range of pumps if required. The tank can be plumbed into the building with the stored water being used to flush the toilets. Our bunded fuel bowsers use a unique patented design to totally eliminate the risk of contamination to the environment by spillages.
Our water bowsers are manufactured from 3mm steel plate, with flat ends and internal anti-surge baffles.
Sign up to our newsletter, we'll keep you up to date with the latest news, events and offers from Bowser Supply. If you're not quite ready for a quote yet or wish to speak to us in detail about our products and services feel free to contact us via our contact form or any of the methods listed below. Rainwater tanks can also help you save money on your water bill, especially if you also use other water saving devices such as dual flush toilets, water-efficient showerheads, trigger nozzles and tap timers.
The most common material used [in Australia] is galvanised steel which is light and provides for easy transportation.
You may need to make changes to the position of your downpipes or gutters to maximise the volume of water flowing to your tank. If an access point is left uncovered, there’s a risk of children, adults and animals drowning or contaminating the water. For example, if you have a 150sqm roof, you could harvest and use up to 120,000 litres of rainwater a year (based on Perth's annual average rainfall). Following the above calculation, if 10 homes in a street install an appropriate sized tank, more than 1 million litres of rainwater could be harvest ed and used in and around the house. Waterplex are a leading provider of water tanks in Australia and we have been part of the Australian water industry for over 10 years. These tanks contain a full installation package, which comes complete with fittings and instructions, giving you all the tools you need to maintain your own home with ease.
Over 5000 years people have been collecting rainwater, storing it, and use it for different purposes. Rainwater from a roof will have very different qualities, but we recommend water treatment with filters before drinking it. Put good water in the soil and your vegetables grow better, urban greenery balances heat and pollution. In the US, some large cities such as Los Angeles, New York, San Antonio, and Chicago often place constraints on their water usage.
Its not really costly at all and its fairly simple to get started, but it will make a huge difference by conserving hundreds, maybe even thousands of gallons of water each and every year.

This water will not likely be suitable for drinking as it will contain deposits of dirt from the roof and possible traces of chemicals and dioxins it has obtained in the process. Using this method, you can make the most of the massive amounts of water that normally ends up in gutters, runs off and often causes erosion. You can also find rainwater barrels that enable you to use only the water you need at one time by making use of a spout. A pressure washer can also be hooked up to the tank with the collected rainwater be used to clean down off hire equipment and machinery.
All the products in this range consist of two shells manufactured from 3mm mild steel to provide you with total peace of mind. These tanks are manufactured from medium density polyethylene, UV stabilised for protection against sunlight. Concrete and ferro-cement tanks are strong and long lasting and can be installed under the ground.
The inlet should incorporate a mesh cover and a strainer to keep out foreign matter and to stop mosquitoes and other insects getting into the tank. We have built up a reliable national network of resellers and highly experienced installers that deliver a "supply and install" solution that is second to none. Rainwater will pick up pollutants while running down your roof: Mercury from coal burning buildings and power plants, dioxins, bird and other animal feces. There are several types of systems to harvest rainwater, ranging from very simple home systems to complex industrial systems.
If you are now living in an area that receives a significant amount of annual rainfall, by utilizing the 55 gallon rain barrel you can help save anywhere from 450 to 1000 gallons of water every year. If you are a absolutely serious gardener, you can position large storage tank directly below the garden.
Fibreglass tanks suitable for collecting rainwater are manufactured with a food-grade coating on their interior surface.
This doesn't mean that you need 120,000 litres of storage, because the rain is spread over time and of course you will be using the water along the way as well. If you work towards implementing your own rainwater harvesting system, you will have complete control over how your water is sourced, treated, and how you use it. Household rainfall catchment systems are always helpful, if you have a well, if you are on public water supply, or you have no other accessible water sources.
The rate at which water can be collected from either system is dependent on the plan area of the system, its efficiency, and the intensity of rainfall. There is also an increasing range of tanks manufactured from synthetic polymers including polyethylene. It seems logic and common sense has taken a back seat, and our nation collectively celebrates ignorance and scientific illiteracy.

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