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The rainwater harvesting system includes the Multigo submersible pressure pump which is usually sited inside the tank. The components are simple but high-precision, reliable, durable, and easy to install and maintain.
CLICK HERE to Visit Our Blog– for a Wealth of JoJo water tank & Rainharvesting info! Rainwater harvesting is not only a way to make the most of nature’s gift, but containing runoff from your roof and paving will also help improve the overall condition of our rivers and dams plus this recharge of groundwater feeds wetlands. The ancient soil of Southern Africa is blessed with different types of vegetation that substantially increase rainwater absorption. Desertification caused by urban, mining and agricultural activities increase hard surfaces and increased runoff. The increased runoff also reduces groundwater recharge, which lowers the water table and reduces the recharge to streams as well as wetlands. The benefits of rainwater harvesting are endless and it is important to remember that the responsibility to conserve water lies with each of us. Harvesting systems are easy to construct, but it is important to remember that roof rainwater often requires further cleaning before drinking as it may contain dirt or remains of bird droppings. However, untreated roofwater is useful for flushing toilets, washing clothes or cars and watering the garden as these uses amount to about half the water consumed in an average household. Rainwater storage tanks can be constructed from a more aesthetic material such as cement and must be covered to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the water and to reduce evaporation, contamination and the growth of algae.
You’d be amazed to realise the significant amount of rainwater that can also be contained in the soil through the contouring of your garden with swales and berms.
Members of the public are invited to visit the Information Tent at the Dam Wall and Communication Centre situated next to Tan’ Malie.
JoJo Tanks South Africa offer a wide range of plastic water tanks and chemical tanks to suit every household, business or agricultural need, including silo tanks and silo tank stands.  See JoJo Tanks VERTICAL TANKS, HORIZONTAL TANKS, STEEL TANK STANDS and OTHER JOJO PRODUCTS.
We are authorised JoJo Tanks dealers in South Africa and dispatch orders directly from JoJo Tank depots to save on transport costs.
I was having a lot of issues regarding monitoring my water usage and trying to cut down the amount of water I was using.
During my research I came across a bunch of ideas and techniques in which I can save money and monitor water usage! This was perfect, I continued to research on how rainwater harvesting would benefit me and how this method works.
As you can see from the diagram, the rainwater is collected from your rooftop, filtered and stored for use.
This entry was posted in harvest rainwater, pipe, rain, rainwater, rainwater harvesting, twin wall, twin wall pipe and tagged harvest rainwater, pipe, rain, rainwater, rainwater harvesting, twin wall, twin wall pipe on August 20, 2014 by admin. When planning the installation of a rain water tank, it is important to consider where it can be located on your property. Extremely strong water tanks with polyethylene tank linings to prevent corrosion and ensure water quality.

Popular due to its lightweight material which makes for easy site preparation and installation. Corrosion resistant and sturdy, fibreglass water tanks are a relatively expensive but long-lasting option. New space saving bladders and modular storage systems have been developed in recent years. Site Preparation : Compacted cracker dust or compacted cement stabilised sand or concrete pad. If for example, the most days without rain was 40 days, and the average daily usage was 400L, the volume on hand on Day One of 40 days would have to be 16,000L. It is very difficult to predict the required volume, because often a dry period will start when the water tank is not full. When calculating how big the storage capacity should be, plan the water tank area so that extra storage can be added later if required.
It is important to consider the space you have available, whether the vessel is to be installed above or below ground, below the roof-line or above it (eg. Water Rhapsody Water Conservation Systems and Yes Solar Mpumalanga offer eco-friendly rainwater collection systems, rainwater tanks, grey water recycling, swimming pool backwash recycling, water-saving toilet flush mechanisms and high quality Solsquare solar water geysers. But in this time of water scarcity when green citizens are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, water tanks have once again become a household fixture – and for more than just environmental reasons.
Water shortages resulting from the drought and endemic water scarcity have made it more important than ever to conserve the water we have.  Water is the most valuable resource we have – we need it to live! Instead of wasting fresh drinkable water on the garden, to wash the car or flush the toilet, installing a tank means less precious drinking water will be lost through activities such as these, and more will be available for us to drink. Water restrictions have been imposed across South Africa in the past and will become more prevalent, limiting the amount of water used for non-essential activities. The global financial crisis has made it more important than ever to be careful with money and buying a water tank is no different.  Buying a water tank is a sound financial investment.
Once the initial expense of the water tank has been borne, you can save money on all future water bills. If you’re worried about chemicals added to the town water supply, a water tank could be the solution for you.
Instead of the old rusty corrugated iron tanks, modern water tanks come in a variety of colours, styles, sizes and materials to suit you.
JoJo Tanks (South Africa) offer a wide range of water tanks to suit every household, business or agricultural need.  See JoJo Tanks’ SMALL VERTICAL TANKS, LARGE VERTICAL TANKS, HORIZONTAL TANKS and LOW PROFILE TANKS as well as STEEL TANK STANDS. It is of exceptionally high quality, is almost noiseless in operation, and only operates when an automatic switch detects a pressure change when a tap is turned on. The WISY Floating Suction Filter that ensures that water is not drawn off from the bottom of the tank where very fine sediment may gradually collect.
Automatic mains backup systems to ensure water is always available even in time of low rainfall. When water evaporates through plants, (transpiration) it cools the atmosphere and biological diversity increases.

Roads, paving and buildings do not allow for the infiltration of water and instead rain is forced directly into streams and storm water runoff drains.
In addition, a store of rain water ensures that you have emergency water when next the water supply is interrupted or water restrictions are enforced,” Morar said. This greens your garden as it will require less water and perhaps you will be able to sustain more trees and less grass and paving.
I continued the research and noticed that you require specialist piping such as twin wall pipe and perforated piping for this rainwater harvesting system to work efficiently. In many cases water tanks are installed above ground, especially when the water tank is being installed alongside an existing dwelling. Poly water tanks are now the most common for household use and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Site characteristics – how much space you have, and the location you intend to install the water tank or storage vessel. However, this method provides a guideline, and you can add a safety factor on top of this requirement.
But as more and more people moved into towns and cities, we started using fresh town water and the tanks began to disappear from view. A water tank is good for the environment, yes, but is also good for your lifestyle and your hip pocket.
A water tank will give you the freedom to use your own collected water without having to tap into the town supply. As our population grows and water becomes more scarce, it is probable that the cost of water will rise, so you can be protected from these costs by collecting your own water. Forget about buying expensive bottled water, you can collect your own fresh water for drinking purposes in a tank. This causes erosion and siltation, which pose major challenges in the Hartbeespoort Dam and the upstream catchment.
When it comes to trying to cut down on water usage you will find yourself having a hard time monitoring the amount you are actually using up. I found myself wasting a lot of my money on water bills, water bills that are just too high and not something I want to be overspending on.
This means you can choose to use your water for a greener lawn, cleaner car or to fill up the kid’s paddling pool when it’s hot. I fond out this the hard way, I spent a solid 2 months trying to minimise my water usage from taking baths instead of showers, turning off the tap while washing and brushing my teeth and general cutting down.
I realised that trying to monitor the amount of water I was using was virtually impossible and I found myself living life in a not so comfortable way.
I wanted to do some research in hope to find a solution to cut down on water and save money.

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