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Hyundai Fleet Advantage represents Hyundai's exceptional commitment to service, and a range of specific benefits to fleet customers.
Due to cost I have decided to rebuild the trailer that was under my 5.2m plate side console. Pallet wrap ius great stuff - You really need to keep that red dust out of all your intakes and exhaust etc - I also used a full outboard cover from Outboard covers Australia over the top.
I actually pasted you going the other way nth of coen when I was coming back from a camping trip to the Penefather River. The most common advice I have been given is to simply just slow down.Do the trip from Cairns in two days if thats what it takes. Unfortantly, I have to stay with one axle,which I know has to support such a big lump of a boat.This job was always going to be compromise between doing the job right and cost. Had my trailer builtwith the rough stuff in mind -11 keel rollers, same wheels as tow vehicle, LED's, bolt on guardsetc etc.

I plan to do some traveling with my 4.8 Galeforce (glass hull) and will need to beef up the trailer to stop it from thrashing it self to death. Having said that I don't think it would go the distance in the rough, in its present setup. Kevin, THE most important part is keel support regardless ofweather you have glass oraluminum. I bought a new redco for my last boat(19ft)for $3300 so $4500 for a trailer like scottos seems a good investment.
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It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The road wasnt that bad then, but by October I expect it to back to it worst bone crushing self.

It's currently a single axle but I already have plans to go with tandem load sharing design. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Last year it took about 6 hours to cover 220 kms - of which about 80 kms were OK roads - that slow when the conditions were reasonable!

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