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Das Survival-Game ARK: Survival Evolved befindet sich zwar noch in der Early-Access-Phase, das halt die Spieler aber nicht davon ab, bereits hunderte Mods zu entwickeln. Spielt ihr lieber im Singleplay-Modus, anstatt euch in einem Stamm zusammenzufinden, ist die Mod NPC Bush People vermutlich etwas fur euch. ARK Pirate World fugt euch eine neue Stadt hinzu, in der ihr Verkaufer findet, die euch Boote und andere Ressourcen verkaufen. Bei dieser Total Conversion handelt es sich um einen beliebten Arena-Kampf, der bereits bei zahlreichen ARK-Servern als Event angeboten wird.
In ARK: Survival Evolved konnt ihr ja bereits Eier von Dinosauriern sammeln und aus ihnen beispielsweise Kibble craften. The Center: Das ist eine neue Karte fur ARK, die euch gigantische Wasserfalle, Lava, ein riesiges Untergrundsystem und vieles mehr bietet. Ark Reborn: Neue Waffen, neue Items und eine Menge Anpassungen bringt euch diese Modifikation.
Metal with Glass Set: Diese Mod fugt euch neue metallene Gegenstande hinzu, die zusatzlich Glasfenster bzw. Primitive Plus Official: Primitive Plus gibt euch mehr Gameplay-Moglichkeiten, indem ihr Essen anbauen und verkaufen konnt. Cela fait maintenant 10 ans que je pratique ce sport qui est avant tout pour moi un loisir. L’idee dans ce sport est de revenir aux sources, un arc en bois, des fleches en bois, pas de viseur, pas de stabilisateur, il faut s’entrainer longtemps pour arriver a jauger les distances. Que ce soit sur la cible ou en mode chasse que je pratique peu, c’est un regal d’etre dans la nature tout en pratiquant un sport de precision. Tirer sur la corde, jauger l’angle vertical en fonction de la distance de maniere instinctive provoque une profonde satisfaction lorsqu’on arrive a une certaine regularite.
C’est vraiment comme le pratiquaient nos ancetres il y a plusieurs milliers d’annees jusqu’au moyen-age, l’age d’or du tir a l’arc en Europe.
Avec une bonne bande d’archers qui deviennent rapidement des amis, rien de tel que de parcourir des sous-bois pas trop denses bien sur, afin de se faire un parcours ou l’on peut tirer sur plusieurs distances plus ou moins courte ou longue. Un peu moins sympa lorsque vient la periode de froid, car tirer a l’arc avec une couche de vetements trop epaisse n’est vraiment pas pratique du tout. Les jours de beau temps se fondent, rares, la pluie et l’humidite sont les ennemis de l’archer, surtout de la corde mais aussi de l’arc s’il est en bois. Je ne fabrique pas mes arcs car cela demande vraiment du materiel, un savoir-faire et du temps.
Immediately identifiable by their long lip plugs, the Zo’e first met outsiders in 1982, when evangelical missionaries made contact.
The Zo’e are a small, isolated tribe living deep in the Amazon rainforests of north Brazil.
Their land has been officially recognized by the government, which controls access to it to minimise the transmission of potentially fatal diseases such as flu and measles.
The Zo’e prize Brazil nuts, and often site their communities in groves of Brazil nut trees.
Zo’e communities are surrounded by large gardens where manioc and other tubers, peppers, bananas and many other fruits and vegetables are grown. When large bands of peccaries mass together Zo’e men hunt together, running furiously after the peccaries firing arrows, while the women catch the startled babies, which are taken back home and raised as pets or ‘raimbe’. From a young age all Zo’e wear the ‘m’berpot’ – the long wooden plug inserted into the lower lip.
A sharp bone from a spider monkey’s leg is used, and a tiny ‘m’berpot’ is inserted, usually when girls are about seven and boys about nine years old. Women wear elaborate headdresses made from the soft white breast feathers of the king vulture, and paint their bodies with urucum – a vibrant red paste made from crushing annatto seeds. Rituals mark many aspects of Zo’e life such as birth and death, girls’ first menstruation, and the first tapir hunted by adolescent boys.
Seh’py is perhaps the greatest collective ceremony, which can be performed to mark any important event.
Like many tribal peoples who have recently come into contact with national society, life is changing for the Zo’e.

But this policy has undoubtedly saved lives, and the Zo’e population has stabilized, is generally healthy and now growing.
However, the Zo’e are curious about their neighbours and the world beyond their borders, and have expressed their desire to learn more about the world outside. Life in a bubble?The Zo’e are one of the most isolated of all contacted tribes in Brazil. In February 2011, for the first time, a group of Zo’e travelled to Brazil’s capital Brasilia, to put their demands to the authorities. The challenge now for the Zo’e is to learn about their rights and understand Brazilian society so that they can interact on an equal footing with it, without succumbing to common diseases like flu to which they are still extremely vulnerable. Pressure on their territory and its rich natural resources is mounting: nut gatherers, gold miners and missionaries periodically invade their land, and the soya and cattle ranching frontier is getting ever closer. The Zo’e have lived quietly in the thick forest between the Erepecuru and Cuminapanema rivers since time immemorial. In the 1940s and 50s men hunting jaguars and other wild cats for their skins first disturbed the peace of the forest.
The Zo’e had fleeting encounters with these people, but were not disturbed until, in 1975, a mineral survey plane flying over the forest spotted one of their communities.
According to the missionaries the first definitive contact with the Zo’e was on 5 November 1987. Finally some Zo’e came in to the mission base camp and exchanged broken arrowheads for goods from the missionaries. Reacting to the catastrophe, FUNAI expelled the missionaries in 1991 and started a process of trying to persuade the Zo’e to return to their old villages. FUNAI has now built a state-of-the-art base complete with mini-hospital to treat any Zo’e who fall sick, to avoid the need to transfer them to the nearest city for treatment. Until now, their territory has been relatively free from invasion, and in 2009 it was officially ‘ratified’ by the government for their exclusive occupation and use. However, there is mounting pressure on Zo’e land from hunters and miners, and from hundreds of nut collectors targeting the rich stands of Brazil nut trees.
The soya and cattle-ranching frontier to the south of the Zo’e territory is moving steadily northwards, and there are fears that it will be difficult to keep farmers out of this large territory unless a rigorous land protection program is in place.
The Zo’e themselves are curious, and wish to see and understand the world beyond their frontiers. They discussed their concerns about the pressures on their forest and made clear that they wish to actively participate in a program to protect it. The challenge is to enable and help the Zo’e to understand and interact equally with the outside world, without compromising their health or land. Write a letter to the Brazilian Minister of Justice expressing your concern about invaders approaching the Zo’e’s territory. We help tribal peoples defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures.
Manche Modifikationen fugen euch weitere Spielinhalte wie zusatzliche Karten oder Crafting-Gegenstande hinzu, wahrend andere euch in die Haut eines Dinos schlupfen lassen. Die Mod ecoTrees gibt euch mehrere Pflanzen an die Hand, die ihr um euer Haus platzieren konnt. Die Modifikation fugt euch Menschen in das Spiel ein, die selbststandig handeln, sich in Tribes zusammenschlie?en und Dorfer bauen. Neben der Arena fugt diese Mod aber auch Wirtschaft wie Laden, Wahrung und eine Bank hinzu. Keine Angst, mit dieser Mod konnt ihr euch einen Bildschirm und eine Kamera craften, um immer auf dem Laufenden zu sein, was vor eurer Hutte so abgeht.
They only came into sustained contact with outsiders in 1987 when missionaries of the New Tribes Mission built a base on their land.
Here several families live together, sleeping in hammocks slung from the rafters and cooking over open fires along the sides. As well as providing a rich source of food, the nut shells are fashioned into bracelets, and the shell fibre is used to make hammocks. Cotton is cultivated and used to make body ornaments and hammocks, to bind arrow heads and to weave slings for carrying babies.

It is fairly common for a woman with several daughters to marry several men, some of whom may later marry one of her daughters. Hunting is usually done individually, but at certain times of the year – ‘fat monkey time’ or ‘king vulture time’ – collective hunts are organised.
One of the most important ceremonies, and a rite of passage for children, is the piercing of the lower lip. It is named after the naturally fermented drink served during the ritual, which is made from any tuber in season at the time. These include an education project, training of Zo’e as health workers, and a land protection programme in which the Indians themselves can actively participate. The surveyors returned to throw goods out of the plane – and later reported that the Zo’e had stamped on the objects and buried them.
For some days before, groups of Zo’e had been secretly observing the missionaries at their base.
Gradually more Zo’e arrived and built homes near the base, attracted by the availability of useful tools such as machetes, knives, pans and fishing tackle.
Their population is small and they are extremely susceptible to many common diseases against which they have not had time to build up immunity. In February 2011, for the first time a group of Zo’e travelled to Brazil’s capital Brasilia to meet with various government bodies. They also expressed their desire for an education program suitable for their needs, and for a program to train Zo’e to become health agents. The guys over at Sigma 3 Survival School are claiming this is the best poison ivy remedy in the world.
Die besten Mods fur ARK: Survival Evolved haben wir in diesem Artikel fur euch zusammengestellt. Wir stellen euch in diesem Artikel eine Reihe an Mods vor, mit denen ihr ARK: Survival Evolved mit zusatzlichen Inhalten befullen konnt.
Bald soll es namlich moglich sein, Unterwasserbasen zu bauen und riesige Unterwasserhohlen zu erkunden.
Ihr erhaltet einen Inkubator, in den ihr ein Ei legt und nach einiger Zeit ein kleiner Dino schlupft.
In 1987 the New Tribes Mission established a base and airstrip on the edge of the territory.
Years later a Zo’e hunter recalled how amused they were at the missionaries’ hunting techniques, noting how they did not move swiftly through the forest and how one carried a peccary on his back with ‘its head lolling around and its jaws making a clacking sound’.
Any incursion by outsiders would pose enormous risks to the health of such an isolated tribe. So the next time you find yourself with poison ivy and nothing seems to work maybe give this a try, I know I’m going to. Wir haben uns die zahlreichen Mods fur ARK: Survival Evolved angeschaut und zeigen euch in diesem Artikel die besten Modifikationen.
Au?erdem konnt ihr Schatzkarten finden, um nach Schatztruhen zu suchen und Kupfer, Silber, Gold oder andere Schatze zu bergen. Die Modifikation befindet sich also noch in Arbeit, ist aber bereits jetzt ein wahrer Spa?. As the situation deteriorated the missionaries contacted the government Indian affairs department, FUNAI, which sent in medical teams. So check out the video below and make sure you know how to identify plantain and yarrow you will need them to make this all natural salve. Braucht ihr noch Tipps zu Survival of the Fittest, konnt ihr euch den Guide an anderer Stelle ansehen.Die Primitive Plus Official-Mod fugt euch uber 100 Objekte, Ressourcen und Waffen zum Spiel hinzu. The epidemics devastated the tribe – about one quarter of the Zo’e’s original population died between 1982 and 1988.

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