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Primal Gear Unlimited is a company that specializes in ‘hunting, survival, camping and every day carry”.
Whether you want to get into bow hunting or become a green hooded vigilante, you’ll need a solid bow. I hate keeping you all in the dark, but I know you have noticed we have mentioned archery quite often within the last month. Survival AR-7Henry Rifles has released a new addition to their line of survival rifles with the U.S. With the ability to fold to 59” from just 23”, this bow was made with transportation in mind and it only takes seconds to extend and string it. Though there is something awesome in the works, we still want to share good information when we come across it.

Comes with 8 arrows broad heads, target tips, 2 strings, bow wax, fletches, glue and other items.
Headquartered in Guyton, GA, they are the manufacturers of the Compact Folding Survival Bow.
This compact, lightweight takedown bow comes in 50- and 55- pound draw weight, though there are some confusing notes on their website that make it unclear if the 50lb draw bow is actually 60lbs. At full draw, the Folding Bow has 55 pounds of power, firing arrows at up to 181 feet per second (in case you are wondering; that’s fast). Not having to carry around a big clunky bow will come in handy when you’re leaping from rooftop to rooftop; or you know, walking through a forest.
Sphinx SDP CompactSphinx Arms has announced that the distribution of its SDP Compact 9mm will begin the 1st quarter of 2013 in the United States.

Wilson Combat Flat Wire Recoil Spring Kit – Compact 1911sWilson Combat has introduced a new version of its Flat-Wire Recoil Spring for 4-inch compact 1911s. The Go Primal website and Facebook page have several explanatory videos, including this one from Dave Canterbury of The Pathfinder School and another where Jeff Barber demonstrates the bow assembly and then chronographs the arrow speed.
The Primal Gear Unlimited Compact Folding Survival Bow is made in the USA and retails for $129.00 on their website, where you can purchase replacement limbs, additional strings and even takedown arrows in sets of 3.

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