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Please read the review and the details that follow for a chance to win a copy of this book. A quick thumb through of the book will inform you that there are 19 chapters and a whole lot of pictures!  Chapter topics range from “the why” to choosing your pack, fire, water, self-defense, bugging out with pets, bug out plans and much much more.  Again, Creek is very thorough in detailing the subject of creating and maintaining your BOB. Indeed, the Lord God does nothing without revealing His counsel to His servants the prophets. Zip-ties are never really thought of when packing for survival, It can be used for so many things to include simple things like Using your zip-ties for your knife and tree branch and make a spear for defense or hunting and fishing. A poorly made bug out bag, can slow you down, make things harder and could limit your chances of surviving.

The Bug Out Bag List is a basic list of essential items to survive for a minimum of seventy-two hours hours period when evacuating you home from a disaster emergency situation.
A good bug out bag should allow you to evacuate an area and keep you and your family alive until you have a safe place. Print the Bug Out Bag List using your inkjet or laser printer and start preparing you Bug Out Bag now.
You don’t want to stuff every piece of gear you own, you want to pack light and take things that are most important. The free printable Bug Out Bag List is very basic and you can add other items not included here.

Includes items like water bottle, multi-tool, freeze dried food, portable water filter, survival knife, paracord, emergency ration bars, whistle, poncho, compass, tent, fire starter, flashlight, etc.

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