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25.04.2016 gebruikt cookies om aanbiedingen af te stemmen op uw persoonlijke voorkeuren. You are able to provide a saliva sample at home; you do not need to go to your doctor or hospital to provide a saliva sample. Making sure that the cap is on tightly, give the tube a gentle shake for a few seconds to mix the liquid with your saliva. Place the plastic bag along with your questionnaire and consent form into the prepaid jiffy bag. Before providing a saliva sample please do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes.

Please make sure to complete your consent form by initialling boxes rather than ticking them!
De getoonde on-line prijzen zijn zonder evt verzendkosten en een momentopname en kunnen wijzigen. Please place only the saliva tube into the larger plastic tube; it is not for urine or stool sample collection!
Again making sure that the cap on the padded plastic tube is tightly secured, place the tube into the plastic bag. Voordeelmuis aanvaardt geen aansprakelijkheid voor de juistheid of volledigheid van de getoonde informatie.

Unscrew the lid and replace it with the smaller cap which should be in the container that the saliva tube came in.
Uw privacy is gewaarborgd middels onze privacy verklaring.Heeft u opmerkingen over of aanvullingen op deze pagina? The larger plastic top can be disposed of in a regular rubbish bin and can also be recycled.

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