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The Sun is over 90 million miles away from Earth but it takes less than 10 minutes for light to hit it. For those with solar panels at home, any excess electricity produced is exported back to the National Grid and gets redistributed around the country. The power of the wind was harnessed as early as 5000 BC, when ancient Egyptians used it to sail across the Nile.
Uranium, a heavy metal, was formed in supernovas over 6.6bn years ago and can be found in rocks and seawater. Today’s technology means that the blades of wind turbines can now turn at 10-30 revolutions per second, converting to electricity via a generator, like a giant version of a dynamo-powered light on a bike.

We have a professional technical team and technology platform, constantly enhance the company's R ability and establish our own mechanical and electrical products R center. Each cell generates a few volts of electricity and the panel combines the energy they produce to make a bigger electric current and voltage.
Uranium is converted into fuel pellets that release heat energy when their atoms are split, producing superheated steam that drives a turbine.
We already passed the CE certification and ISO9001 quality system certification and we make this certification standard to every details of management. This gas is burned in a power station, creating heat energy that drives turbines which power a generator.

The coal goes to a power plant where it is burned and, like nuclear power, drives a turbine to produce electricity. Innovation-oriented and keep pace with the times, make sure the product structure with diversified and high technology.

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