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Honda EM Series GeneratorsHonda EM Series Generators have a heavy-duty frame for added protection, voltage regulation for continuous stable power, wide handles for easy transporting, wheel kit and electric start.
A single phase system is perhaps the most common type of system most people are familiar with. Steven has over twenty five years experience working on some of the largest construction projects. Aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright had a mission: Fly forward for as long as possible, maintain speed, land at a point at least as high as the takeoff point and carry one pilot. On an airplane, the electrical system produces, controls and distributes power to all the other systems that need it — flight deck displays, flight controls, in-flight entertainment and more. Modern jet engines are very efficient, but removing that high-energy air robs them of some energy. The 787 Dreamliner uses more electricity, instead of pneumatics, to power airplane systems such as hydraulics, engine start and wing ice protection.
More efficient power generation, distribution and use — including new remote power distribution units, which reduce wiring and save weight (approximately 20 miles, or 32 km, less wiring than on the 767).
Because the 787 uses more electricity than do other Boeing airplanes, the 787 generates more electricity, via six generators: two on each engine and two on the auxiliary power unit (APU, a small turbine engine in the tail).

On the ground, the 787 can be started without any ground power: The APU battery starts the APU generators, which start the APU to power the engine generators, which then start the engines.
In flight, the four engine generators are the primary sources of electrical power; the APU generators are secondary. As with every Boeing airplane, the 787 includes many layers of redundancy for continued safe operation, and the electrical system is no exception. The Boeing Company works to a specific design philosophy so that designs meet or exceed federal regulations. The 787 completed 5,000 hours of flight testing and an equal amount of test time on the ground.
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It’s much like the electrical system in your house, which carries electricity throughout the rooms to power your lights, television and so forth. A pneumatic system means that the engines produce less thrust, so they must be bigger, work harder and use more fuel.
Power runs from the generators to four alternating current (AC) buses, where it is either distributed for use as is (235 V AC) or converted to what other systems need.

The main battery, APU battery and ram air turbine also are available as backup power in flight in the unlikely event of a power failure. For example, Boeing has demonstrated that the 787 can fly for more than 330 minutes on only one engine and one of the six generators and land safely. Then Boeing goes further, assuming failure will occur and designing for the proper protections. The system also means more weight, fuel burn and maintenance due to the heavy ducts and equipment needed to manage that hot air. The 787 successfully completed the Boeing program to test and validate the design as well as the most robust certification program ever conducted by the U.S. The voltage across each winding (for example between 'L1' and 'N' is called the line to neutral (or phase voltage).

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