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A gas company sign marks a fence near the site of the Aliso Canyon storage field in Porter Ranch, California in this January 21, 2016 file photo.
The rebuttal study found, for example, that the state's analysis discounted the ability of three smaller SoCal Gas storage fields to make up for lost supplies from Aliso Canyon."We are disappointed that state agencies published bad data that supports the reopening of the gas field, which only serves to benefit SoCal Gas at public expense," said the group's California director, Adam Snow. Other critics of state regulators they see as being too cozy with the energy companies have suggested last week's analysis by the California Public Utilities Commission and three other agencies was really a SoCal Gas report in disguise.Those agencies should be called before the legislature "to explain these misrepresentations under oath," said Jamie Court, president of the group Consumer Watchdog.
Aliso Canyon has been closed since a pipeline ruptured there in October, spewing more than 97,000 tons of methane into the air over four months.
PHOENIX A federal judge recommended on Friday that prosecutors bring criminal contempt charges against Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio, finding that the controversial sheriff had violated court orders stemming from a 2007 racial profiling case. NEW YORK The average New York City taxi driver may still be sassy, but will not be required to speak English any longer.
In addition to the delivery of parts and equipment for the performance of planned maintenance, Alstom will furnish the Lake Road team with all necessary craft labour as well as on-site technical field advisors. Alstom technology experts are helping today's gas power plants adapt to changing market requirements.
By 1889 Los Angeles Electric Company had 235 customers, and powered private lights on the outside of stores.A  One year later, Los Angeles Electric Company opened its first alternating-current plant. December 1936 - Just two months after Los Angeles received its first power from Boulder Dam, LA city voters approved a charter amendment authorizing the Bureau of Power and Light to issue revenue bonds in the amount of $46 million and purchase the electric system of Los Angeles Gas and Electric Corporation, the last remaining privately-owned system in LA.
February 1937 a€“ The municipal Bureau of Power and Light was launched upon what is destined to be the most brilliant chapter of its distinguished career of community service when, exactly at midnight on the last day of January, it took possession of the electric system formerly owned by the Los Angeles Gas and Electric Corporation. Consummation of the transfer brought to a successful close 25 years of negotiations led by E. With the consolidation the municipal electric system became a $171,000,000 business serving 428,000 consumers and earning approximately $25,000,000 annually. Moving swiftly and efficiently following public approval at the December 8 special election of the proposed purchase, Department executives concluded the complex details incident to the acquisition 30 days earlier than the date that had been optimistically forecast. Those more directly responsible for the prompt settlement of legal, engineering and financial aspects of the transaction, in addition to Mr. Following a series of conferences at New York, where open discussion of all phases of the $47,000,000 bond issue with which the purchase was financed was had with representative investment houses, sealed competitive bids for the issue were received by the Board of Water and Power Commissioners. On January 19 the Board unanimously accepted the bid of Brown Harriman and Company and associates, which provided the most favorable terms to the Department both as to money cost and redemption cost. Issued on a 40-year basis, the bonds are of two types $23,500,000 being classed as Series A, due serially from 1938 to 1977, the remaining $23,500,000 of the issue being designated as Series B, due in 1977. Bond experts declared the high credit rating of the Power Bureau was emphatically shown by the speed with which the bonds sold, all of Series B and practically all of Series A having been disposed of by noon of the day following acceptance by the Water and Power Board of the Brown Harriman bid. With financing arrangements completed, the next major step was actual acceptance of deeds to the private utilitya€™s electric holdings, following arrival in Los Angeles through the Federal Reserve Bank of the $47,000,000 check issued in payment for the bonds. Immediately thereafter a check for $46,340,000, the agreed purchase price authorized by the voters of the city, was deposited in escrow with all collateral documents. The balance of $660,000 remaining from the bond issue proceeds is to be used for interconnecting the two systems.
A new switch rack, for which steel already has been ordered, will provide the single high tension tie between the two systems.
First interconnection of the distributing system will be the 34,000 volt, two-circuit line between Power Bureau Distributing Station 5 and the former private Station 16, both of which are in the eastside commercial and industrial district.
A gain of 40 per cent in kilowatt-hour output for the first week of combined system operation, compared with the last week of Power Bureau original system output, was reported by T.
While financing arrangements were still being negotiated the Commercial Division of the Department began the voluminous task of transferring approximately 185,000 account records and other commercial data.
The volume of work handled by the Commercial Division included cutting new addressograph stencils, typing consumersa€™ service record cards and establishing meter read sheets showing the January read. Along with physical properties the Power Bureau gained approximately 800 men and women who had been engaged in work directly relating to the private electric system. In 1937 the Bureau of Power and Light completed the purchase of Los Angeles Gas and Electric Corporation. In 1939, Southern California Edison (SCE) and DWP completed negotiations on the division of territory between the two utilities. Florian completed work on a branch of PNC Bank, which goes beyond Net-Zero energy usage to send power back to the local grid.
The 4,900-square-foot, LEED Platinum branch currently consumes an estimated 70,000 kilowatt hours of energy per year, compared to the roughly 84,000 kilowatt hours it produces.
Green features of the bank include 211 solar panels, high-efficiency LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, and an energy recovery ventilation system which dramatically reduces heating and cooling costs. If you know what day you would like to attend please email those dates and we will happily pick up your passes.

If you were lucky enough to come by and see our display this year it was a magnificent sight two see.
With electric vehicles on the verge of filling our streets, Florian Solar, in collaboration with Sanyo North America, Portland General Electric, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and In Spec Group’s Energy Solutions division has completed an uniquely innovative application for electric transportation. 42 Sanyo Bifacial Panels for a 8.2 Kilowatt system Designed for Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) for use as a charging station. TD Bank has built greener buildings with lower energy consumption and invested heavily in renewable energy. TD Bank came to Florian looking for a cost effective, attractive looking modern solar alternative. Featured in the above picture is TD Bank's new 3,800 sq ft first green LEED certified prototype store located at 214-32 Jamaica Avenues Queens Village, N.Y.
Abu Dhabi Africa Airports alternative energy Analytics Architecture ARPA-E Audits Benchmarking Big Data BIO Biodiesel Biofuels Brownfield Reclamation Business Business Intelligence Carbon Emissions Carbon Footprint Carbon Management Centric Energy Efficiency Solution China Cities Clean Coal Clean Energy Clean Energy Automotive Clean Energy Education Clean Energy Experts Clean Energy Funding Clean Energy Innovation Clean Energy Investment Clean Energy Patents Clean Energy Projects Clean Energy Standard (CES) clean Energy Vehicle Clean Green Energy Clean Tech Climate Change Climate Control CLOUD COMPUTING CO2 CO2 Emissions Reductions Coal COAL Debate Commissioning Community Gardens Community Power Company Message Construction Content Management Content Marketing Corporate Corporate Responsibility Corporate Sustainability Reporting-CSRs Crude Prices on the Rise Curation of Energy & Sustainable Data DARPA Data Development DOE Dr. The big ask for oil and gas to accept no tax breaks is the same as Goliath walking away from David. President Obama gets taken to the mat and hobbled like a fractured fighter fighting against the big boys to hold onto their power literally.
Sustainability rests on the big win-collaborative solutions for change that protects the earth and it citizens.
The Obama Administration should renounce the idea of unilaterally increasing taxes on oil companies.
The stench of odorized gas fumes drove thousands of nearby residents from their homes, many complaining of headaches, respiratory problems, dizziness and nosebleeds.
Every time Dean Finnerty sees the locked neon-yellow gate and "No Trespassing" sign deep in Oregon's Elliott State Forest, he bristles at the growing movement to transfer federally owned land to U.S. The contract also includes delivery of an Alstom gas turbine upgrade package consisting of technical and operational improvements designed to lower the cost of running and maintaining gas turbines by extending time between inspections. The 30kw plant was located on the corner of Alameda and Banning Streets (See above photo). 1882)* - View of one of LA's first electric light poles located on the east side of North Main Street at Commercial Street at near right. 1925)* - Los Angeles Gas and Electric Corporation's main office building, located on Flower Street between 8th and 9th streets. Careful analysis showed the maximum cost which, on account of favorable redemption features, many be materially lessened, would amount to 3.5101 per cent. The entire issue is payable, both as to principal and interest, solely out of the Power Revenue Fund. Other interconnections are planned in order to provide flexibility of operation and assure highest reliability of service to Los Angeles electric consumers. Working night and day in three shifts, 170 extra clerks and hundreds of regular employees started the job on New Yeara€™s Day. They were given civil service status comparable with their former duties, in accordance with a charter amendment approved by the voters.
That same year the Bureau of Power and Light consolidated with the Bureau of Water Works and Supply and became the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP).
SCE also swapped the remainder of its Los Angeles distribution system for DWP facilities outside the city limits (formerly owned by Los Angeles Gas and Electric). The company was purchased by the city and merged with the Los Angeles Bureau of of Power and LIght (DWP) shortly after this photo was taken.
The 14,000-kilowatt-hour difference is equivalent to the energy it takes to power a 1,600-square-foot house for a year. The landscaping, which includes only local plant species to minimize irrigation needs, and paving designed to reduce rainwater runoff, also features a fitness path which is open to the public.
SANYO North America Corporation was nice enough to invite Florian back for a third time to showcase their HIT® Double bifacial solar panel at Solar Power International 2011.
The American Institute of Architects Portland recently awarded Portland Community College Newberg Academic Center,  Newberg with a sustainability design award for 2011. The structure was designed to present a broader and more commercial appeal for our clienteles. TD Bank has also pledged to develop LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified stores throughout the nation. Florian designed multiple drive-thru solar systems to suite each banks individual size, style, and energy needs. The adjustment is that these companies and cartels are being asked to take what appears to be a loss instead of investing in the next wave of energy as another vertical.
The offset is not to destroy oil and gas but allow clean energy to flourish as a viable strong alternative that works in tandem with all various solutions such as, wind, solar, nuclear, biofuels, geothermal, hydroelectric, nuclear and more.

It is apropos to use a such a quote to energize energy leaders, advocates and investors to engage in the discourse of sustainability promoting capital- intellectual, social and economic growth for a pertinent problem in a relevant time. I shall read your blog more often panerai radiomir replica in the future.most of your fashion picks will also be on my wish list, for sure. Howland who represented the San Francisco based company of California Electric Light Company (now PG&E).
Scattergood, Chief Electrical Engineer and General Manager of the Power Bureau, in which he was given the unwavering support of Dr.
Gardett, engineer of design and construction, work already has started at Station a€?Fa€?. On February 2 the first electric bills to former consumers of the private utility were mailed out, swelling the daily mailing of bills for municipal electric and water service to the impressive total of 30,000, it was reported by Homer C.
Arrangements were made to provide meals in the Department Cafeteria after regular working hours for the special crews. The solar canopy is expected to provide about 75% of the station’s annual energy needs.
It was bronze finished using traditional style columns and end caps and it held 6 Sanyo Bifacial solar panels.
They unveiled plans for the green design of new stores, which will include state-of-the-art technology to reduce energy consumption by 50%. All of these are designed to hold Sanyo’s unique bifacial HIT double photovotaic modules. One over the entrance in a trellis design and the other over the three lane drive-thru housing 72 Sanyo HIT bifacial photovoltaic modules.
And while Saudi Arabia is the globe's largest oil producer, the United States could move to the number one spot by 2016, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency. But residents of some 5,000 homes remain in temporary housing, unwilling to return over fears of lingering contamination and health effects, according to Food & Water Watch. Located at 1520 Velasco Street, it is the terminus of the 110,000 volt transmission line from the Seal Beach steam generating plant and formerly was known as Eastside Receiving Station.
Compared with the corresponding week of 1936 the gain amounted to the amazing figure of 77 per cent. Those going off shift in the late evening or early morning hours were provided with transportation to their homes. This style is perfect for light commercial applications that have been so very popular in the solar industry. This innovative product line is being added to TD Banks around the country and with numerous systems already completed. Tyra Oldham Real Estate Recycle Redevelopment Reduction in Carbon Emissions Renewable Energy Reporting Research Resource Optimization Resources Retail Energy Efficiency Retrofit Retrofit Commissioning ROI Rural Schools Security Selling Sustainable Shale Six Sigma Small Business Small Business SBE WBE MBE Smart Grid Social Media Socially Responsible Socially Responsible Company Solar Investment Solar Power Solar Power Technology Supplier Integration Supply Chain Sustainability Sustainability EQ Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry Sustainability Planning Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable Business Sustainable Business Plan Sustainable Cities Sustainable City Planning Sustainable Company Sustainable Construction Sustainable Corporate Reporting Sustainable Development Sustainable Engineering SUSTAINABLE IT Sustainable Leadership Sustainable Literature Sustainable Marketing Sustainable Organizational Development Sustainable Planning Sustainable Retrun on Investment SROI Sustainable Solutions Sustainable Solutions Education Sustainable Synthesis Sustainable Urban Planning Technical Papers Technology Think Sustainably Training Tumblr Twitter Tyra Oldham Sustainable Sherpa U.S. And while Saudi Arabia is the globe's largest oil producer, the United States could move to the number one spot by 2016, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency.View full sizeThe boom in energy production is being fueled in part by advances in extraction technologies that have created an energy shale revolution. Haynes, president of the board of Water and Power Commissioners, and the encouragement of the majority of Los Angeles citizens.
This reflects the addition of consumers formerly served by the Corporation and generally increased use of electricity in Los Angeles.
The petroleum and natural gas industries have created well-paying jobs, reduced selling prices, and generated new local, state, and federal tax revenues. Tax Credits Utility Vegetation Waste Wastewater Water Weather Weather Impact White Paper WIND WIND ENERGY Wind Farm Energy World World Energy World Markets World News World Tragedy Written by Dr.
And this was done despite, not because of, federal energy policies.Envious energy companies abroad are looking for ways to replicate our success.
When evaluated against its nation-owned competitors abroad, Exxon-Mobil is fourth in the world in terms of energy production. Effective cooperation of City Council members, the city attorney and the city controller has been gratefully acknowledged by the Department.
But short of fundamental tax reform -- where the corporate rate can be reduced overall in return for eliminating special provisions -- selective tax increases will be counterproductive.Diana Furchtgott-Roth, senior fellow at The Manhattan Institute, explains. Asset management firms, including mutual funds, held 20 percent, with institutional investors owning 6 percent and individual investors 21 percent.

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