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Up to 30 new gas power stations will be needed by 2030, George Osborne will say tomorrow as he uses the Autumn Statement to unveil a key part of the Governmenta€™s energy strategy. The Chancellor will say that 26 gigawatts of extra capacity will be required from gas, in an effort to encourage investment in energy generation. Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. Anstatt Power to Gas zu realisieren wurden in Schleswig-Holstein 2015 Erneuerbare Energien im Wert von 927 Mio. 2015 wurde in Schleswig-Holstein erstmals eine bilanzielle Selbstversorgung mit Strom aus erneuerbaren Energien erreicht. Einspeisegarantie fur fossilen StromDer von den Ubertragungsnetzbetreibern ermittelte umfangreiche Netzausbaubedarf ist darauf zuruckzufuhren, dass es eine Einspeisegarantie fur fossilen Strom auch in Zeiten hoher Uberkapazitaten gibt, welche dann vor allem fur Stromexporte genutzt wird.
Wenn man die bestehenden Kapazitaten im deutschen Erdgasnetz mit all seinen Gasspeichern ausschopft, hat man ein riesiges Speicherpotenzial fur erneuerbare Energien, der Bau einer neuen Infrastruktur ist uberflussig.
Vorschlag von 'Fully Charged': an der Tankstelle eine Windkraftanlage aufstellen neben einer ptg-Anlage.
Le procede fait son chemin et a deja conquis l’entreprise allemande Juwi qui aurait aussi installe une centrale pilote de 25 kW a Hunsruck (Rhenanie-Palatinat).
ESB will invest £750m into building a new 1,500-megawatt (MW) gas-fired power plant which could start operating in 2018. This is important work that affects everyone in the UK, citizens and drivers alike and has a global impact. Ofcom is the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications sectors and we are globally respected for the work we do.

Eleven leading companies in Europe have joined forces in the newly established North Sea Power to Gas Platform to further develop the concept of Power-to-Gas (P2G) : the conversion of renewable power into gas. The share of electricity from renewable sources in the European electricity mix is increasing. P2G is of particular interest for the North Sea area as its on and offshore natural gas infrastructure is well developed. The North Sea Power to Gas Platform is a joint body, based on an integrated network of stakeholders, aiming to further develop the concept of P2G in the countries surrounding the North Sea.
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L’installation, qui sera completement operationnelle en 2013, aura une capacite de 6,3 megawatts.
P2G will play an increasingly important role in our future energy system, as it reduces temporal surpluses of renewable power by converting these surpluses into gases.
As the power generation from wind and solar fluctuates, the match between renewable power supply and demand is becoming more challenging. In addition, the combined generating capacity of offshore wind farms on the North Sea could reach around 100 GW by the year 2030, while the PV capacity installed in the countries surrounding the North Sea is expected to increase from 35 GW in 2012 to almost 60 GW in 2020. The Platform collaborates with the European Gas Research Group (GERG), the Mediterranean Power2Gas Platform (currently being established), as well as shipping companies, NGO's, utilities, energy technology providers, Transmission System Operators and Distribution System Operators.

Mr Osborne will add that the Government is committed to a balance of energy sources, including renewables. As these gases can be used for different purposes such as transportation, domestic heating, as feedstock for the chemical industry, and power generation, the potential value of P2G is considerable. At the same time, there are additional challenges to transmit the increasing volumes of renewable power from wind or solar farms to end users.
Selon lui, les installations de preparation et de production de biogaz (60% de methane, 40% de dioxyde de carbone) en Allemagne devraient fournir plus de deux millions de tonnes de dioxyde de carbone, ce qui permettrait de stocker 4.8 TWh de courant.
Des l’ete 2011, ils pourront via leur facture de gaz habituelle soutenir le projet de construction de centrale de production de gaz-vent et des 2013 beneficier veritablement du produit. The gas infrastructure can accommodate large volumes of electricity converted into gas in case that the supply of renewable power is larger than the grid capacity or than the electricity demand. As a result, P2G enables the share of renewables in the energy mix to increase, making this innovation an important topic in achieving a carbon-neutral gas supply in 2050. Es ist absurd, dass Windenergie abgestellt wird, obwohl sie durch Power-to-Gas genutzt werden konnte. Selon un procede similaire, la production d’hydrogene est aussi interessante pour des compagnies comme Total, la Deutsche Bahn et Vattenfall qui participent au projet de Enertrag a Prenzlau depuis 2009 [2].

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