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The INOGENONE G3 comes complete with the option of a single or double battery providing up to 9 hours of operation (see tech spec for breakdown below). The INOGENONE G3 has been approved for use on an aircraft making getting on holiday much easier than ever before. As this device doesn't have a continuous flow option, it is not suitable for use with a CPAP or BiPAP ventilators.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Eclipse 5 features the same benefits that you love about the Eclipse 3, but with next generation internal components that enhance the reliability of the POC.
The Eclipse 5 goes where you go, with improved DC power operation that allows for full functionality of the Eclipse 5 when running from DC outlets. All continuous flow settings, up to 3 LPM, as well as all pulse flow settings, including the largest super setting of 192 mL, are available while operation on DC power.

The Eclipse 5 battery will also charge while the unit is connected to DC power, which eliminates any anxiety of failed batteries on long road trips. The HELiOS® family of liquid oxygen reservoirs sets the standard for efficiency, quality and reliability for long-term oxygen therapy. Proprietary, high-capacity, low-loss system reduces oxygen deliveries to as few as eight per year. The HELiOS reservoir family set the standard for efficiency, quality, and reliability for long-term oxygen therapy. NewLife Intensity 10 combines high pressure with high flow to create the premium 10 LPM oxygen concentrator. The 10 LPM NewLife Intensity 10 oxygen concentrator simplifies a tracheotomy set-up by eliminating the need for a separate external compressor.
Operating at 20 psig (138 kPa), with up to 10 LPM single or dual flow capability, NewLife Intensity 10 is the only concentrator in today’s marketplace that combines both  maximum high flow and high pressure oxygen in one economical power-efficient unit.

The 'G3' can also run in the car with the 12volt DC charger and can be used around the world with its auto changing multi-voltage charger. Most airlines do accept portable oxygen concentrators on board but may have their own rules. Administer humidified oxygen to a trach by connecting a jet neb bottle directly to Intensity’s O2 outlet. With all of this, it makes it possible for the patient to be free and roam the great outdoors once again. The NewLife Intensity 10 dual flow unit can reduce both equipment needs and overall power consumption through the delivery of oxygen to two patients simultaneously up to combined total flow of 10 LPM with one unit.

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