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WaterStore produce quality poly and steel water tanks from 225 to 1 million Litres,delivering across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.
WaterStore has developed a full range of plastic water animal troughs and feeders that use 100% recycled plastic. WaterStore steel water tanks have great strength and capacity and are back by a Pro-Rata 25 year warranty. Grease traps prevent fats, oils and grease from solidifying in the pipes and causing costly blockages as well as a massive environmental impact!
As water becomes increasingly scarce, more and more Australians are installing plastic water storage tanks in order to conserve rainwater for everyday use.
Browse our range of plastic water storage tanks at the best prices to find the one that best suits your needs. The handy dimensions of this tank make it an ideal choice where smaller roof areas or confined spaces make larger tanks unnecessary or impractical.

This tank is used as a drinking water tank on stands for low-pressure systems made to replace the short lived galvanized iron tanks seen on many older properties. This tank is generally used as a header tank or for small capacity water storage on sheds, holiday shacks or for camping purposes.
The Heera Roto polymers offers the most practical water solution for domestic and industrial use- the Heera Water Storage Tank. Developing its product quality and portfolio continuously by means of R&D, Karmod has adopted the mentality of introducing innovational, functional, useful products and customer satisfaction as a principle.
Our rectangular polyethylene water tanks are ideal for potable water storage and designed especially for residences with their aesthetic appearance. Whether you’re likely to use rainwater to wash the car, the clothes or the dog, WaterStore Poly Tanks offers a range of plastic tanks in a range of sizes, from the slimline water tank, to a 5000 litre rainwater tank that is ideal for a larger backyard, to the even larger 5000 gallon poly water tank!
Our straight wall tanks will ensure that the collected water remains clean and fit for use.

Manufactured from best quality raw materials and by modern machinery the vertical tanks are highly useful for all water storage purposes. Thanks to its rectangular shape it can be installed easily at roofs, balconies, gardens, bathrooms etc. Our rectangular water tanks comply with international food safety standards and they are offered to the customers with volumes ranging from 100 L up to 500 L.

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