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Measuring 2.75 inches long this tool includes a razor for skinning game or other cutting task.
When it comes to building a pocket kit for surviving in the wilderness, I try to make sure that I hit the big survival priorities.
One thing that I like to keep in mind when building any kind of kit is what I call "Ragnar's Rule of 3s," which says to have three ways of accomplishing anything that's vitally important to your survival. The knife and duct tape are ranger banded to the outside of the tin, everything else fits inside. Fire is of course at the top of the list when it comes to must-have capabilities--warmth, boiling water, cooking food, protection, signalling, the list goes on. I've added two small rubber o-rings to the Bic to make sure that the fuel is not accidentally released in the kit.
For tinder, I have several pieces of Tinder Quik, which lights easily, burns for several minutes, is mostly waterproof and can be crammed into nooks and crannies. One thing to note - if you're planning on using a ferro rod, make sure that you have the propper tools to strike one!
The tablets and SODIS provide two methods of purifying water, and a third would be boiling water, either with another container that I have with me, one that's found, or potentially processing small amounts at a time in the altoid tin--it holds about 4 ounces of water. Shelter is impossible to pack into an altoid tin, though disposal ponchos, contrator grade trash bags and space blankets are all good options if you step the kit up a bit in size.
As mentioned, I'm looking to add a small, flat signal mirror - most of the ones I've seen are much too thick. 12 feet of 250lb-test line - I got a big spool at a military surplus place, haven't been able to find it online.
Description: The Survivor Kit is a whistle with a compass, flint, pop out signalling mirror, dry safety purse and a lanyard.
Description: New 24-Hr Emergency Preparedness Kit to help you in an earthquake, hurricane, flood or any emergency where you must take care of yourself. Description: Deluxe 72 piece emergency preparedness hurricane & disaster kit for 2 people.

Survival in the wilderness does not depend so much on what you have, but on your knowledge and ability to use what you have. For this project, you can use a film canister, but you might want to use something a little larger like a prescription bottle, candy container, or other waterproof plastic bottle. And because the kit had a little extra room and they fit nicely - a candle, needle and thread, 2 safety pins, and fishing hook, line, and sinker. The kit can be carried in a pocket and the lanyard clipped to a belt loop to provide some measure of security. I actually managed to jam a few extra pieces of Tinder Quik in for this shot--it's kind of like a game of Tetris, sometimes you do better then others. This kit has three methods of starting fire--a Mini Bic lighter, ferro rod and a 4x Fresnel lens. Don't just assume that your knife can do a good job of it - the Ritter RSK Mk5, in particular, is worthless for throwing sparks, at least in stock form. In other kits, like this one, I've used a small vial with repacked iodine tablets--you can pack 20-30 tablets pretty easily this way. Instead, I have roughly 12 feet of 250-lb cordage and about 7 feet of paracord in the lanyard to aid in shelter making.
I may not be able to self rescue, which means surviving in place and hoping that help comes. The kit includes 4 feet of duct tape (3 feet orange, 1 foot black gorilla tape, wrapped around an ESEE survival card), the previously mentioned cordage, 3 ranger bands, a heavy-duty sewing needle wrapped with kevlar thread, safety pins, a piece of hacksaw blade, a small carabiner, Swiss army knife tweezers and a BFE Labs UltraLight Kit knife.
While the sheath is on the big size for the tiny Kit Knife, it fits perfectly ranger banded on the outside of the kit. I'm also going to make up a small laminated card with emergency information on it - name, blood type, contact info, etc. I'll be showing you a kit with a more urban-survival theme in the near future, so stay tuned for that.
Wolf :) When you have need for a small, reclosable (and resizeable) vial for things like iodine tabs, salt, dry seasonings, etc.

This kit is similar to our Personal Survival Kit We decided to offer a lower priced model by replacing the Leatherman Multi-Tool with the Folding Razor Saw. I'll walk you through the capabilities that I wanted my kit to have, and I why I've chosen specific gear to meet those needs.
The Bic should work in all but the crappiest of conditions, so I've got the ferro rod in there for redundancy and backup.The Fresnel lens is in the kit because it takes up next to zero space and is multipurpose - potential for fire starting, but also magnifying for looking at slivers, etc. While the WhirlPak takes up a bit more room than a condom, it's also a much more capable and functional container. This kit includes a small whistle, 3 feet of rescue orange duct tape and a Streamlight Nano light. This method of carry allows for easy access to the knife, and also provides a mounting hole for the paracord lanyard. This kit is packed with all of the basic survival supplies needed by 2 people for up to 3 days.
It includes a thermometer, compass, survival whistle and a magnifying lens that can be used to start a fire; all attached to a key ring. Make sure that you get a 4x or higher Fresnel lens--the 2x lenses are lousy for getting things burning. This particular kit did not have the room for a vial, and the Aquamira tablets are effective against crypto, given enough time, so I went with those. I should, at a minimum, also have a larger knife with me, but I include the Kit Knife for redundancy. For iodine tabs specifically, you need an amber vial - the iodine gets wrecked by sunlight.

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