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This post talks about the reasons why personal hotspot sometimes goes missing and what can be done to solve the issue.
If you’ve installed apps that added network profiles on the device, try uninstalling them. After doing that, uninstall the app by tapping and holding the icon and tapping the cross at the corner of the app.
When people update iOS, sometimes the network settings malfunction, and Personal Hotspot becomes invisible. If you want to reset, go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings -> Erase iPhone. Make sure you have backed up the content and everything important, because a factory reset erases everything.
The new features that iOS 9 brings your crickets small but very useful, not only run faster iPhone, but also help users save time considerably. You can google or even make a phone call to the carrier service to ask for the rightA APN name. You can attempt to reset the Network Setting in iOS9: Settings a†’ General a†’ Reset a†’ Reset Network Settings a†’ Enter Passcode to confirm. To do it, go to Settings a†’ then General a†’ then tab Reset a†’ then choose Reset All SettingsA a†’ you need to enter the Passcode to confirm your action.
After the above solutions and the Personal Hotspot still missing or does not work right away, bring your iOS9 device to apple store for deeper supports. In preparation for an upcoming workshop I’m teaching, I was going through all the technology I would be using to make sure everything was working as it should.
In my case, I was able to go back to FaceTime and turn Use Cellular Date back on and it did not recreate the personal hotspot problem. 2-You can go back to Cellular with ON option and you will see Personal Hospot appear with Off and than you just turn in back ON. I appreciate it so much, I will link back to your page from my Pinterest Computer Support Board. Unfortunately solving individual problems on iPads and iPhones remotely is very difficult and ever carrier has different rules concerning the use of hotspots. We’ve been a gaggle of volunteers and cracking open a fresh program in this online community.
I installed an att go sim card into my iphone 4, this does come with a hot spot, hard to believe 2.5 gb unlimited everything else. I can't set up personal network,and I don't know why,as you can see from the picture it dos not allow to enter the menu. Originally Posted by Jaguarr40 I am still a bit surprized that your carrier is not charging you and had to set it up? March 20, 2014 By Sid Leave a Comment Did you just upgrade to iOS 7.1 and started to face problems with Personal Hotspot Settings? Apple released iOS 7.1 earlier this month with plenty of new features and some bugs as well.
After going through more than 10 pages of the thread, it looks like this issue could have something to do with Apple not playing well with unauthorized carriers. Some users are reporting that they’ve received a carrier update upon connecting to iTunes, which has resolved their problems. One issue that remains with the iOS 7 hotspot is that sometimes a computer will not see the iPhone’s hotspot in the list of network options. While using the iPhone as a personal hotspot on iOS 7 a small indicator bar will show up below the status bar, and when locked the status bar will show blue. I was warned by the folks at Verizon that if I used my iPhone 5s as a mobile hotspot, it would burn through my battery and shorten the useful life of the battery. The other thing to consider is that if it is eating through a charge you will have to charge more often, and while batteries have improved there are only so many times that it can be recharged, running it as a hotspot will not shorten how many recharge cycles a battery will use but it will make you charge more often.
Your ISP has the ability to remove Personal Hotspot from your phone via the Carrier Settings, in that case it won’t show in the menu. Thais happens to me and your post is the first time I have found out anything that says this!! Flicking through Apple’s own support forums it becomes apparent that people far and wide are finding that the option to enable Personal Hotspot is simply not there for them to choose, which is particularly galling if you happen to pay your carrier a small fortune in order to be allowed to use it. Thankfully, a fix is available by way of a workaround that is simply a case of copying some APN setting. In order to get the Personal Hotspot feature to work, head on over to the Settings app and then Cellular. Note: the APN settings won’t be accessible to users if your iPhone is picking up data settings automatically on the network, therefore it’s highly likely that you have to get the Personal Hotspot feature enabled from your carrier’s end. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web.

My Uncle=KING just got gold Dodge Challenger SRT8 Core by w0rking parttime 0n, COMPUTER from home;. The iPad is great as a portable computer given its size, but once you leave a Wi-Fi zone, it loses most of what enables it to shine: an internet connection. While there will likely always be a few times where an internet connection is just out of the question, there are various options for people who want to eliminate how often their iPad is without a Wi-Fi connection.
The best way to get a solid internet connection on your iPad is to use one you know you already have. One of the more tedious methods for connecting your iPad to the internet is through an existing Ethernet connection with the help of two Apple adapters. Since neither the iPhone nor the iPad have an Ethernet port, you’ll need to make a few purchases. Now that you’ve spent more money than you were probably hoping to, time to get everything set up. Now use the USB cable from your USB hub, making sure it’s connected to the hub, and put the other side into the Lightning to USB Camera adapter.
If you have a smartphone with a personal hotspot feature, you may be wondering why you would want to purchase a separate device to replicate that functionality. Onavo and similar apps work well for data management, but they install a network profile, which causes issues with the Personal Hotspot settings. But go to your local carrier and try taking their help first to solve personal hotspot not working on iPhone.
Hopefully, one of these steps will help you solve Personal Hotspot not working on iPhone issue. However, too many users have been reporting that they get trouble with the personal Hotspot function.
I planned on setting up a personal hotspot with my iPhone to allow the workshop participants access to some files I will be using (in case there wasn’t Internet access in the room).
It was wonderful to see the personal hotspot option appearing on the screen just after the reboot. I’d recommend getting a hold of someone their locally with your carrier to see if they can help you. After I updated my T-Mobile iPhone 5S a few weeks ago the personal hotspot stopped working.
You can also use Personal Hotspot to share an Internet connection with a computer connected to iPhone via Bluetooth or USB.
Users can enter APN details in the Personal Hotspot Settings, but when trying to save it does nothing or gives an error when trying to tether.
Apparently, iOS 7.1 disables the ability to manually edit tethering settings for unauthorized carriers. On the iOS 7 personal hotspot settings page you can also change the WiFi password to something that is easier to remember. Now look for your iPhone’s name in the WiFi listing on a laptop or other device and click connect. On the lock screen the status bar now shows a small number next to a link icon that tells users how many devices are connected to the iPhone.
If I use my phone with my laptop, I always put the phone on charge, or it will just run flat in a few hours. That said by the time a standard user, who is using a mobile hotspot occasionally runs through that cycle they will normally be looking for a new iPhone.
It runs through about 10% of my battery life per hour of hotspot usage, which really isn’t so bad. When you all are making the connection to the hotspot, is the hotspot screen open on your iphone or is something else open. Presumably Apple is already aware of the issue, and while not everyone is affected and no real pattern has been discerned, the problem is very real if you’re suffering from it. It certainly helps to have an LTE-equipped iPad, but that costs $130 more than the Wi-Fi only counterparts. Here, you can turn on your Personal Hotspot and view the password to access the connection from another device.
This is truly only necessary if you completely lack Wi-Fi or for whatever reason want a wired connection. First make sure both Wi-Fi and LTE are disabled on your iPad – the latter only applies if you have a cellular model. The list of reasons has shortened in recent years, but the best reason is to conserve battery life on your iPhone (the Personal Hotspot feature drains it quickly) especially when powering more than one device at a time. The Personal Hotspot allows you to use the internet of your iDevice to form an online connection. You’ve done your formidable work as well as our own total area could be pleased to you.

Many don’t allow a personal hotspot unless you pay them extra or have it included in your package. Personal Hotspot works only if iPhone is connected to the Internet over the cellular data network.
A lot of iPhone users around the world have taken to the Apple Support Communities to discuss an issue where APN settings for Personal Hotspot don’t get saved.
All of the iPhone models are being effected by this issue, so it either has something to do with the iOS update or the Carrier Settings. Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you.
Most shared data plans include iPhone personal hotspot support in the base price, users on individual and unlimited data plans will need to pay extra for the features. This is also where you can change it if you want to share it with friends on one trip, but not every time you get together.
They were trying to sell me a dedicated mobile hot spot device, so I wonder if it was just a hard sell. It felt like a hard sell, but I admit that they made me nervous to do any damage to my precious new iPhone 5S!
Is it in the realm of possibility that it can, in some situations, cause an iPhone to overheat or shorten the batteries life? I have been quite pleased with the battery life of my iPhone overall, and can get one or two days’ usage from a single charge.
I am curious if those who are having problems connecting do not have the Personal Hotspot screen open. My devices will reconnect automatically, IF I have the screen open and provided that I have previously made the connection and satisfied the security controls. The personal hotspot feature on most smartphones enables you to share your cellular connection with another device, such as an iPad, so it can use that connection to get online as well. Ensure you connected everything properly, then start browsing the Web on your iPad via Ethernet. This does mean that you’ll pay monthly for the data plan, unless you choose to add the mobile hotspot to an existing family data plan. Certain users are reporting that it could be because some carriers aren’t supported by Apple. I have found that I CANNOT see the hotspot connection unless the screen is open and active.
For future reference, you can opt to change this password to whatever you want from your iPhone. This feeds the hub the Ethernet connection, and the hub will supply the power to get it running on the iPad. I know my mobile share plans includes the ability to set up a personal hotspot and I have used it before, so I began troubleshooting.
Once its connected I can do whatever I want, short of turning the power off or going out of range. Apple under cook is getting as bad as Microsoft crap – I expect a LOT better from Apple than this kind of BS. Be careful because the device can become very hot to the touch so beware not to burn yourself if you are more sensitive to heat. If it disconnects, I have to go back to that Personal Hotspot screen until my other devices reconnect.
In fact, when people update to a new iOS version, they see personal hotspot not working on iPhone. After much searching I finally found the answer buried inside an AT&T user forum where user NV_Lady gave the solution. But unfortunately your iPhone can’t showing in network preference after connect with Mac using USB lightning cable. Anyone else notice this, I think it may be the root of alot of the connection problems, but i don’t see anything mentioning this.
So follow the below steps for USB personal hotspot not working on Mac running with OS X Capitan or Yosemite.Steps for USB personal hotspot not working on Mac OS X EI capitanUSB hotspot connection Setup with USB or WiFi needs some basic configurations and privilege conditions. So from here learn the full concept about how to turn on enable personal hotspot in iOS 9 and share with Mac. Get info For EU Cookie Consent -> Privacy PolicyThis website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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