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For puchase of a portable oxygen concentrator call us at 1-800-489-8165 or email us for your discounted price SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE!
Up to 6 liters of pulse dose - Up to 2 liters of continuous flow -(10 lbs with battery) comes with case. Shipping for rentals - Only $75 round trip Ground You will use the prepaid shipping label sent with your unit and use the same box to return your unit.
In addition, it is always a good idea to contact your airline, train or cruise special needs desk to make arrangements. Todaya€™s PORTABLE OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS (POCs) are so compact and light they can be easily carried by cart or even over-the-shoulder bags. Read the entire article: Life Goes On a€“ Going public with oxygen and your portable oxygen concentrator on our blog.
I liked the Eclipse because I just wanted to make sure that I could switch over to the continuous setting if I needed to.A  It was approved by my airline and I didn't mind pulling it with the wheels. Includes one Lithium Ion Batteries - Extend patient mobility time a€“ each battery provides 2-3 hours of operation. Supplemental Battery Pack for XPO2 Portable Concentrator, included in XPO100B kit, also available separately. DC Power Adapter for XPO2 Portable Concentrator, included in XPO100 and XPO100B kits, also available separately. Replacement Carrying Case for XPO2 Portable Concentrator, included in XPO100 and XPO100B kits, also available separately. Accessory bag for XPO2 Portable Concentrator, included in XPO100 and XPO110B kits, also available separately.
Call Customer Care and let our respiratory experts help you decide which one is best for you and answer any questions. The XPO2 oxygen is one of the newest portable oxygen machines on the market and causing a stir as it's claims of having one of the largest bolus doses out their can maybe rival the eclipse and it's continuous flow up to 3 liters per minute.A  Portabel Oxygen users now have another choice. The universal power supply, which is packaged with every Focus® unit, enables you to operate the unit and recharge the batteries using either AC power or DC power from an automobile.

Clinical oxygen can be delivered to oxygen patients by a variety of medical devices described by the following technical and non-technical terms: oxygen concentrators, home oxygen concentrators, oxygen condenser, oxygen maker, portable oxygen concentrators (often described as a POC), liquid oxygen, oxygen generator, oxygen tank, oxygen bottle, and oxygen cylinder. The terms oxygen maker and oxygen condenser are often used interchangeably when the device being described is a home oxygen concentrator or a portable oxygen concentrator (POC).
Tanks, bottle, and oxygen cylinder are the terms often used to describer high pressure aluminum or steel oxygen cylinder used in conjunction with a flow regulator or conserver (typically used for ambulation). A final source of oxygen is the chemical oxygen generator (not to be confused with the oxygen concentrator). For increased mobility manufacture's have produced oxygen concentrators mated to high pressure oxygen pumps.
Advancements in oxygen regulators, the cylinder top device which controls the oxygen flow out of the cylinder, increase the efficiency of the cylinder system allowing many patients to have increased mobility. Liberty Medical sells high pressure oxygen cylinder systems using the more advanced Chad Evolution OM 900 series conserving regulators.
The used oxygen concentrators have been refurbished by our factory trained and authorized service technicians and are certified to operate to manufacturers specifications.
We offer a 1 year warranty & Free Shipping on all of our reconditioned oxygen concentrator machines. Uses for oxygen concentrators include treating medical conditions such as COPD, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cancer, heart disease, and many more. This item requires a prescription. Learn more about our prescription process and what you need to do. Rental begins when unit arrives at your door prior to your trip and ends when you ship back to us. If the image that springs to mind is a near-invalid struggling with a large, noisy tank a€“ and the accompanying stares a€“ you may feel that the quality of your life has changed dramatically. They operate off battery, DC or AC power, and boast extended battery life a€“ essential for extended outings, such as camping and air travel. My physician also wanted me to have the continuous setting while I was sleeping.A  I use it all the time and great information from this dealer.A  Highly recommend!!!

So take a look at all of the portabel oxygen machines and make sure you ask the right questions and determine which one is best for you.A  Concentrators were traditionally set up to be of home use but now you can have portable oxygen. The Focus® comes with both a Velco belt and a shoulder strap so that the unit may be worn around the waist or carried on the shoulder, depending on your preference.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Addition uses for oxygen concentrators include ozone therapy, EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy), oxygen bars, glass lampworking, bead making, and more.
Rechargeable in the Inogen One using the AC Power Supply, the Mobile Power Charger, or externally using the Inogen One External Battery Charger. Renting the right portable oxygen concentrator depends on your needs.A  Do you need oxygen for transport? Vacations, trips, and other special events are now possible — whether just around the corner or around the world. An oxygen concentrator extracts that oxygen from the rest of the air particles and delivers medical grade oxygen directly to the end user. But todaya€™s personal oxygen concentrators (POCs) are a new generation of compact, quiet and user-friendly machines that allow you to continue to embrace daily activities, including social situations and travel.
In addition, an optional AirBelt extends battery time an additional four hours between recharges. The air is then compressed and goes into sieve beds, which extracts the nitrogen from the oxygen. The oxygen then flows through a flow meter, a final bacteria filter, and out to the end user through a supply hose. If you don't understand why you would choose a specific unit over another or have additional questions please call our customer care department atA 1-800-489-8165.

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