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This dashboard tracks call center performance and queue activity – from a high-level snapshot down individual agents and callers. This sales performance dashboard displays numerous sales KPIs such as Revenue, Reseller Sales, Sales Distribution and Supply and Demand metrics, and emphasizes performance and sales analysis.
This retail executive dashboard emphasizes operations analysis, and tracks KPIs such as earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) by Department and per Employee. This Microsoft system center dashboard involves fictitious incidents and displays associated KPIs such as Time to Resolution by Day, On-Time Completion, TTR by Month, etc. This dashboard was designed by 323 Technology Solutions, a Dundas partner in the aggregates industry. This dashboard shows the results of the Canadian 2011 federal election, broken down by political party and federal riding. This executive dashboard displays financial metrics and sales metrics such as Margin by Month, Sales Distribution, Monthly Support Expenses, Monthly Revenue, etc.
This dashboard monitors real-time CPU and memory usage across several servers, and provides warning of outages and problems.
This sales performance dashboard has an Analysis tab that lets you interactively analyze the data by allowing for the addition and deletion of slicer dimensions, measures and categories.
This dashboard connects directly to a Salesforcea„? cloud and displays information about sales opportunities and inbound leads in a more visually appealing way than what’s offered as the default for the CMS.
This technology performance dashboard displays KPIs such as Net Profit, Contribution Margin, YOY Revenue Trend, % of Contracts Renewed, Service Quality Index (%), etc.
This healthcare (hospital) dashboard displays KPIs such as Average Length of Stay (ALOS), Readmission Rates and Emergency Room Wait Times. This call center dashboard displays KPIs such as Average Connected Calls Duration, Call Response Rates, Average Dropped Calls Duration, etc.
This sales dashboard displays performance KPIs such as Margin YoY Change and Revenue and Expenses. This airline dashboard displays key metrics such as Flights on Time (per region), Average Load (by month), Fleet Utilization, and Costs (by month). This marketing dashboard tracks key metrics such as Marketing Expenses (by Region and Date), Number of Qualified Leads, as well as Number of Downloads by Product.
This sales performance dashboard displays KPIs such as Average Sale Price, Number of Downloads, Sales by Product Line, Sales by State and Sales by Region. This mobile product sales and marketing dashboard displays KPIs such as Market Share, Product Sales By Month and store-related metrics like Activations, Yearly Sales Trend and Monthly Sales Trend. This operations dashboard monitors real-time IT activities and displays KPIs such as System Availability (%), Network Traffic (MB) and Available Licenses (Per Type). For Dundas Dashboard, we started from scratch and designed completely new controls for the Silverlight and HTML5 environment. This sample scorecard uses a variety of different visualizations (sparklines, bars, and bullet graphs) to show trends, sales and sales contributions.
This Pareto chart shows the various reasons for non-delivery, sorted in descending order by number of occurrences. These radial gauges display sales volumes for two product categories, relative to their respective targets (expressed as a percentage).

This data visualization sample shows the GDP (gross domestic product) distribution of the top 15 countries in 2011, represented as a Treemap.
These column charts allow users to easily compare revenues and expenses across a number of product lines. This data visualization example uses pie, bullet and area charts to show distribution of traffic and trends from web sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google and Bing. These bar charts allow users to easily compare revenues and expenses across a number of product lines. This Six Sigma Xbar chart shows points representing a quality statistic across a number of samples, with upper and lower control limits as well as the center line shown as horizontal reference lines.
This map sample shows support call volumes across countries, represented by various symbols. Pan American World Airways was the principal and largest international air carrier in the United States.
Please warn us if you consider Pan Am logo to be incorrect, obsolete or having wrong description. All logos available here are the property of their owners and presented under the fair use policy. Meet a Few of the Doctors Who Increased Their Practice Income Over $100K in Less than Less Than 90 Days! If after following the procedures you have not increased your chiropractic practice annualized income by over $100K you will receive a no questions asked 100% money back refund! The Only Chiropractic Marketing Company Who Guarantees Results and a 100% Return on Investment!
Super Bonus: Quick Start Video Series to Jump Start Your Influx of Personal Injury Patients Now! This page shares today’s measured influence results on the topic of the 2016 US Presidential Candidates, based on opinions shared over the past 90 days. At left is the topic’s Active Attention Index, which is the sum of the score for all people and organizations who have demonstrated influence on this topic during this time period. Below is a 90 day trend chart for the score, along with influence volume and (optionally) sentiment. Current key influencers, most commonly discussed themes, and more are also presented on this page. The information on this page is produced by identifying relevant opinions from within over 200 million documents from news, blogs, forums, and social media over the past 90 days.
The display at right includes the top 10 most influential people and organizations for this topic.
The word cloud below is made up of frequent used concept themes from the documents containing the most influential opinions in this topic. Appinions is a powerful tool that helps B2B marketers to be more effective by leveraging the power of influence.
The kind of interesting data you’re seeing here is just a fraction of what you get about your marketplace in the full Appinions platform. Our clients see exactly who and what is driving their market, enabling them to make better decisions and execute more effective marketing programs.

Fortune 1000 companies use Appinions to drive programs such as content marketing, executive thought-leadership, and more.
Please warn us if you consider Dollar General logo to be incorrect, obsolete or having wrong description.
Please warn us if you consider Sisley logo to be incorrect, obsolete or having wrong description. Please warn us if you consider Winston logo to be incorrect, obsolete or having wrong description. This dashboard helps your executive team track progress towards three business goals: reducing Subscriber Acquisition Costs (SAC), growing Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), and lowering customer churn. Metrics like First Call Resolution (FCR), Transfer Rate, Average Speed of Answer (ASA) and SLA adherence provide an overview of current and past performance. This makes it easy for service technicians to spot problems with solar arrays and wind turbines and perform required maintenance. Emphasis is on performance, and visualizations consist of various charts, scorecards and gauges.
It demonstrates how an aggregates manufacturer can use dashboards to improve their operations, management and dispatch processes.
Hover your mouse over a federal riding and the interactive map will show you the candidates in that riding, as well as the election results for each candidate. Each control (charts, gauges, maps, grids and more) is integrated as a toolbox item in the dashboard designer.
A second series shows how each reason contributes to the total number of incidents, expressed as a percentage. The range chart shows the mean maximum and minimum temperatures, the point charts display the extreme maximum and minimums, the line chart shows the mean, while the area chart displays the total annual precipitation. An annotation in the form of a red bubble has been added to indicate that one or more users have been adding comments or conversing on this data point.
The blue line shows the number of website visits, the black line shows the number of unique visits, and the size of the bubble indicates Twitter retweets. The height of the bubble indicates the project’s revenue, the distance from the left indicates cost, and the size of the bubble indicates profitability. The size of the symbol shows the call volume, while the color of the symbol indicates if the volume is normal or requires attention. Paul on Waikiki Beach for Christmas, Take a Tax Deductible Vacation and Grow Your Personal Injury Patients!
Visualizations consist of column charts, line charts and an area chart, along with an angular gauge.

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