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Bombed aircraft shelter in KuwaitBombed Aircraft Shelters After Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, they took over Ali al Salem Air Base in central Kuwait. For all GCC countries citizens (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar), there is no need for visa.
When you arrive at the Dubai airport, the first thing you need to do is go to the bank counter at the airport where you pay the visit visa fee of AED 185 and get an application form along with your fee voucher. After eye scanning is over, you can go to the immigration counter where you have to present your passport, a copy of your Saudi iqama stamped by your sponsor and visa application. Also you can get information on visa requirement by calling Dubai Airport on +971-4-224-5555.
Yes you can get on arrival visa on teacher profession in any gcc state your iqama should be valid for at least three months and passport also valid for at least three months you will get on arrival visa at sharjah airport costs you 185 AED valid for one month stay extendable to one month more you have to present your original iqama at sharjah immigration counter orignal iqama is required in any gcc state to get visa on arrival . Salaam your blog is very helpful But I want to know if i can get visit visa on arrival at Dubai airport .
I have valid Iqama of Maintenance Engineer .So am I eligible to apply for 30 day visit visa at the airport. Iam in riyadh my designation on my iqama is hvac technicion can i get visa for dubai on arrival. Hello please advice me i am Saudi Iqama Holder Filipino National with Marketing Specialist Professions do i am elegeble for Visa on arival in Sharja? Hi, suppose the iqama profession is ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN, will i be able to get a visa on arrival? My profession on IQAMA is Electrical Technician (Fanny Karbai Tamdedaat)can i get on arrival visa?

However for Technicians, it would be best to check with the UAE embassy at Riyadh on 01-482 8402. Alternately you can get information on visa requirement by calling Dubai Airport on +971-4-224-5555. I am currently working in Dammam and I am planning to go to Dubai (on arrival visa) next week with my family by Saptco bus service.
However, to be on safe side you can call the Dubai airport to update yourself regarding the latest rules and regulations. Please share your experience did you got visa on arrival for Dubai on System Analyst profession on your IQAMA? I’m a freelancer working here in Riyadh, my company wants to send me to Abu Dhabi for an exhibit, the problem is my sponsorship is still not under my present company, my profession in my iqama is a driver. I am working in Riyadh as a Mechincal Engineer, as far as I know, Engineers on Iqama are legible to get visit visa upon arrival on the border or airport. I would like to know if she can travel with us and get the visit visa direct from the border. KUWAIT CITY, Nov 10: Three Kuwaiti women died when their car crashed into a lamppost on King Fahad Expressway.
Initial investigations indicate that the driver was speeding down the road when she lost control of the vehicle and it crashed into the lamppost on the side of the road. Citizen of certain countries (see list) can 30 day free visa on arrival (see list of countries here). This is a business visa which gets stamped for 30 days and is valid only for 14 days ie you should travel within 14 days of stamping of the visa to UAE.

If you are travelling to or stopping over in Dubai with Emirates, you can submit an application and receive your UAE visa entirely online – without having to submit your passport for stamping. Remember, you have to buy one application form for each passport, even for your baby if (s)he is having separate passport. I wish to go Sharjah during this vacation ( JUNE 30,2012) .My iqama validity is unti November 2012. I know quite a few people with similar situation as yours and they were able to get visa on arrival at Dubai. I have heard that less than 3 months validity is not considered that is you cant get visa at arrival if your iqama is valid for less than 3 months .
According to security sources, when the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received information about a traffic accident opposite Wafra Bridge on King Fahad Expressway towards Kuwait City, securitymen rushed to the location with paramedics and found the car split into three. When Desert Storm kicked off in January 1991, one of the top priorities of the US was to destroy Saddam Hussein's flying forces. You can apply for your UAE visa through our Manage a Booking tool after booking your Emirates flight. What I want to know is if I come back alone my family can stay there or not in my absence as their visa is taken by me.

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