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CoverHound has raised $33.3 million in a financing round led by ACE Group, which the company plans to use to build an online commercial insurance platform starting with businessowners policy insurance offerings that could be available next year. San Francisco, Calif.-based CoverHound announced its Series C financing round today, just months after announcing its Series B round.
The investment gives ACE a roughly 24 percent stake in the tech company and representation on its board, according to CoverHound CEO Keith Moore. The C round of financing also includes CoverHound’s existing investors RRE Ventures, Blumberg Capital, Core Innovation Capital, Route 66 Ventures, and American Family Ventures, the venture capital arm of American Family Insurance.
CoverHound partnered with Google in March on its Google Compare online auto insurance shopping web portal, a step Moore credits with giving the company the inspiration to forge into online commercial insurance distribution. CoverHound’s partnership on Google Compare has so far produced a big crop of high net worth business, Moore said.
A lot of that has to do with CoverHound’s carrier partners on Google Compare, which include ACE, The Chubb Corp.
Jeffrey Zack, ACE’s vice president of global media relations and financial communications, declined to offer details about the investment.
Moore said roughly 20 percent of CoverHound’s business on Google Compare is from the high net worth segment buying pricey insurance policies for expensive vehicles.
He believes access to the high net worth segment gives CoverHound a foothold into commercial insurance because a large portion of that consumer base are likely business owners or decision makers.
Beyond those lines Moore foresees offerings for startups and businesses in the incubation phase, which typically only seek coverage under a BOP policy.
Startups are prime targets for online insurance because they run lean and therefore do as much as possible on the Internet, where there’s typically low overhead, he said.

CoverHound’s interest in providing insurance for startups stems from its membership in New York-based AngelPad, an incubator launched in 2010 by a group of former Google employees. Moore believes his firm’s involvement with AngelPad gives CoverHound an inside track with its other startups in the incubation phase. Analyst Cliff Gallant, managing director at Nomura Securities, who follows ACE and other large carriers, wasn’t surprised by the investment from the carrier, which he said is generally conservative in its investments. ACE Group Vice Chair John Lupica said during an interview in August with Carrier Management that his company’s most successful innovation is an online insurance program management platform first launched five years ago, known as ACE Worldview. Not everyone thinks what CoverHound is doing with commercial insurance will prove successful. Moore said much of the software and personnel infrastructure is already in place to quote and sell commercial policies. He said CoverHound is also working in partnership with a large personal finance website as part of its online distribution expansion that Moore believes will bring more commercial customers into the fold. Innovative new digital products: As CoverHound insurance product offerings continue to evolve, expansion into small business and commercial insurance is an ideal growth opportunity for the company. Expanding insurance carrier options: After recently extending its carrier offerings to include The General, MetLife, Mapfre, Century National, and Stillwater, new insurance carriers will continue to be added to the platform to increase consumer choice. Expanding marketing partnerships: After launching its partnership with Google Compare in March, CoverHound continues to expand this partnership into new states, and will add more high profile marketing partnerships in the months ahead to continue to reach targeted insurance shoppers. We are beginning to see the bad Yelp reviews of the Google Compare Shopping Site on the Web that partnered with Coverhound here in California. Through which he travel to recreational site with his family members and capture his best moments of life.

In these accidents a lot of gets injuries some gets serious injuries like head hurts, neck injury, spinal cord injury, back injury, facial injury, internal injury and psychological injuries. Einfach einePause im schnellebigen Alltag machenohne der Zeit Beachtung zu schenkenist ein Erlebnis, das ich gerne teile. A CoverHound spokeswoman said via email that the company does not key in consumer requests for carriers or for agents and it never sells consumer data. Now a day’s everyone is in a great hurry and they wants to reach their destination within seconds. All are major players in high net worth insurance, and may be an even more imposing presence combined. Sometimes car is driven by a teenager or a drunk driver which do not follow the rule and regulation of driving. Car insurance is very important on many occasions like when you are the responsible for accident and it’s your duty to pay the bills of injured one and to repair the car.
At that time if you have insurance of your own car than company will pay yours car insurance money and it helps you a lot to pay those expenses.
In many countries it is must for a car owner to have his car insurance in order to safe drive. The following are the best collection of Car Insurance Quotes that you can share with your friends and other people.

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