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Are you 1 of the folks wondering how to use gift cards to load your Bluebird account at Walmart now that you can’t buy Vanilla Reloads with a credit card at CVS anymore? You Can’t Buy Vanilla Reloads With a Credit Card at CVS Anymore…but YouCan Still Use Gift Cards to Load Your Bluebird!
Many of us were loading Bluebird with Vanilla Reloads, but that’s no longer possible. And don’t forget that you can also use Evolve Money to pay certain bills online with a gift card with a PIN without having to go to Wal-Mart.
Then, you can use Bluebird to pay bills like credit cards, mortgages, rent, student loans, utility bills, and other expenses you can’t normally pay with a credit card. You can use Visa or Mastercard gift cards to load your Bluebird.  Many stores sell these cards, including CVS, grocery stores, gas stations, and office supply stores. Also, in my experience, it is sometimes tough to get MasterCard gift cards issued from certain banks to be swiped as debit cards at Walmart.
Note:   American Express gift cards can NOT be used to load Bluebird.  Do NOT buy an American Express gift card!
You can load your gift card to your Bluebird account at the Walmart MoneyCenter kiosk.  If the gift card requires you to set a PIN by calling in or registering online, be sure to do that 1st. Not all Walmarts have a MoneyCenter kiosk.  And folks on Flyertalk report having trouble using the kiosk at some locations. The cashier will swipe your Bluebird card, and you’ll be asked confirm the amount you want to load. You should get a receipt for the transaction.  I always keep the receipt until I can confirm the money is in my Bluebird account! If the cashier won’t let you use the gift card to load Bluebird just use another checkout lane. You can buy gift cards with a credit card to earn miles and points, then load the gift card onto your Bluebird account at Walmart. Vanilla Visa gift cards are easiest because you can set the PIN the 1st time you use it.  Do NOT buy American Express gift cards, because they can’t be used to load Bluebird!

Editorial Disclaimer: Neither the responses below nor the editorial content on this page are provided or commissioned by the bank advertisers, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertisers. You can absolutely forget about the cust service desk and the cashiers will not allow the work around (meaning they are asking for proof of bank debit). After having one failure and one success at two different Wal-marts, I went to a third Wal-mart today. I definitely have had NO LUCK with my vanilla debit cards at any walmart in the last two days. What I want to ask about is whether others have been able to buy Visa Gift Cards with credit cards? Tried to load to BlueBird last night and this morning with a Vanilla GC at various WalMarts in the Northeast both with the new terminal software (where you quickly have to hit change payment) – both no dice.
Tried my same SW FL Walmart kiosk I’ve successfully loaded BB from Visa GCs as recently as early this month. Those of you who had failed transactions: Were any of them Visa GCs issued by Metabank (can be purchased at Staples)?
Yesterday I tried the vanilla debit card at my local walmart kiosk here in San Diego and it DID NOT work.
Bluebird added checks and FDIC insurance this week, meaning the joint venture from Walmart and American Express now offers just about everything a checking account offers, and matches the offering of its rival Green Dot‘s Go Bank.
Its accounts are now insured up to $100,000 by the FDIC, making Bluebird very close to being a bank. Dan Schulman, group president, Enterprise Growth at American Express, said yesterday, “Bluebird is designed to help make their everyday financial lives easier, more convenient and less expensive.
After trying a few times the employee asked if it was a prepaid card and ripped it out of my hands.
After researching here and other places, there is a work around for Vanilla Visa reloads at Walmart. Got my Bluebird but I’m going to cancel it since it appears Visa Gift Cards cannot be loaded onto Bluebird any more.

I was thinking of trying Evolve Money but the first step with Evolve is to get a Visa Gift Card to load into it. I have done this many times a few months back, but now she says the manager does not allow such reloads.
The screen defaulted to a credit transaction even after I changed the payment to debit and entered the PIN. I loaded funds into my BB account on Tuesday night and it went through, we just had to made sure to CHANGE PAYMENT TYPE to DEBIT then put the PIN. This was a major development, even though its many offerings already made it much more than just another prepaid card.
It is not making loans, of course, but it is accepting direct deposits from government accounts for items such as military pay, social security payments, and tax returns. Its unfathomable lack of FDIC insurance put Bluebird at a significant disadvantage to virtually every other program in the market — particularly with the most profitable type of cardholder. American Express, Barclaycard, Chase, and US Bank are Million Mile Secrets advertising partners. First, make sure the walmart money center customer service has old card scanners with physical buttons (can’t be 100% touch screen). However, I have been unable to find a store that will sell me a Visa Gift Card using my credit card. Its initial checkbooks will be free for direct-deposit customers, but the second checkbook, and all checkbooks for non direct-deposit customers, will cost $26 for 50 checks. Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or endorsed by our partners.
I called vanilla gift card 1 – 800 number and guy there said you were not suppose to do that anyway.

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